Seven Weeks Series of the Seven Sacred Flames

Exploring ascension and wholeness with the Ascended Masters and the Seven Sacred Flames – Teachings and Energy Activations facilitated by Annwyn Hanham. Begins August 12th in Auckland, details below.

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The Seven Sacred Flames hold enormous healing power. It would be equally accurate to state the Flames also hold incredible manifestation powers because although each Flame is unique and specialised, they all function together in wholeness as each one dove-tails and amplifies the others. One of the aspects that makes the Flames so practical to us is that we can choose whichever area of focus is significant to us at any particular time. We all have areas of adeptness or mastery while at the same time we have weaker areas that still require our attention… and we can tell what these areas are through what shows up in our lives! If one of our four lower bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) has become diminished in Energy, this lack of balance and harmony affects the other three bodies, because they too operate in wholeness. In fact, we could exchange the term wellness for wholeness and we could say we offer wholeness rather than healing.

The Flame which is dedicated to Healing is the Emerald/Jade Flame of Healing and Manifestation; how intriguing that these two attributes are held together in this Flame. Yet if we were to only placed our focus on this Flame, other attributes that are essential to healing and manifestation wouldn’t be developed. For example, if we were to cling to a state of victim hood regards a health issue, we would not get past first base because first base is guarded by Master El Morya with his baseball bat of ‘Surrender to God’s Will’. Oh dear, I hope this gentle master isn’t offended by my analogy because he certainly wouldn’t wave a bat at you…however I would! Many of us know that freewill is rarely awarded on any planet and that it was a component of the ‘Great Experiment’ for humanity. We have now journeyed for so long in our thousands of Earth incarnations we have forgotten what it is like to be aligned with the Divine Will of God…. remember this is God Energy I speak of and that Energy is Divine Love. If we are unable to move beyond our human mental body which has governed us with limitations for great epochs of time, then we aren’t going to make much progress in returning to the fold of Divine, Eternal, Universal Love, are we?

The moment we drop our personal egoic freewill, we open ourselves us to a hugely expanded world of untapped, unlimited possibilities because we have now pointed our vehicles of Light in the direction of Home. And at Home, the God Head, Source and so forth, only perfect wholeness is known. The correlation between the state of our mental body and our physical body is well-accepted and so another Flame to be aware of is the Flame of Illumination and Wisdom held by Lord Lanto. He specialises in bringing understanding through love, as well as strengthening our connection with the Mind of God, our Higher Minds which mesh with the Universal Mind of Oneness. (Many of our new children retain their fully functioning Universal Mind and don’t speak vocally through the throat chakra but telepathically through their third eye chakra). So, even though we may be strongly motivated to bring balance to one particular lower body, it is necessary to work with all four bodies, which is exactly what the Flames provide.

Each Sacred Flame has its own special set of attributes, which have been attained and fully embodied by the ascended master and guardian of that Flame during their many lifetimes on Earth. For example, the attributes of unconditional love and compassion were so thoroughly embodied and integrated by a Venetian painter during his lifetime in the 18th century, that upon his transition to the spirit realms he immediately was granted ascension; this was followed by ‘The Office of the Christ’ offering him the esteemed position of Chohan or Keeper/Guardianship of the Flame of Cosmic Love. In this role he is known as Master Paul the Venetian, and another attribute that is associated with him is Freedom. In fact, this Master was the impetus behind the creation of the Statue of Liberty and the gifting of this symbol of freedom to the people of the new Americas. He foresaw the potential of freedom for America and worked closely alongside ‘Lady Liberty’, the Keeper of this Energy, to influence the American Declaration of Independence which was created with the consciousness of seeding the Golden Age that Earth is now welcoming back. When we understand the potential of America to have changed the paradigms on Earth it is no wonder this country has been a target for those forces which did not desire the liberation and freedom of humanity. Perhaps nowhere else on the planet has the programme of the limiting 3rd-dimensional paradigm been more vigorously directed than at the beleaguered USA. We can hold our brothers and sisters living there in great Love and Compassion (rather than judgement) as the deep wounds inflicted there become healed, and until freedom is realised in the way it was intended. Indeed, the recent acceleration of violent attacks is but purging that must occur, as the dense frequencies of hatred and prejudice cannot be suppressed any longer. If we ask Paul the Venetian to step forward and direct the Flame of Cosmic Love over the USA we can contribute to restoring Peace and Harmony there.

Our I AM Presence … our personal library of divineness

When attributes such as unconditional love and compassion, or discernment and wholeness, there are many more, are attained and applied in a constant way (don’t worry- constancy is one of the attributes offered!), the corresponding frequencies become so enmeshed in our energy fields they became a part of our I AM Presence. Our I AM Presence could be thought of (in human terms) as our own personal library of frequencies that become permanent in our energy bodies and are with us in each incarnation, in whatever from that may be. Only the very highest frequencies that carry our divine signature are held in ‘our divine library or reservoir, and it is from here that we can draw upon our innate inner guidance and wisdom, often referred to as our Higher Self. Because this I Am Presence is exceptionally discerning about what can be deposited there, the purity of our personal library, our place of reference, is ensured. Actually, our I AM Presence can only receive and transmit frequencies that originated from the Source Energy of Divine Love, and so in fact, we are continually developing our own reservoir of Source/God/Creator Energy. Therefore, we are truly as One with the God Energy and we are truly returning to our Divine state. In doing so, we are coming Home!


Join Annwyn in an in-depth study of the Seven Sacred Flames

Beginning Friday 12th August until September 23rd

Seven weekly Friday mornings from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm – morning tea provided

Venue: ‘Tui Room’ at Subud Hall, Formby Ave, Point Chevalier

Energy Exchange: $45 per week or $280 for full advance payment

(Please contact Annwyn if you feel drawn to attend but need help with clearing any obstacles)


This blog has been inspired by the teachings of the Christ Consciousness which were so eloquently gifted to us though the life-work of Aurelia Louise Jones in her many publications with Mt Shasta Publications.