(Post 3) The Resurrection Flame- An Extraordinary Easter Gift

Resurrection flame as wings

Much has been written about the Ascension Energies being directed at Earth during this year to further assist Humanity to triumph over their fall in consciousness and climb back into their saddle of Awareness. Each Easter, the power of the Resurrection Flame is doubled in intensity for forty days, and this year it will be offered at an unprecedented intensified level, as an extra boost for us if we choose to utilise it.

To resurrect means to restore to original condition. And that is the purpose of our journeys on Earth- to restore our state of perfected consciousness – to once again wear a mantle of Light as Christed Beings. The Seven Sacred Flames are a body of teachings and tools, and much more, for they hold consciousness of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power, that stirs our memories and ignites our dormant codes.

When we invoke the Flame of Resurrection we are calling out to millions of Beings of Light who serve on this Ray, including the Chohans/guardians Lord Sananda and Lady Nada. Who better to lead us in this than the Ascended Master who modeled the power of the resurrection energies to us over 2,000 years ago….to be put in to practice NOW! Lord Sananda says the resurrection energies are stronger than they ever were and smilingly invites us to release the old stories of sacrifice and replace them with thoughts of hope, healing and the living miracles that we are All capable of. He points out that when he said “I AM the Resurrection and the Life, he was teaching the divine law of the mighty “I AM” lives in your Sacred Heart. He was not claiming this for himself, as corrupted teachings would have us believe, he was coaching us to recall our own Divinity.

For many it can be difficult to accept that a mantra, decree, a belief and a prayer can hold the miracle that said to be possible. And there is truth in this for unless we have embodied the consciousness these Flames are aligned with, namely Divine, Love/Power/Wisdom, then we aren’t going to fully utilise these gifts. However, there is a scientific principle behind these teachings and I share now information that is lifted from the discourse by Lord Sananda and Lady Nada in their chapter about The Resurrection Flame (they are guardians of this Flame) from “The Seven Sacred Flames” by Aurelia Louise Jones. It speaks of the electrons which are quickened by the action of the resurrection energies when we invoke it with our “I AM presence”.

‘The smallest manifestation of life is known to man as electrons. Electrons represent particles of energy from the body of Prime Creator, which is eternally self-sustained, indestructible, self-luminous and intelligent. Electrons are pure universal light substance which respond at lightning-speed to the creative powers of both God and men. Interstellar space is filled with this pure ‘light-essence’. When we co-create something we desire, we are calling these pure Light substance electrons into Service.

The number of electrons, which combine with each other in a specific atom, is determined by conscious thought. And the rate at which the electrons swirl around the central core of the atom, is determined by feelings. (This intensity of the whirling motion within the central core is called “the breath of God”).

Everything, absolutely everything is made of electrons. All electrons come from Prime Source energy as Love.

They take their shape and form when manifested according to how they are qualified.

Regrettably, most of humanity co-creates from lack, fear, doubt or even from greed and power. These frequencies cause mis-qualified creations and incur karma. Electrons, must respond to humanity’s requests, and do not enjoy being called forth in frequencies less than Love.

God gives us unlimited electrons every day to create life. If we hold a constant vibration of Love, then we are totally aligned with Creation itself and can easily co-create everything we desire.’

A suggested mantra to infuse the resurrection frequencies throughout your being to help you uptake the maximum benefit form them over the next forty days.

“From the Lord God of my Being, I call forth now to receive a great infusion of Resurrection Flame in every cell, atom and electron of my physical body, my emotional body, my mental body, my etheric body, my body elemental and all my subtle bodies. I wish to heal and restore all aspects of my life.”

Leaf new life cross shape

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Post 2: The Resurrection Flame- Manifesting

3 hyacinths bulbs in glass containerSpring bulbs in teac cups

A great way to bring the resurrection energies into our lives in a tangible way is to use it for manifestation. In my last post I mentioned the humble spring bulb which responds to the resurrection energies each year, along with all of nature. A lovely ceremony to hold for yourself or a group of friends, is to plant spring bulbs on Easter Sunday, with each bulb representing an aspect that you wish to restore to its fullness. Three is a good number to keep your focus strong, and a trinity is always powerful. Write an affirmation of your desire on a piece of paper and place this below each bulb before planting.

