Discerning Unconditional love


When our love depends upon a certain condition, and when we invest in maintaining that condition, then we have merely fallen into the illusion of love.

In response to a recent post about the Creation Energy of Love, a reader asked me to define the word ‘love’, adding that it seemed to him that this word has become much-misused in today’s world.

Indeed, it has!

Many awakened souls now recognise that over eons of time just about every Divine aspect of being Human has been corrupted. Perhaps one of the greatest mistruths programmed into humanity is the concept of love. Humans are Divine Beings, and in their perfected state hold nothing less than Divine Love as their underpinning consciousness and energetic frequency. Divine Love, however, has little resemblance to what the majority of humanity know to be love.

Perhaps some readers are not yet aware that one of the treasures they hold within one of their many Heart Chambers instantly identifies them as Divine Beings with a Sacred Purpose The treasure I speak of is ‘The Three-fold Flame’ which represents Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power. This ‘Flame’, which is really the ‘God Consciousness’, normally encompasses the entire Energy Field of the human, and with psychic vison could be seen to stand around seven feet/two metres tall. However, following the Fall of human consciousness, this Flame was diminished to what would be measured as the size of your thumbnail. At the same time our 12-chakra system was reduced to 7 chakras. So, you can see, we have had a lot of work to do, to remember let alone reclaim our Divinity.

Divine Love is soooooooooo much bigger than we may have imagined! Divine Love is not reduced to the sentimental kind that relies on red roses and candle light dinners nor is it the conditional kind that has strings attached. It is not grasping, restricting and it is not limited by circumstance, time, or space. The love than humanity has experienced for many thousands of years is of the thumbnail proportion and we now refer to this as conditional love. When our love depends upon a certain condition, and when we invest in maintaining that condition, then we have merely fallen into the illusion of love. These conditions take many forms such as wealth, status, power, health, sex, beauty, career and more.

When I speak of Divine Love, I speak of Cosmic Unconditional Love which is characterised by compassion, freedom, kindness, truth, peace, forgiveness and joy. When we truly hold the frequency of Unconditional Love we automatically align with the Creation Energy, because this Divine Love is the Source Energy, the very substance of Creation. Divine Love, like all things, is a lifestream, a consciousness, a frequency. In the non-physical realms, it is experienced purely at the vibrational level; but on our planet Earth, we have the incredible opportunity to Create a Physical Expression of Love.

“Nature creates beauty to inspire humanity to return to the greatness of their own Divinity.

Your physical body, with all its faculties, is meant to externalize the perfection of consciousness in the world of form” – Master Kuthumi

The perfection of consciousness is Love. Every tree, bird, flower, cloud, ocean is pure, perfected Love. Nature, when unhampered by humanity, exists companionably in perfect balance and harmony. The plant kingdom resurrects itself over and over as a reminder that when we hold perfect consciousness, we shall do the same. Resurrection wasn’t just for Jeshua! When humanity holds perfect balance and harmony, we will see a spontaneous healing of Gaia, as we are intrinsically entwined with her. Mother Earth responds to us just as we respond to her. Mother Earth is pure perfected Love. Is there another who has endured so much and yet has never withheld her bounty of beauty and providence that humanity depends upon for survival. She is unconditional and unwavering in her Love for her children and her current extremes are necessary to restore her perfect consciousness in areas where it has been misqualified with the consciousness of greed, power, hatred and so forth.

Unconditional Love permeates all things, because All is Love. That is why we talk of no separation; with Pure Love we have Oneness as All is from the same Source. It is when we disconnect from our state of Divine Love, when we shut down our Hearts and allow our egoic mind to rule us, that we suffer from all the illusions associated with separation from Source. We are then at the mercy of conditional love and the accompanying karma that we must then re-qualify with Divine Love to restore balance.

