Lioness Gate Codes via Crop Circle


Bydemill Copse Wiltshire Aug 4 2107 Lions gate

The Lion’s Gate occurs each year between July 26th (which marks the return of the Star Sirius to the Southern Hemisphere skies) and August 12th. The most potent day is August 8th when the energies of each Lions Gate can be optimally utilised.

The Lion’s Gate is a planetary alignment which sees Sirius and The Sun directly aligned with Planet Earth. Each year has a particular theme and not surprisingly, this Lion’s Gate magnifies and supports the Unified Fields of Oneness. The theme for 2017 in general, is Oneness, and so it is no wonder this beautiful gift of Oneness has come though the Lion’s Gate this year. It is known that this year the local group of 21 Galaxies and the Great Central Sun are also working through the Lion’s Gate, creating unprecedented opportunities for Humanity to reclaim their Oneness with All That Is. This underpins Peace on all Planets, and is now being re-birthed on Earth…despite what we are witnessing around the globe…this in fact is the chaos before the calm…and All is Well.

Raeul and I have been focused on the Oneness frequencies this year, anchoring them in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres through Sacred Ceremony. Just two days ago we held a Hand Fasting Ceremony at the powerful vortex of Stonehenge, dedicating our Sacred Union to planetary Oneness. A major aspect of the Oneness is the balancing and uniting of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies, and this is a significant part of our work both in New Zealand and recently in Europe.

We were delighted to discover this crop circle just one hour away from our temporary UK home and decided to visit it today, 8.8.2017. This crop circle was created on 4.8.2017 and we loved chatting to family members at the farm today, who had graciously agreed to leave the Sacred Geometry for ten days to allow people to visit it.

Within a few miles of the crop circle the energies could be felt; in fact I had to wait several minutes in the car before I could get out and walk to the field. The energies felt feminine and gentle with little indication of how powerful they actually were. After slowly walking the perimeter, we stood in the centre a short while before Sacred Sounds began to come through me. You can hear these on the mp 3 below.

It was my turn to drive home but after 20 minutes I had to pull over and surrender to the energies that were now  activating my third eye and crown chakras. The words I received after arriving home were “I AM One with the Universe, I AM One with my Divinity, I AM One with the Mother/Father Creation Energies”.


Weaving Oneness in Berlin


Brandenburg Gates of Berlin

An emotional start to the day should have signalled what was to come, but, as usual, I didn’t connect the dots until after the event!

Raeul and I had been asked by the Ascended Masters to do additional clearance of the residual divisive energies created during the time of the Berlin Wall. Many Light Workers have worked their magic there and we were very willing to add to their good work.

We were also asked to anchor the Balancing Energies of Oneness in Germany as a counter-balance to the divisive political actions around the planet, (not Germany per say). We discovered later in the day that world leaders, including Mr T, were arriving for talks in Hamburg the next day.

The previous evening we had held our first Berlin event, which was to build a Bridge of Light between New Zealand and Germany, to allow a transfer of Energies between the two countries. In particular, the Land Spirits of Germany had requested healing and rejuvenation for land and trees, which have suffered much over the centuries. We created a flow of Energy by screening large images of some of the Sacred Sites of New Zealand, including Mt Aoraki, Castle Hill and Lake Taupo. As Raeul and I connected with the Energies of each site the Guardians and Spirits shared their Sacred Sounds through us. These were a mix of cello, toning, chanting, lullabies and songs, all very different, depending on the attributes held by each Sacred Mountain, Lake or Stone Being. Raeul and I will be following up with healing Energy for the Black Forest during the Full Moon Energies of July, as this was where the request originated from.

The only available day to work with the Wall Energies was today, and I was surprised to wake up feeling extremely fragile and tearful. I drew strength by wrapping my shoulders in a colourful shawl that had been given to me by our dear friend and champion of Oneness, Dr Rose Pere. After a few wrong turns, a tube and train ride, we arrived at the huge Pariser Platz square where the Brandenburg Gates are located. This structure boasts immense sandstone columns and is topped by a magnificent verdigris statue ‘Quadriga’, the Goddess of Victory, depicted in a chariot pulled by four mighty stallions. The overall sense is grand yet welcoming, the warm colour of the sandstone contributing to this.