Affirmations which are expressed clearly and succinctly are very powerful. For example, I wished to manifest a new home and my affirmation was ‘By the Power of God within me, and by the Power of God that I AM, I give thanks for my perfect new home’. There are three pointers to be mindful of; I aligned with the Universal Energies of Creation by calling in my I AM presence (my God Aspect), and I left it to my guides to find my perfect home as they see so much more than I do. I also gave thanks that this had already happened, because it had. Then, I left it to my angels and guides, and stayed alert for any messages they might have to cue me in to where my home might be, and when this might happen…but I didn’t seek this out, I waited for it to come to me. And within 8 months I was in my beautiful home which was so much more than I could have imagined…which is why I simply asked for my perfect home.   I knew from experience that if I made a ‘bucket list’, I would have limited my options. My guides know me so well and they have the overview of what I needed, what I love, and when the perfect timing would be. And as my bulbs steadily grew in their pots of TRUST, I watered them frequently with LOVE and GRATITUDE. I also made regular affirmations (aloud) such as ‘I AM the Life and the Resurrection of my perfect new home’.

The Resurrection Flame has many attributes which can be used freely in unlimited ways. To resurrect something is to restore it to its original perfected state. For humanity we ultimately wish to return to our perfected consciousness, which is the Christ Consciousness, or our Divine State. Keeping in mind that the Christed Consciousness is the name given to our perfected, ascended state and is not in any way limited to the man we know of as ‘Jeshua Ben Joseph’. Jeshua demonstrated our innate ability to resurrect our bodies and consciousness and stresses that this was not personal to him but is for All who wish to attain this. Nor was resurrection to be regarded as a miracle, even though of course it is; but to be seen in the context of what will be our new norm, when we embody our Christ Consciousness once more.

So, gather some friends or your family and have some fun and excitement manifesting with the Resurrection Energies this coming weekend. If you are unsure of how to word your affirmation, I can help you with this in the comments below. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you could plant summer bulbs such as Lilies, instead. Happy planting!


It’s time to reignite the Flames of Resurrection

Resurrection flame as wings

It’s Time to Reignite The Flame of Resurrection- Regeneration- Renewal-Rebirth

The ‘Window of Ascension’ does not stay open indefinitely. Like all things, the Ascension Energies also have a cycle and a season of when they are active and when they are dormant. Because the Ascension Energies are directly linked with the traverse of Earth through the Photon Belt, it is essential that humanity ride these energies while they are active, and they are super- active in 2018; the underpinning energy frequencies of this year are the Ascension Energies.

We can be assured we will always have the tools at hand exactly when they are needed. The first quarter of each year prepares us for the entire year and many of us have had painful plucking of old wounds that showed us where our splinters of old beliefs and emotions were lodged. For many this included the release of sacrifice within the many forms of relationships we have with All others.

This purging has been necessary to allow the maximum uptake of the next round of tools and gifts offered in March via the New Moon and Equinox energies. Not to be overlooked are the gifts of an incredible collective consciousness held by millions of Beings of Light under the steerage of Lord Sananda and Lady Nada (Jeshua and Mary Magdalene), along with Archangels Uriel and Aurora plus Elohim Peace and Aloha. These beautiful Beings of Light collectively fuel what we can imagine as a Flame of Resurrection energy, which we can ask to be blazed throughout our four lower bodies at any time. Resurrection is also being called regeneration, regenisis, renewal, rebirth, recreation and so forth; regardless of the words being used, they all describe the unprecedented opportunity that humanity currently has, to slough off their lower vibrations and ascend to the higher vibrations, that hold the keys for our return Home. Our return to a state of consciousness that embodies our innate Divinity…while remaining in our Earthly form as humans!

The Flame of Resurrection is a powerful way of returning to our former wholeness as Divine Beings of Light and offers much hope for humanity. It creates a quickening vibratory action of the Light within the cells of our body, to establish Inner Light, and throw off our illusionary limitations that has been the shadow within each cell.

