Calling Forth Worlds Within Worlds


The Calling Forth of Worlds Within Worlds:

Part One by Annwyn Hanham

It has been long known by many that the surface of Earth is not the only plane where life on this planet exists, In fact, some believe that the surface was never intended as the place of dwelling, and that this is rather akin to living on your roof top instead of within your house! An interesting concept indeed!

Perhaps there is no place on Earth more noted for other worlds of Life, than Mount Shasta in Northern California. Held sacred by indigenous peoples and by awakened peoples alike, Mount Shasta attracts much attention around the globe with iconic ventricular cloud formations and stories of encounters with Beings of Light from other kingdoms in this area. Most well known are those under the Argathan Network including remnants of Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations which survived the cataclysms on the Earth’s surface more than 12,000 years ago by living deep within Mount Shasta. (There are other locations around the planet as well). Suffering terribly at first from the sudden loss of their loved ones, their homes, a highly-evolved ‘golden age’ culture, and even their land, they have over time, returned to their former consciousness of fifth-dimensional Beings, holding and living by the Christ Consciousness of Peace, Love and Oneness. They long to return to the surface of Earth and merge with humanity once again, as we are, after all, just like them, but at a different vibrational frequency and consciousness. Much of the information to assist humanity to also ascend to fifth-dimensional state is coming from the Lemurian kingdom of Telos, as well as the Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light and Christ Consciousness. This includes the Sacred Flames and how to ascend through the understanding, use of and finally the embodiment of the corresponding attributes and frequencies of each Flame. All of the Sacred Flames are present in Telos.


There are many other worlds and kingdoms at Mount Shasta; some are below the mountain, others within the inner earth, some above in the ethers, others on the surface at sacred sites and energetically powerful places. Many of the other worlds and kingdoms around Mount Shasta do not know each other exist, let alone that humanity exists on the surface. And the reverse is also true; mainstream humanity has no idea of the myriads of Life which exists in and around their planet. For most of humanity, they are able to only perceive what they can experience with their five senses, and are yet to discover the wondrous Life forms which exist as variations of Light, Colour, Sound, and which may or may not present in a physical form. Because these other worlds within worlds resonate at the vibrational frequency which reflects their respective states of consciousness, they are often unable to be aware of each other, and even if they are, are unable to enter each others worlds. It is humanity who can enter many worlds.


Like our Lemurian and Atlantean families, some of these kingdoms also wish to assist humanity and the planet at this time of great transitional upheaval. To do this they must be plugged/connected into the same energy grids as humanity; such as the Earth’s Crystalline Grid. This requires human conduits already holding Earth’s vibrations that are able to traverse multi-worlds and dimensions in order to bring these kingdoms to the surface. Even if these Beings take no physical form, they can very effectively and powerfully send their benevolent frequencies around the planet, affecting all Life forms and Mother Earth herself. ( And yes, sadly the same can be done by malevolent Beings).


Last October Annwyn was invited by her mentor, Ascended Master Almora, to journey to Mount Shasta with her beloved Raeul, to perform various energetic tasks that would probably occur during the following springtime (autumn at Mount Shasta). However, he also cautioned to be ‘ready to go at any time between now and then!’ There was no mention of the calling forth of other kingdoms at that time, and this wasn’t disclosed until just six weeks before our departure when we were given the information to be in Mount Shasta, rested and prepared for the Autumn Equinox, 2016. As it happened, both Raeul and I had needed to renew our passports and had considered taking this opportunity to change our legal names to our new names received from Spirit. But as we had been told to be on alert and ready to go at anytime, we hadn’t wanted to risk being caught up in any bureaucratic delays and not have our passports to hand. Pleased to say we didn’t change our names as Almora has indicated another name for me is on its way! Names are rather like worlds themselves as they carry specific frequencies that offer potentials possible within that dimension. As we realise the potentials and master the lessons held within that world we are offered a new name, a new world, a new set of potentials with its own curriculum and responsibilities.


Almora shared that two worlds/kingdoms wished to have a tangible presence on the Earth’s surface and that Raeul and I had been chosen by the Spiritual Hierarchy to be the ‘connectors’ and conduits between worlds. We were to use Sound to do this; Raeul was to take his cello up the mountain and I would be given Sacred Sounds to vocalise. One kingdom lives below the mountain, Light Beings known as ‘The White Ones’. They hold the Flame of Peace and are very much aware of the need for this vibrational frequency on the Earth’s surface. The second kingdom, Crystal Beings in the ethers above the mountain, hold a bubbling-over frequency of playful Joy! These two kingdoms were aware of each other and wished to blend their frequencies, offering a beautiful gift of Peace and Joy in its purest expression. With Almora as our guide, and from the comfort of our home in Auckland, New Zealand, we began preparing for our role by traveling in our Light Bodies to meet the White Ones for the first time. Using Sacred Sounds, Almora took us through the dimensions then announced our arrival as we hovered in our Light Bodies at the gates of their City of Light. Soon we were encircled by little sparks of Light who were expecting us, and we found ourselves in deep stillness, making telepathic exchanges. Their question to us was “Are we ready to be received in Peace?” to which I answered “Yes, oh yes, many, many people on the Earth are very much wanting Peace”. Now showing themselves as very tall Light Beings in white hooded robes, the welcoming party thanked us for our service to them and invited us to return to their City Of Light to be shown around and to get to know each other. Meanwhile, Almora described it to us as a very beautiful city with many temples, and the closest example he could give was that of Ancient Greece in its former Golden Age.

Part Two continues as Annwyn and Raeul greet both kingdoms on Mount Shasta, before calling them to the surface a few days later during the potent energies of the equinox…a time when the veils between worlds are drawn.

(Ascended Master Almora is channeled by Dellaina Hascha; see