We chose this location because the Gates became the symbol of division of Berlin and Germany during the Cold War. It is interesting to note that the when the Berlin Wall went up in 1961 that the Gate stood in an exclusion zone within an arc of the Wall, inaccessible for locals and visitors alike…almost a neutral zone, perhaps. As soon as the Wall came down in 1989 the focus quickly shifted for the Gates to become a symbol of peace and unity.

Now, dwarfed by the giant columns of the Gates, we were inspired to set an intention of Oneness for all of Germany’s Lands and Peoples, asking for the Ascended Masters and Archangels to bring healing and purification Energies through us. Following inner guidance, we slowly began walking hand in hand in figures of eight around all of the columns, softly chanting while weaving infinity symbols of Oneness. Then, Raeul held the space while I placed my hands on a column and surrendered to a flood of light language, completely oblivious to the crowds of tourists. It was easy to recognise the sequence of enormous grief, trauma, loss, fear, suppression and anger, which gradually dissolved into compassion, and finally peace, as each section of light language held the stories of what humanity had endured during the Cold War. As I was channelling the Sounds I had an impression of crumbling within the sandstone column. This accomplished, we then found the very heart of the Gates and poured water we had collected from the Red and White Sacred Springs of Glastonbury, to symbolise the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies in Balance, onto the huge paving stones.

Just through the Gates is a lovely park and here we sat quietly to absorb what we had just done. It now become obvious the deep grief I had experienced this morning was the collective grief of the people; one has to connect with the Energies in order to heal and transmute them. We suddenly remembered to call upon St Germain and the Violet Flame to clear our Energy Fields, and that of the entire locality. No sooner had we done this when a mini rubbish truck appeared right next to us to empty the rubbish bin by our park bench. This physical expression of our request for clearing to the non-physical world was not lost on us as we fell into fits of laughter.

Although very content with our work, weariness was now setting in as we walked the short distance back through the gates headed towards the train station. As we stood in the centre-island of the road waiting for the next green pedestrian light there was a sudden commotion of policemen on motorcycles rushing up and halting the traffic at our intersection in a most impressive manner. In a few moments a long motorcade of dignitaries passed within a metre of us and Raeul instinctively began to sing light language, further adding to the curiosity of bystanders. It transpired that the Premier of China had been honoured by Raeul’s light language, although unknown to both parties at the time! We just love the way Spirit provides the humour along the way!






Leaping out of Duality in to Oneness

Dolphins in yin yang

The New Song of Atlantis heralds the 6th cycle of Atlantis and awakens our 6th strand of DNA. Water is very present on Earth right now, and this is not by chance, as each Atlantis cycle begins and ends with water.

Much has been misunderstood about Atlantis and it is hoped the new revelations will help release emotional and mental blocks held deep in the unconscious human collective.

The teachings of The New Song of Atlantis pave the way for the information and frequencies of the incoming Age of Aquarius. They will continue to grow and expand with humanity’s readiness to receive them.

Our Family of Light steps up at pivotal times, such as when World teachers Lord Sananda and Lady Nada (Jeshua and Mary Magdalene) stepped up with their teachings of Unconditional Love which underpinned the Piscean Age, and awakened our 5th strand of DNA…finally, some 2,000 years later! There were many teachers and messengers, for example John the Baptist, who paved the way for the mission of Lord Sananda and Lady Nada. Jeshua also modelled to us the art of resurrecting the third-dimensional body into a fifth-dimensional body; his message being that this was not a miracle that only he could do, but that we are all capable of this.