Today is Thursday in the southern hemisphere, the day of the week when the Resurrection Flame holds the greatest focus out of all the Seven Sacred Flames. It is also World Water Day, so what better day to pull out some shadow from your personal waters held in your cells and fill them with Light!! When we remember we are Waitaha (the Water Carriers), then we can make the link to the significance of the condition of the water in each and every cell of our body. And when we also remember that each drop of water in each cell is connected to each drop of water in the ocean, then we can see that we all affect the ocean, when we carry Peace and Light in our own cells. In the Oneness, this is now being more understood that All Things are entwined with All Things! Eventually humanity will realise we also create our weather by the emotions held in the waters of our cells. Peace on Earth includes peaceful weather when Balance is restored or resurrected on Earth. It truly begins with us, and it begins with what we hold in a single cell. From the micro to the macro, as above, so below and so forth.

A forty-day amplification of the Resurrection Energies.

While we would be wise to evoke the Resurrection Flame with extra emphasis on a Thursday, we can also be aware of another annual cycle of this powerful body of consciousness. Each year around what we know to be Easter time, for forty days the Resurrection Flame is amplified in greater measure to create the miracles of nature, for humans and for all life on our planet. Just like a dormant daffodil bulb, humans are also blessed by the frequencies which will eventually restore their bloom into their own perfected form. The daffodil only sleeps for some months while humans may remain dormant their whole lifetime and never awaken.

Perhaps we can now begin to join the dots as to why Lord Sananda chose to model to us the power of this Flame by resurrecting his own body during the most potent time of the resurrection energies? It was not by chance!

Now join these dots…Earth has just been Blessed within a few days of each other by a New Moon carrying energetic gifts which released some of the most ancient ingrained patterns such as sacrifice and unworthiness specific to our relationships. This went hand in hand with extra-potent energies of new beginnings and was immediately followed by Equinox energies that hold frequencies of regeneration for our planet and all life streams on it. It also holds codes for Light and Water!

This year of 2018 is underpinned by the Ascension Energies and right now we are in the flow of extremely potent resurrection energies. If we begin evoking the Resurrection Flame, along with the other spiritual practice we already do, then we are preparing ourselves beautifully for our Return Home to our Ascended State of Consciousness and Being. To help you keep this in mind, amongst your busy life and everything that we humans do, I shall be making regular posts over the next forty days which takes us to April 30th. Perfectly timed to then revel in the Wesak Week energies during the first week of May when Buddha, along with the Ascended Masters, meet to feast and commune…and to flood humanity with many gifts as a part of their heavenly celebrations!

To invoke The Resurrection Flame

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my Eternal Freedom in the Light.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my physical body’s perfect blueprint.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my emotional body’s perfect blueprint.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my mental body’s perfect blueprint.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my etheric body’s perfect blueprint.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my spiritual body’s perfect blueprint.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my Ascended Masters Purity and Love

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the healing powers of The Sacred Flames.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my Immortal Perfection and Illumined Love of the Cosmic Christ.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the powers of the Sacred Fire within me, restoring all the wondrous gifts of my Divine Essence. (Credit Aurelia Louise Jones)

You may be interested to learn that Lord Sananda, as Jeshua, invoked this Flame by repeating the mantra ‘I AM the Resurrection and the Life’ for three years before beginning his public teachings. This was how he built up his own reservoir of The Resurrection Energies that he used to resurrect his body.

Tonight, before sleep, ask to be taken in your Light Body to the Temple of Resurrection near Jerusalem.

Connect to your ‘I AM Presence’ as you take several deep breaths and ask your Light Body to descend over you and take you in consciousness to the Resurrection Temple…it knows the way.

The really big picture of Ascension

For those of us who enjoy the super-big picture of the unfolding ascension events, the following article will join many dots. It speaks to the huge arcs of time, including equinoxal processions, the cycles and effects of Earth moving into and through the Photon Belt in the Pleiades Star System. It is this huge torroid or “belt” of inter-dimensional Light that passes through this part of our Milky Way galaxy in 26,000-year cycles that is flooding Earth with the frequencies that are making it possible for Mother Earth and all who dwell here to ascend.


I fully acknowledge the work of Aurelia Louise Jones who channelled our Telos Family and the teachings of the Ascended Masters in her book ‘The Seven Sacred Flames’ and have borrowed from this resource with gratitude. This book is highly recommended and although there are many more than Seven Sacred Flames, these need to be integrated and embodied first.

Blessings to your beautiful hearts from Annwyn