Ascending Hearts

Next Ascending Hearts Workshop is inn Tokaanu (the Head Waters of Lake Taupo), New Zealand, March 2nd, 2019. Please see events page for more details.

Meantime you are invited to read of Annwyn’s personal experiences below or to view this 5 minute video below to meet Annwyn and have a taste of the energies. This is filmed in our Sacred Garden at our home on the southern edge of Lake Taupo; we offer our home and garden as a venue for events such as this. Please ask!

Ascending Hearts  

“The best gift we can give our children is to raise our own consciousness; this begins by healing our hearts”
“The Heart Ascends first, and then the rest follows” 

An Ascension and Healing Technique facilitated by Annwyn Hanham and  over-lighted by Quan Yin & the Ascended Masters.

An ancient self-empowering process of gently raising your Vibrational Frequency, increasing your Light Quotient and activating the 12 strands of DNA. The results are spontaneous healing of the etheric, physical, emotional and mental bodies bringing greater peace and balance to daily life.


This easily-learned technique increases our ability to give and receive Unconditional Love, to develop deep inner Peace and to be  Joyful (which is the expression of Love). Quan Yin’s frequency is exquisitely gentle and graceful yet deceptively strong of heart. 

Spontaneous healing of physical, mental, emotional unwellness can be expected as a result of embodying the Higher Vibratory Frequential State of Unconditional Love, Compassion, Peace and Joy. These are the vibratory frequencies needed as our Planet also heals and ascends.

This event is equally suitable for those beginning the Healing & Awakening journey as well as those already walking the Ascension path.

Overview of  Ascending Hearts 
  • The technique includes clearing and expanding the 12-point Chakra system with Energy direct from Source.
  • The Violet Flame of Transmutation is extensively used to clear dross and lower vibratory frequencies from our Chakras and Energy Fields, over-lighted by Saint Germain.
  • Focused intention of aligning our cosmic and earth energies and deeply grounding these.
  • The Light Body is further enhanced ending with a Light activation of our 12 Strands of DNA.dna-in-a-hand
  • Heart affirmation to embody The Three-Fold Flame of Divine Love/Divine Power/Divine Wisdom.
  • Transference of Energies is amplified with Toning, utilising Annwyn’s former skills as Lemurian/Atlantean Sound Masters.
  • The technique is practiced for nine consecutive days to consolidate the template of Energy and to fully integrate the Energies you have been attuned to.
  • An audio recording of the technique is supplied, as well as course notes.
About Quan Yin 

Lady Master Quan Yin is not only an Ascended Master but also a Bodhisattva, which means she is just once step way from being a Buddha. Instead of ascending to the Higher Heavens to claim her status as a Buddha, Quan Yin graciously elected to remain in the Lower Heavens to assist Humanity ascend in consciousness. For centuries she has poured her Energies of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Mercy onto our planet as a collective consciousness of Oneness. More recently, as Light Workers have awakened, she has worked through many individuals by over-lighting them with her beautiful Energetic gifts. 

“The heart is the doorway to ascension; peace, love and joy are the keys”

Quan Yin was formerly the Keeper of the Violet Flame (of transmutation) prior to handing guardianship to Saint Germain. As a member of the Karmic Board for Earth she could see that Humanity was struggling to overcome the karmic lessons that kept them trapped in the endless cycle of life and death. With the time of Earth’s ascension to a fifth-dimensional planet rapidly approaching, Quan Yin asked the Creator for a special dispensation to help Humanity. This was granted and Quan Yin was permitted to gift to Humanity this ancient ascension and healing technique that formerly had only been used by ascended masters. An extra dispensation for all who learn this technique is that any residual karma that is not linked to Soul lessons, is released as a gift of grace.

“Ascended and Ascending Masters once again walk this Earthly plane”
Annwyn’s journey with Quan Yin

In 2009, after nine years of endeavouring to recover from the shock and grief of my teenage son’s death, I was guided to learn an ancient healing modality. Within just a few weeks I felt a subtle yet powerful transformation taking place deep within me. I began to realise that during my journey through grief I had healed myself mentally, but not emotionally. In fact, I recognised that it had been impossible to heal my emotional wounds, because in my deep sorrow, I had actually closed my heart down.

Gradually, like a Lotus flower, I felt my Heart once again begin to open, as each petal tentatively reached out for the loving, nurturing, compassionate Energies that Quan Yin was holding me in.”

lotus (2)

I practiced this technique nearly every day because I felt so good when I connected to my Heart! The very place that I had avoided going to in my grief, became my favourite place. It was also where I could commune with my beloved son, and of course, with all the Beings of Light who surround us.

“As I began to live life from my Heart, legions of Light Beings welcomed me Home and I knew  my experience of life on Earth had irrevocably changed.”

Growing up in New Zealand I had adopted the rather masculine energy of our society, especially when faced with raising children on my own. However, another beautiful change that took place was to reclaim my Divine Feminine aspect. Quan Yin epitomises the Sacred Divine Feminine and soon her grace and gentleness was being expressed in my own presence. Friends began to comment on the peaceful calm that surrounded me, despite what was happening around me…even earthquakes!

“I discovered an unshakable, compassionate, loving-strength within my core as I once again allowed the Goddess within me to come forth.”

I think of all the gifts that have come forth from working with the Energies of Quan Yin, and the attribute I value most of all is compassion.

Compassion cuts through judgment and allows us to simply respond to one another from our Hearts. Compassion reminds us that we are all one big family even though we may be  at different places in our journeys, and we are all innately connected.

“Compassion has the potential to significantly raise the consciousness of Humanity and the vibration of our planet”


“Ascending hearts is a daily practice for me to use; it is a pleasure and the results and growth that come from it are incredible.

I am a mother of three young children, and my windows of time to myself can be scarce. This practice fits perfectly into my daily routine along with my teachings and practices that I am already doing. I highly recommend this to anyone who is wishing to clear and transition through any deep blockages and elevate themselves at this pivotal time. I have deep gratitude for meeting Annwyn and to have received this precious gift from her.” Amanda H. September 2015

“I love the work that we did yesterday.   I feel quite different.  Joyous and confident today.  There’s a layer of something that I didn’t have before.  Thank you.” Warwick P. August 2013

(You can read more of how others have experienced Ascending Hearts on the testimonial page).

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