Weaving Oneness in Berlin


Brandenburg Gates of Berlin

An emotional start to the day should have signalled what was to come, but, as usual, I didn’t connect the dots until after the event!

Raeul and I had been asked by the Ascended Masters to do additional clearance of the residual divisive energies created during the time of the Berlin Wall. Many Light Workers have worked their magic there and we were very willing to add to their good work.

We were also asked to anchor the Balancing Energies of Oneness in Germany as a counter-balance to the divisive political actions around the planet, (not Germany per say). We discovered later in the day that world leaders, including Mr T, were arriving for talks in Hamburg the next day.

The previous evening we had held our first Berlin event, which was to build a Bridge of Light between New Zealand and Germany, to allow a transfer of Energies between the two countries. In particular, the Land Spirits of Germany had requested healing and rejuvenation for land and trees, which have suffered much over the centuries. We created a flow of Energy by screening large images of some of the Sacred Sites of New Zealand, including Mt Aoraki, Castle Hill and Lake Taupo. As Raeul and I connected with the Energies of each site the Guardians and Spirits shared their Sacred Sounds through us. These were a mix of cello, toning, chanting, lullabies and songs, all very different, depending on the attributes held by each Sacred Mountain, Lake or Stone Being. Raeul and I will be following up with healing Energy for the Black Forest during the Full Moon Energies of July, as this was where the request originated from.

The only available day to work with the Wall Energies was today, and I was surprised to wake up feeling extremely fragile and tearful. I drew strength by wrapping my shoulders in a colourful shawl that had been given to me by our dear friend and champion of Oneness, Dr Rose Pere. After a few wrong turns, a tube and train ride, we arrived at the huge Pariser Platz square where the Brandenburg Gates are located. This structure boasts immense sandstone columns and is topped by a magnificent verdigris statue ‘Quadriga’, the Goddess of Victory, depicted in a chariot pulled by four mighty stallions. The overall sense is grand yet welcoming, the warm colour of the sandstone contributing to this.

We chose this location because the Gates became the symbol of division of Berlin and Germany during the Cold War. It is interesting to note that the when the Berlin Wall went up in 1961 that the Gate stood in an exclusion zone within an arc of the Wall, inaccessible for locals and visitors alike…almost a neutral zone, perhaps. As soon as the Wall came down in 1989 the focus quickly shifted for the Gates to become a symbol of peace and unity.

Now, dwarfed by the giant columns of the Gates, we were inspired to set an intention of Oneness for all of Germany’s Lands and Peoples, asking for the Ascended Masters and Archangels to bring healing and purification Energies through us. Following inner guidance, we slowly began walking hand in hand in figures of eight around all of the columns, softly chanting while weaving infinity symbols of Oneness. Then, Raeul held the space while I placed my hands on a column and surrendered to a flood of light language, completely oblivious to the crowds of tourists. It was easy to recognise the sequence of enormous grief, trauma, loss, fear, suppression and anger, which gradually dissolved into compassion, and finally peace, as each section of light language held the stories of what humanity had endured during the Cold War. As I was channelling the Sounds I had an impression of crumbling within the sandstone column. This accomplished, we then found the very heart of the Gates and poured water we had collected from the Red and White Sacred Springs of Glastonbury, to symbolise the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies in Balance, onto the huge paving stones.

Just through the Gates is a lovely park and here we sat quietly to absorb what we had just done. It now become obvious the deep grief I had experienced this morning was the collective grief of the people; one has to connect with the Energies in order to heal and transmute them. We suddenly remembered to call upon St Germain and the Violet Flame to clear our Energy Fields, and that of the entire locality. No sooner had we done this when a mini rubbish truck appeared right next to us to empty the rubbish bin by our park bench. This physical expression of our request for clearing to the non-physical world was not lost on us as we fell into fits of laughter.

Although very content with our work, weariness was now setting in as we walked the short distance back through the gates headed towards the train station. As we stood in the centre-island of the road waiting for the next green pedestrian light there was a sudden commotion of policemen on motorcycles rushing up and halting the traffic at our intersection in a most impressive manner. In a few moments a long motorcade of dignitaries passed within a metre of us and Raeul instinctively began to sing light language, further adding to the curiosity of bystanders. It transpired that the Premier of China had been honoured by Raeul’s light language, although unknown to both parties at the time! We just love the way Spirit provides the humour along the way!






2 thoughts on “Weaving Oneness in Berlin

  1. What a powerful , inspired post . Love that rubbish truck story too. And the sense of crumbling. As for the columns, so for the human experiences especially the traumas therein. And then the honouring and the healing. Such wonderful words x

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