Now, the messengers are back again, paving the way for the Aquarian Age which is underpinned by The Law of Oneness. The baton will be handed over to the new World Teachers, the Avatars, who are already here, currently babies and toddlers. Some call them The Crystal Diamond Children and when we understand that the Crystal Diamond at the core of our planet was imprinted with frequencies of The Law of Oneness before life began here, we can appreciate that we are living in an incredibly exciting period of earth’s history! The Law of Oneness has returned to the surface-dwellers of the Earth. Meanwhile, it has been held in our waters by the Dolphins, masters at balancing their feminine and masculine energies, they have danced through duality to embody Oneness.

Will it take 2,000 years for humanity to embody The Law of Oneness? Indeed it will not, because we are currently supported by the Cosmos Energies of our entire Universe, our local Galaxies and Mother Earth herself…we are in a window of Ascension which allows accelerated leaps of consciousness and evolution. Are you ready to leap with the Dolphins…out of duality and into Oneness?

Please join Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard for an afternoon of fascinating teachings and energetic attunements which will trigger memories of ancient Atlantis, awaken your dormant 6th strand of DNA and the accompanying pockets of your consciousness that have been closed down. There may well be fear surrounding this; remember, the places of our greatest fears are also the places where our greatest treasures lie.

Mt Albert Spiritualist Church, 19 Hendon Ave, Auckland. April 23rd, from 1 pm to 5 pm. The energy exchange of $77 includes a scrummy afternoon tea and handouts. (Please know your exchange will assist Annwyn and Raeul to take these teachings to the northern hemisphere this year as requested by Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy, thank you).  Please register by emailing or texting Annwyn 021 029 59 233.

Readers outside of New Zealand are invited to signal their interest in attending a similar event between June and August this year in England, Germany, Switzerland and other European countries. Please email Annwyn at the above address, we would love to hear from you.

The irony is, our greatest resistance is also the place of our greatest treasures.

Trust - overcoming resistance

From the loving space of my heart and from the loving wisdom of my higher self, I offer this message that I believe has relevance for many. I speak in a general way; not in a way that is personal to any single person. This message speaks to the dilemma and resistance that many experience around attending spiritual events.

It has become increasingly evident to me that more than ever, people are very much wanting to answer the call of their Soul to participate in a gathering, yet are often thwarted by barriers that may prevent them from taking the action their Soul is asking of them. I am grateful to all those who have shared their perceived barriers with me, because it has provided a catalyst for me to speak to this.

Firstly, let me assure you that I have also been in this place of the dilemma of feeling very drawn to attending an event, yet have experienced compelling reasons why I shouldn’t attend. Very often the reason has arrived in the form of lack. A lack of finance (I can’t afford or it’s too expensive), lack of resources (I don’t have anywhere to stay or transport to get me there), a lack of time (it’s too close to Christmas and I haven’t done my shopping), a lack of commitment (oh, but it’s our anniversary) and so the list goes on.

Please understand this is not described from a place of judgement, but from a compassionate place of understanding the process of being human! I have been in this place and I speak from this experience!

Secondly, when you feel drawn to attend something that has been offered, there is a lot of energy moving on many levels. Before the call is sent out by the facilitator, Spirit have already been communing with that person/s to request that the event be held, and the chosen vehicle for the teachings or activation will have been holding the energy for the event for many weeks (actually, lifetimes!) in advance. If an offered event resonates with you; then you are already aligned with it. You have already agreed to participate in the higher realms…in fact, it has already happened in the higher realms! What we are doing at an event, is anchoring onto the Earth plane an event that has already occurred…as above, so below.

Now, thirdly, we have the dance between your Higher Self/Soul, and your human self…this is the part that I speak to in this message…the dilemma! Your Soul has called loudly to you and you have heard. You have the inner knowing this event is for you, it resonates, it feels right, you feel the excitement of your Soul as you recognise the frequencies and consciousness behind the event. Next moment, wham! The human mind has also heard the call, but it hears something very different. Instead of expansion and healing and personal/planetary activations (or Service), it senses change…and to the human mind that often translates change as “I’m not safe”. Because of the thousands of incarnations on Earth, the human mind has developed into a powerful tool of safety and protection for us…it wants to keep us safe. Sadly, this has occurred because in our fall in consciousness, we have become disconnected from our loving Heart Wisdom of the Higher or Divine Mind. We are now being asked to reconnect with our Divine Heart and our Divine Mind, and to lovingly embrace our human mind so that it can release the role of protector that it has so diligently played.

