Unity Field strengthened by Solar Eclipse

Moon and Sun Faces




When I look at the pathway of today’s total Solar Eclipse I see a wonderful event. When the Moon passes in front of the Sun, there is a powerful opportunity to recognise and release any of our personal and collective ‘Shadow’ – any of the aspects of us which are based on fear and judgment, leading to division and separation. One of the biggest areas of division on Earth has been expressed through the gender energies of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

I see the significance of the visible pathway of today’s eclipse beginning in the Pacific Ocean, sweeping right through America, and ending in the Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is home to the Ancient Lemurian civilisation which was pioneered by the Pleiadians who established the Divine Feminine Energies on Earth. The Atlantic Ocean is home to the Ancient Atlantean civilisation which was pioneered by the Sirians who established the Divine Masculine Energies on Earth. These respectively hold the Lunar and Solar Energies. The Mother and the Father. The Heart and the Mind. The South and the North. The Night and the Day. Cosmos and Earth.

It was intended that the Atlanteans embrace the Heart of the Divine Feminine Energies within the Mind of the Divine Masculine Energies, resulting in the marriage or union of these two Energies. As we know, this did not happen and both civilisations eventually had to leave the physical realms of Earth but meanwhile continued to heal the rift in the Higher Planes of Consciousness. This great healing and Union has now occurred and we are seeing the many expressions of the beautiful Oneness, the Field of Unity that is now returning to Earth. Today’s Eclipse is a massive strengthening of the Unity Field Consciousness on Earth (and other gifts as well).

The United States of America is currently undergoing a massive exposure and purge of Shadow and this is for the whole collective of Humanity on Earth. Remember, in the Unity Field of Oneness we are all connected, and what each of us feels, thinks and does affects ALL. The Land Spirits and Peoples of America need our compassion right now, and our gratitude for what they have contracted to experience on behalf of all humanity.

Holding the vibration of Compassion is a key to receiving the maximum levels of the energy upgrades and activations to our DNA that we are now being offered in a most powerful way. Today’s Lunar and Solar event is the first of eight events between now and October 20th, and details can be found here at the website of New Zealand Light Worker, Soluntra King. http://evenstarcreations.com/~evenstar/index.php/cosmic-alerts/2017-cosmic-events



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