Lioness Gate Codes via Crop Circle


Bydemill Copse Wiltshire Aug 4 2107 Lions gate

The Lion’s Gate occurs each year between July 26th (which marks the return of the Star Sirius to the Southern Hemisphere skies) and August 12th. The most potent day is August 8th when the energies of each Lions Gate can be optimally utilised.

The Lion’s Gate is a planetary alignment which sees Sirius and The Sun directly aligned with Planet Earth. Each year has a particular theme and not surprisingly, this Lion’s Gate magnifies and supports the Unified Fields of Oneness. The theme for 2017 in general, is Oneness, and so it is no wonder this beautiful gift of Oneness has come though the Lion’s Gate this year. It is known that this year the local group of 21 Galaxies and the Great Central Sun are also working through the Lion’s Gate, creating unprecedented opportunities for Humanity to reclaim their Oneness with All That Is. This underpins Peace on all Planets, and is now being re-birthed on Earth…despite what we are witnessing around the globe…this in fact is the chaos before the calm…and All is Well.

Raeul and I have been focused on the Oneness frequencies this year, anchoring them in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres through Sacred Ceremony. Just two days ago we held a Hand Fasting Ceremony at the powerful vortex of Stonehenge, dedicating our Sacred Union to planetary Oneness. A major aspect of the Oneness is the balancing and uniting of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies, and this is a significant part of our work both in New Zealand and recently in Europe.

We were delighted to discover this crop circle just one hour away from our temporary UK home and decided to visit it today, 8.8.2017. This crop circle was created on 4.8.2017 and we loved chatting to family members at the farm today, who had graciously agreed to leave the Sacred Geometry for ten days to allow people to visit it.

Within a few miles of the crop circle the energies could be felt; in fact I had to wait several minutes in the car before I could get out and walk to the field. The energies felt feminine and gentle with little indication of how powerful they actually were. After slowly walking the perimeter, we stood in the centre a short while before Sacred Sounds began to come through me. You can hear these on the mp 3 below.

It was my turn to drive home but after 20 minutes I had to pull over and surrender to the energies that were now ¬†activating my third eye and crown chakras. The words I received after arriving home were “I AM One with the Universe, I AM One with my Divinity, I AM One with the Mother/Father Creation Energies”.


2 thoughts on “Lioness Gate Codes via Crop Circle

  1. Very beautiful, many of us who are in our homes are having similiar experiences with rushes of energy moving through and the same sentiments..’I Am’ One, Unified with all life forms..Blessed are we to have awoken at this sacred time on planet earth, connecting to the Universal energy as it flows down, in and around us transforming our hearts, bodies

    • Thank you Frances, and so appropriate you mention those of us in our home all around the planet. Raeul and I were motivated by the fact that we were right on the door step of this crop circle with it’s beautiful gifts, and that we could share it with many others. Blessings of Oneness to you dear Frances. xx

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