2017 Energies-Reclaiming our innate Power as Creators


As we consciously experience daily life through our Heart, we begin to expand into the ever-increasing potentials that are available to us. For it is the Energy called Love that is the life-force of all that we Create. The more Love we hold in our Energy Fields, the more options are open to us.

Since the 2012 planetary shift humanity has been bravely sloughing off layers and layers of anything in their Energy Fields that was less than Love. A huge purge of humanity was supported during the intense 2016 Energies of Completion, making it difficult to avoid what we had managed to avoid up until then. Each Equinox and Solstice and Full Moon brought wave upon wave of relentlessness clearing, challenging us but allowing us to move more quickly through old stuff than ever before. These Energies will still be present in the first quarter of 2017 but by the Equinox, will have waned, dissipated, making way for the Energies of New Beginnings.

With the focus of clearing now behind us, the Energies of 2017 hold potentials that can be more fully realised because of the inner work humanity has done. For those constantly holding high frequencies of Unconditional Love, Compassion, Peace, Joy and Truth, life is about to get even more exciting! No longer restrained by the planetary Energies of purging, the Love that many are holding so beautifully now, will flourish as a life-force of Creation. All that is desired will manifest much faster than previously, as the Energies of this year support renaissance, renewal, resurrection and restoration of all things to their original perfected state, including ourselves, when focus is given to this. It is the focus we choose to direct our Creation/Love Energy towards that determines the form of our Creations. This means we must be even more vigilant of our thoughts and emotions, our intentions and our imaginings…these are the tools of manifesting the non-physical into the physical…we may unintentionally Create by default when giving sustained focus to all we don’t want, all that is not perfect in our lives.

There are very exact Universal Laws which govern Creation, indeed a science, which I shall cover in my next post. Whatever we manifest will always depend on our thoughts and emotions, but you may be intrigued as I was, to learn of excited electrons – the very substance of Creation. Meantime, know that there is nothing we desire that doesn’t already exist. It is simply in a higher dimension where Love is the constant vibrational frequency. Hold the Love, Be the Love and reclaim your innate power of Creation.




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