Annwyn Hanham warmly invites you  to discover the many facets of her work within these pages.

Dedicated to ushering in the next Golden Age on Earth, Annwyn offers unique and powerful Sound Healing to Hu-manity and the planet as an effective, expedient way to create change.

Visionary Writing of books, blogs and articles are co-created with her Spirit Guides and are encoded with healing and inspirational Energies to enlighten and encourage Hu-manity through these times of great change on Earth.

Workshops and seminars on many topics related to ascension are designed to reconnect Hu-manity with their innate Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power.




5 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Thanks for your comments and email Kathleen. Lovely talking to you and a copy Of Dry Your Tears is on its way. May you and your whanau find peace in your beautiful hearts.
      Love and Light,

  1. Hi Annette,It was so nice meeting you at the MBSoul Festival yesterday and thankyou for trusting me with your book… just wanting to make sure that you got your money okay…

    Lots of luv to you,
    Barb oxxo

  2. Hi Annette…It was lovely meeting you at the Ultimate Womens’ Expo last week. I have absolutely enjoyed reading your book.

    Thanks soo much

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