About Annwyn

To draw the attention of our most ancient Earth Mother, Goddess Isis, has taken me twenty years in this lifetime… yet she tells me I made a promise to her 15,000 years ago to continue her work at this time…so what is another twenty years! Like Isis, I experienced the death of a loved one; my son Tim, who was nearly 18 years when he died in a car accident. And like Mary Magdalene, I experienced the piercing of my heart, and began a long journey through the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’.

And so the first ten years of my  own great awakening were the healing years; it was Lady Master Quan Yin who walked along side me during that period and it is She who showed me how to find the incredible gifts that one can find on the pathway of grief. This is the topic of my first book ‘Dry Your Tears- A Mother Finds the Gift of Love through Grief’ (see Shop page).

Meditating Lake Ohau May 2015 DSC_3944

Having done my inner healing work, I caught the all-seeing eye of my Spirit Guides who began to make very good use of this woman who had triumphed over grief and had begun to take tentative steps away from her Human Nature. As I embraced my God Nature more and more, I was delighted to discover abilities that had been mastered in previous incarnations came back to me of their own accord; the first was writing and the second was sound healing, the latter consisting of Toning Sacred Sounds and the Language of Light. My intuitive gifts strengthened too, and because my trust in my God Nature was so strong, I was sent off on many adventurous quests that took me to ancient sacred sites around the planet. That story of those ten years is currently in the writing!

Now, we have arrived at The Great Awakening and once again, I stand in front of Goddess Isis as a voice for Her, and as a channel of her Energies. Through Her, it is my great honour and privilege to serve our Mother/Father Creator, our Beloved Mother Earth, and Humanity; that includes you!

Golden Age Mentor Skype Session with Annwyn Hanham

60 minute mentoring Skype/Zoom session with sacred story and sound. Pandemic period discounted to NZ$80















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