The use of recreational drugs on spiritual development

A spiritual perspective on the use of recreational drugs; I would wish to know this!

A whole chapter of the illuminating book ‘Telos-Volume 2’ is dedicated to this topic as the implications are huge for humanity at this time of ascension. Especially for our younger global citizens who are very much targeted by the energies and entities of these toxins; this includes drugs such those prescribed for autism and ADD. A whole generation is at risk of missing their opportunity to ascend, and this is no coincidence; it is a contrivance by those who wish to keep humanity held captive within their controlling domains to halt or at least slow down spiritual evolution on this planet.

History– These sacred plants came forth from Creation with a wonderful purpose of uplifting energy and consciousness. These high-vibrational conscious-altering plants assisted people to open their perception to their divine qualities, to their divine presence and to the Creator. They were used to enhance telepathic abilities, clairaudience, clairvoyance, psychometry and other similar spiritual abilities.  They also connected people more directly with the angelic kingdom, nature spirits, the animal kingdom and other Light Beings. They also created spiritual pathways for inter-dimensional travel; this is what the sacred herbal plants were used for prior to ‘the fall in consciousness’ during the fourth golden age.

Today– The sacred plants that are used today have been genetically altered by incarnated beings practicing the black arts, going back to the black magicians of the Dark Ages. This was done to dim the spiritual powers of people to enable control over them and over time the original plants have either been destroyed or genetically altered to an increasingly reduced, negative vibration.

The plants used today are intentionally addictive and take users into the lower levels of the astral planes. Here, the user becomes hooked and corded by astral entities needing their energies in order to survive, thus creating the major cause of addictions. (It is the entities that addict the user, not the plant itself).

The entities require low, negative vibrations and create endless distorted energies in the physical, emotional and mental subtle bodies to produce the negative vibrations required by them. These entities have so little Light of their own they have to get hooked on willing humans, then produce cravings in their emotional bodies to survive. Your fix is also their fix. This means that they create imbalance, fear, anxiety, depression, and so on in the emotional body, which sends the user reaching for a fix to bring relief. ….and on goes the cycle.

Pure sacred plants of ancient times took people into higher realms of Light; now they take people to lower realms of darkness, creating a tearing effect in the Soul and a greater separation from Source.

Recreational drug users are often those who feel disconnected to themselves and/or to others. They are really perceiving their loss of connection to their Higher Self. Sadly, the plants will serve to amplify this loss, creating a bigger void while shutting down pathways to reclaiming their Higher Self.

The distortions to the Soul, physical, mind and emotional body created by these plants can take several lifetimes to correct. One becomes enslaved by the dark brotherhood whose mission is to stop or at least slow down the spiritual evolution of an entire generation of our young people, who have been targeted because they are born holding so much Light!

When seen energetically this is what these entities look like. They look like thick smoke and can be six to twenty feet long, rather snake-like in shape. As they grow the energy wraps around each of the bodies (physical, metal, emotional, spiritual); the emotional body is most effected as it gets imprinted with the constant cravings and the solar plexus chakra (which stores emotions) is also damaged by this. The protective sheets of the Soul, known as subtle bodies, become torn down, allowing negative entities to come in.

Personality and character damage takes place as the Soul becomes more and more disconnected from the purpose of its incarnation and from ‘the real self’.

When a person is of love, light and innocence the auric filed shows all of the colours of love; the seven rainbow rays and the golden light.

By contrast the auric filed of a drug-user shows distorted patterns of the red tones of anger and vile green tones of disharmony with many black and brown spots. The former beautiful geometric auric patterns are hidden by muddy tones, and clusters of entities like coiled snakes can be seen wrapped about every part of the body. The solar plexus and the heart become congested with these entities and their low frequency energy. It is not a pretty sight!

The chakras become closed down to the light, as they are being ripped apart. A gradual weakening, tearing and misalignment occurs with prolonged drug use. They can no longer carry light and become imprinted with negativity. The chakras are no longer able to self-heal and it can take as many as five lifetimes to recover from this.

The children addicted to drugs need unprecedented assistance from enlightened adults who have the greater wisdom to understand that a whole generation of enlightened beings is at stake here. There is an unprecedented amount of Grace available at this time that will greatly assist those addicted to drugs. They can be helped by being lovingly held in prayers and by others asking their angels to work with them. High vibrational energy healing such as Sound Healing is ideal for them, because the addiction is originating on the energetic levels.

In deepest gratitude to Aurelia Louise Jones who received this information through her divine compliment, Adama, from Telos, Mount Shasta.

Adapted source ‘Telos Volume 2’ Chapter 5, by Aurelia Louise Jones, Mount Shasta Light Publishing, 2004.




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