How many on Earth hold Unconditional Love as their constant energy signature? Enough to make a huge difference! For this Love is the most powerful energy on the planet….no wonder those who would enslave humanity are so keen to prevent our awakening. But the planetary alignments within our galaxy are once again poised to offer a window of unprecedented growth in the consciousness of humanity. A quantum leap in the awareness of humanity is well underway, and there is much unrest around the globe that attests to this.

“Living from the heart, choosing from the heart, is a collective, connective action that restores the memory of the love of being alive!” – Ahnahmar

How can you hold love with constancy? First, have compassion for yourself and your journey, then acknowledge and heal the wounds to create space for the Love that is your Divine birthright. After my teen son died in 2000, it took me nine years of mental anguish before I understood about healing the heart. I learnt and then faithfully practiced a beautiful heart-centred Healing/Ascension technique which works with the energies of Quan Yin. This ancient technique was pivotal in my journey and I jump at the opportunity to teach it to others throughout New Zealand. In 2012 I wrote of my journey through grief, and how it was also the catalyst to awaken me. Now it is hard for me to conceive of living life with a shut-down heart, yet this was my experience for my first 50 years. Until I experienced Quan Yin’s loving, Compassionate Energies I didn’t even know my heart had closed in childhood; I thought conditional love was Love.

These days my constant frequency is Love, and when, in my humanness I do occasionally drop out of it, oh my gosh, it feels dreadful! I practice the Ascension/Healing Technique regularly and work daily with my I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters. Either in meditation or through prayers, especially the teachings from Telos, known as ‘The Seven Sacred Flames’ by Aurelia Louise Jones.

If you feel drawn to learning the Ascension/Healing Technique you can read about it here https://goldenagementor.co.nz/ascendinghearts/

Keep a look out here if interested in the Seven Sacred Flames as I shall be offering another seven-week series of in-depth study of The Seven Sacred Flames in Auckland, late January. https://goldenagementor.co.nz/links/events/

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2017 Energies-Reclaiming our innate Power as Creators


As we consciously experience daily life through our Heart, we begin to expand into the ever-increasing potentials that are available to us. For it is the Energy called Love that is the life-force of all that we Create. The more Love we hold in our Energy Fields, the more options are open to us.

Since the 2012 planetary shift humanity has been bravely sloughing off layers and layers of anything in their Energy Fields that was less than Love. A huge purge of humanity was supported during the intense 2016 Energies of Completion, making it difficult to avoid what we had managed to avoid up until then. Each Equinox and Solstice and Full Moon brought wave upon wave of relentlessness clearing, challenging us but allowing us to move more quickly through old stuff than ever before. These Energies will still be present in the first quarter of 2017 but by the Equinox, will have waned, dissipated, making way for the Energies of New Beginnings.

With the focus of clearing now behind us, the Energies of 2017 hold potentials that can be more fully realised because of the inner work humanity has done. For those constantly holding high frequencies of Unconditional Love, Compassion, Peace, Joy and Truth, life is about to get even more exciting! No longer restrained by the planetary Energies of purging, the Love that many are holding so beautifully now, will flourish as a life-force of Creation. All that is desired will manifest much faster than previously, as the Energies of this year support renaissance, renewal, resurrection and restoration of all things to their original perfected state, including ourselves, when focus is given to this. It is the focus we choose to direct our Creation/Love Energy towards that determines the form of our Creations. This means we must be even more vigilant of our thoughts and emotions, our intentions and our imaginings…these are the tools of manifesting the non-physical into the physical…we may unintentionally Create by default when giving sustained focus to all we don’t want, all that is not perfect in our lives.

There are very exact Universal Laws which govern Creation, indeed a science, which I shall cover in my next post. Whatever we manifest will always depend on our thoughts and emotions, but you may be intrigued as I was, to learn of excited electrons – the very substance of Creation. Meantime, know that there is nothing we desire that doesn’t already exist. It is simply in a higher dimension where Love is the constant vibrational frequency. Hold the Love, Be the Love and reclaim your innate power of Creation.