“Living lighter in the world”

After feeling a little stalled in the energy of the first half of 2013, suddenly the flood gates have swung wide open in the second half and now, everything seems possible!

On July 1st, I arrived in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city located in the north island, after having been ‘posted by Spirit’ to a small, provincial town in the south island called Oamaru, for the previous year. I often wondered what I was doing in Oamaru, apart from finishing and publishing my first book, “Dry Your Tears”, and I suspect whatever I was doing was occurring at an energetic level, rather than the physical. I came to love Oamaru, especially the little coastal settlement of Kakanui where I could hear the surf thundering in and at night time, be awestruck by majestic Milky Way skies.

Now, here I am in sprawling Auckland, but thankfully finding peaceful sanctuaries away from the bustling areas. Within two weeks of arriving I by chance had the opportunity to record an audio version of my book and jumping at the chance, and after allowing one week for this task, completed recording in two days! It is now to be polished and formatted so watch this space!

At the same time it was time to think about a reprint of “Dry Your Tears” but I have opted to go the e-book way for now as it means readers and listeners anywhere in the world can easily obtain a copy. For those, like me, who still like to hold a paper book, it will available as print on demand. To use the web as a distributor also feels much lighter, meaning it’s so much easier than physically handling paper books- the storing, posting etc. It seems to better reflect the new ways of living lighter on the Earth. And it’s all about living lighter, living in the light, being the light! So I wanted my outer world to reflect my inner world!

The doors seem to have flung wide open in this second half of our first year of New Earth, and things are happening at breath-taking speed. We are able to create and manifest much more easily than ever before…which means we have to be very mindful of our thoughts and emotions, because form follows thought. In other words, we create from our thoughts. In the past there was often a lengthy delay between out thoughts and what we then created- and so as a result, we often didn’t connect the two. But it’s getting harder to ignore! We are being given instant feedback on out thoughts and beliefs…so …be careful what you wish for!

We are learning the ropes of the New Earth, new ways of living in this world. The vibrations we can most easily create with are unconditional love, and joy. I have found that life flows so easily when I hold these vibrations at a constant/fairly constant level. It doesn’t matter if we sometimes slip into a funk, so long as our ‘signature vibration’ is love and joy.

Have fun creating …be playful…experiment with creating little things ( car park spaces) to bigger things ( house by the sea) to planetary things (world peace) …. be unlimited in your thought, unlimited in your creation! Be the light that you are!!

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