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Sound Healer, Visionary, Author, Workshop Facilitator

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Annwyn Hanham is a New Zealander who, having journeyed through grief, underwent transformational change after a fatal car crash took her seventeen-year old son, back to the realms of Spirit in 2000.

Although at first reluctant to listen to the whisperings of her Soul she eventually surrendered, finally becoming impelled to investigate the Spiritual Path, and in time trained as an Energy Healer. Before long, Soul Memories stirred and much to her surprise,  former gifts of writing, public speaking, and Sound Healing re-activated and re-emerged.




Through her first book Dry Your Tears” – A Mother Finds the Gift of Love through Grief” Annwyn inspires others to find the ‘gifts of grief‘ and to awaken to an entirely different way of experiencing both life and death.

Meditating Lake Ohau May 2015 DSC_3944

 When we are enlightened to the premise that the soul is eternal and in fact there is no ending, we can find peace of mind. Furthermore, when we truly heal and are able to open our Hearts once again, we discover than where there is Love, there is no separation.

Please visit her page ‘Books’ to read chapter one and to see details how to purchase.


Formerly a school teacher who taught children with so-called learning difficulties (known as dyslexia, ADHD, autism) her love and compassion for children is now expressed as support for ‘the new children.’  Here her role is to help parents, grandparents and educators to raise their own consciousness so as to better understand and support these highly evolved souls.

Please visit her page  ‘The Golden Age Children’ for more information on this topic.





Annwyn’s life-work is dedicated to assist Hu-manity  navigate through great change on Earth as we enter a renaissance of enlightenment, so that all might experince a life filled with Peace, Love and  Joy.






Annwyn’s Journey as an Energy Healer

Ascending Hearts AltarP1020128

During the year of 2009 while teaching children with so-called learning difficulties such as dyslexia and ADHD, I felt compelled to learn a form of Energy Healing. I had received information from my guides to find someone who could teach me a very specific modality called ‘Magnified Healing’ and it took six months to finally locate a teacher in another city who could do this. My guides knew what they were doing and in hindsight I saw that this modality was perfect for me. Not only did it heal my tattered, grieving heart, but under the loving wings of Quan Yin it became a catalyst that raised my vibratory frequencies and thus my consciousness, to the degree that I could set about fulfilling my Soul Purpose.

“I am a Heart Healer and this takes many forms of expression.”

I began my shift in consciousness as many Light Workers do, by becoming an Energy Healer and developed a practice over two years, before the Christchurch earthquakes put an end to that! However, I had been practicing the technique myself regularly for two year and the increased Light Quotient I now embodied opened up the door for skills from previous lifetimes to be reclaimed.

Before I knew it, I was writing and self-publishing a book; my journey through grief and the awakening of my Soul.  The book was encoded with Heart healing frequencies, and so my Energy healing had been given a different expression. I thought it would be a ‘one-off’ but before I had finished ‘Dry Your Tear’ a second book was making its presence known. Whilst writing my first book Spirit had called me to Oamaru for one year and it transpired I was being prepared ‘Energetically’ for my second book and forthcoming work.  Much of the preparation in Oamaru involved remembering my abilities with Sound, although that wasn’t evident to me at the time.

“It seems it is never evident at the time, hence much faith is required!”


Next, I was called to Auckland to live and much to my surprise the first four months were spent being driven around by another Light Worker, while I performed Sound Healing on the Earth and the Astral Planes. Sound had become a large component of my healing work and it wasn’t until some time later I learnt I had been a Master in the Sound Temple of Atlantis. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I was then called to Glastonbury to perform the final clearance of the vortex there, which is actually the Heart Chakra of the planet. I used nothing but a voiced intention and Toning to do this planetary healing but of course, as always, I was totally over-lighted by countless Light Beings who utilised my physical form on Earth to bring forth healing from the Spirit realms.

“My journey had expanded from healing my own Heart to healing a planetary Heart.”

Now, the Lemurian Grandmothers have encouraged me to offer the Technique again, but this time in a modified form, which reflects the up-shift in Energies.

This work goes hand in hand with my second book (currently underway). I am told it is of paramount importance that all those who interact with the New Children, or as I call them, the Golden Age Children, raise their vibratory frequencies and consciousness. The incoming Souls have extremely high vibrations in their Energy Fields as they are highly evolved.

“The biggest gift we can give the Golden Age Children is to raise our own consciousness.”

Update! In December 2014, one year after returning from Glastonbury, my guides informed me I was  once again to take the name of ‘Annwyn.’ It is the Welsh name for the Elemental Kingdom, a name I have had before in previous incarnations. This name carries exactly the same vibrational frequencies as ‘Quan Yin’, and furthermore, I have recently discovered Quan Yin and I are in the same Monad, which is the Soul Family of 144 souls…nothing is by chance!

E-mail annwyngoldenagementor@gmail.com

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