Lemurian Girl in an Atlantean World


It feels very familiar and comfortable knowing I was once a Lemurian High Priestess. To connect with the Heart-centred Energies of the Lemurians comes easily and I love to visit them in their Light city of Telos, at sacred mountain, Mt Shasta. And even more so having recently discovered that my beloved son (who transitioned as a seventeen-year-old), is dwelling there. How ironic that last year I spent an entire month on Mt Shasta without knowing my dear Tim was one of the Beings connecting with Raeul and me!

Also known to me is that I held the position of High Priest in Atlantis, as a Sound Master. In which Atlantean era I do not know, as there have been five Atlantean cycles…yes, five! As an aside, I do know that in one Atlantean lifetime, I was Raeul’s father (he is my Sacred Union partner now) and I did my best to prevent him from entering an Atlantean Mystery School. Oops!

Fortunately, there was enlightenment for this Soul at some point during the epic Atlantean eras… and as a Sound Master I was entrusted with Sacred Sounds that were powerful codes known only to me. But as the corruption of Atlantis took hold, I was persuaded to share my sacred knowledge with another High Priest, as a safe guard in case I perished in the growing chaos. I’m sure you can guess what happened…yes, betrayal ensued and the sacred codes were used to assist the power-crazed Atlanteans who were determined to dominate and rule the planet. My concern for the planet and humanity had allowed my discernment to be blurred, with disastrous results. I know it wasn’t the singular event that caused the demise of two amazing continents, but it was significant.

Are we tangibly affected by events that happened thousands of years ago? Indeed, we are! And a sure sign are the places we don’t want to go! My very real resistance to anything remotely Atlantean tells me I am holding deep, unconscious wounds, that are yet to be healed. As we know, energy defies space and time and that it is stored in many places…our Akashic Records, the Earth’s Crystalline Grids, and of course in our own Soul and Cellular memories. The biggest, deepest wounds, we tend to leave until last to work with…and well, hello! …they are popping up all over the planet right now!

The most tangible form of distorted Atlantean energy is divisiveness…the catalysts and scenarios may differ, but the energy behind it is the same. It is very easy to see where and how this is happening globally in the political arena, and within our own nations and communities, indeed our own families. Perhaps the area in we are least able to detect this divisiveness is among those who purport to ‘hold the Light’. But look what happened in Atlantis amidst the most enlightened members of that civilisation…they were seduced by those closest to them.

How can we discern if someone close to us is in their integrity or not? How can we detect our own vulnerable areas that make us susceptible to untruths and deceit? For it is only in those un-whole, unhealed aspects that we become open to intentions that are themselves un-whole and unhealed. As Atlantean Sound Healer, what was it that left me vulnerable to deceit? Did I forget to allow my Divine Wisdom to work through me and to guide me? Did I allow myself to be niggled by doubt and fear that all might be lost, instead of trusting Divine Perfection? Whatever it was, there was an opening in my energy field, in my consciousness, that invited betrayal. No doubt my colleague came with full awareness of what would disarm me. Perhaps I held egotistical pride in my position, and my ability with Sacred Sound? Did my colleague approach me with flattery? Did he/she empathise with the ‘burden’ of my responsibilities and the risks at hand?

You can see, my friends, that the energies we speak of are very subtle! And if we are unaware of our own frailties, then we are less likely to be aware of deception around us. The residual energies of ancient Atlantis are present again, and they are here to be recognised, honoured and healed, with compassion and forgiveness. Feel deeply into your hearts when you notice what can be described as ‘sticky energy’ in your encounters. These energies often come as flattery from those who seem to be ‘coming from their heart’, yet there is a tangible sense of conditions to this encounter. You may notice a ripple of obligation, loyalty, duty, or perhaps a feeling that you need to rescue this person in some way. The energies that ultimately seek to divide, used to be easy to spot; now they are clever and subtle.

This coming equinox, Humanity is being offered the opportunity to rebalance energies of former actions that had a disastrous outcome. By being invited by Spirit to anchor the energetic/etheric template for the Universal Law of One, which was the Law of Atlantis before corruption set in, we have an opportunity to rebalance the energies of betrayal and lack of discernment. This opportunity is not just for me and my partner Raeul; we are merely the ambassadors for the Human Collective. This healing and rebalancing of all the many forms of ancient, distorted Atlantean energies is for ALL. In this incarnation, neither Raeul or I have conscious knowledge of the Sound Codes carried within; they spontaneously arrive at precisely the time and place needed. Perhaps this was a covenant to protect us from what had happened before… I don’t know. It does mean we cannot teach them to another and so they are safe!

For the past 12,000 years, the survivors of Atlantis have received healing and guidance from their loving Lemurian brothers and sisters. There is a New Atlantis, and without the New Atlantis, the new Golden Age cannot become manifest. Remember, we need the balance of the Divine Masculine (Atlantis) and the Divine Feminine (Lemuria) to bring forth another Golden Age. It is time to heal our deepest wounds yet, for here lies our greatest gifts. It is time to once again Trust the resurrected Atlantean Energies and together, sing The Song of New Atlantis.

If you would like to be a part of anchoring The Law of Oneness in Aotearoa, March 20th, in Wellington, follow this link https://www.facebook.com/events/406032923071356/

Footnote: This link leads to an article which describes how scientists think New Zealand may actually be part of a continent! How timely! http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11802400

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