Warmest welcome to my website. I AM Annwyn Hanham, and for the for the past eight years I have served as a Mentor for humanity as we witness the dawning of a new Golden Age on Earth. We stand on the threshold of enlightenment as we ready ourselves to reclaim our true nature; our God Nature. And our God Nature is Love.

My role as a Golden Age Mentor takes many forms such as a writer, sound master, planetary grid worker, workshop facilitator and a channel for many Beings of Light who work through me at different times. The main Being channeling Her energies through me at this time, 2020, ‘The Year of the Great Awakening’ is Goddess Isis. For it is Her vibrational frequencies of renewal, re-birth, resurrection, re-calibration, regrowth, regeneration that are needed right now. Her essence is New Life, and that is what humanity, indeed Mother Earth herself is about at this time – New Life!isis-2



Golden Age Mentor Skype Session with Annwyn Hanham

60 minute mentoring Skype/Zoom session with sacred story and sound. Pandemic period discounted to NZ$80

















5 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Thanks for your comments and email Kathleen. Lovely talking to you and a copy Of Dry Your Tears is on its way. May you and your whanau find peace in your beautiful hearts.
      Love and Light,

  1. Hi Annette,It was so nice meeting you at the MBSoul Festival yesterday and thankyou for trusting me with your book… just wanting to make sure that you got your money okay…

    Lots of luv to you,
    Barb oxxo

  2. Hi Annette…It was lovely meeting you at the Ultimate Womens’ Expo last week. I have absolutely enjoyed reading your book.

    Thanks soo much

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