The reasons of why you shouldn’t attend an event is the human mind offering up ways of protecting you from the inevitable change that will occur. We are at an accelerated stage of our Soul journeys now…change is the only thing we can be sure of! The base chakra is under huge pressure because it too has the third-dimensional role of safety…and often translates safety as money and resources. We have to move up and out of this third -dimensional cycle of lack and fear of safety…this is when TRUST is called for…perhaps the hardest thing for humans to do.

While writing this my partner Raeul and I were chatting about the importance of understanding the reasons behind this resistance, and recognising that we must triumph over the limitations that our human mind will serve up to us each time our Soul calls out to us.  Raeul eloquently said if we don’t override the human mind ‘We are putting conditions on our own divinity’.

The irony is that our greatest treasures lie where our greatest fears lie. When we feel drawn to an event and then dismiss it through fear-based reasoning, you can be sure there is much that is waiting for you to be healed and reawakened!

It is my greatest desire this message will throw some Light onto what many of us experience, and I welcome your comments on this! With deep love and gratitude to every Soul brave enough to incarnate on Earth at this astonishing, albeit challenging time, Annwyn.





Balancing our Dualities

This March Full Moon is close to the equinox and supports balancing all duality.

Full Moon balance fem and masc

The full moon is Sunday 12th of March. I recommend beginning the activation below on the 10th of March (ten!) and continue until the equinox on Monday March 20th (southern hemisphere). This gives eleven days which is the number opens up the magic between the physical and non-physical worlds.

The primary focus of Atlantis was to prepare for the return of the full Goddess/Feminine power on Earth in our current lifetime. Beginning well in advance, 500,000 years ago, there have been five Atlantean cycles. Each time the consciousness of Atlantis strayed from its sacred purpose, the cycle was ended in water.

Each Full Moon in ancient Atlantis, the governors from each of the ten islands would gather on the artificially created eleventh island of Unah, which functioned as a mystery school. They conducted elaborate rituals to bring though the Moon energy in conjunction with Ra, representing the Sun. Stones were used to represent and hold the Ra energy, blessed by the Moon energies through Sacred Sounds, Songs and Dances.

Sound is the perfect system for activations and connections. The current resurgence of Sound Masters is evidence of the consciousness of the 6th cycle of Atlantis having already been awakened in some, including the writer of this post.

During the full moon rituals, Sounds represented the feminine Moon Energies and the stones represented the masculine Ra energy. The Ra energy was very important aspect during full moon rituals for welcoming back the Goddess power. The reason for these full moon rituals was to prepare for the year 2000, which of course has now passed.

The year 2000 held the full opening of the Feminine Power thanks to the diligent homework of the Atlantean Priests and Priestesses which was done much in advance! The return of the Goddess returned fully as we crossed the millennium. As a result, our moon ceremonies do not need to be so elaborate now.

Now that the Goddess energy has been manifest on Earth for seventeen years, the roles are reversed and it is the Moon energy of the Feminine which is important in welcoming back the God/Divine Masculine Power. The Goddess energy is not just for the Goddess, it is for everyone. The Goddess must provide a loving space for the God to step into so that the 6th cycle of Atlantis can be anchored into full manifestation on the Earth.

The island of Unah held the perfect balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies which was channelled out to the outer ten islands during ceremonies. If we can also hold the balance of duality, (it begins with gender but extends to all things), then we are seeding the consciousness of The Law of One on Earth again.

The consciousness of Unah is held in our Higher Heart Chakra (located at the thymus gland) which is the colour turquoise. Think of the word ‘Unah’ and focus your attention here while breathing deeply into this chakra as you visualise/imagine it’s colour and see it spinning. The longer you hold your breath between the inward and outward breath, the more powerful this will be. State the intention “I AM balancing my feminine and masculine energies into the perfected consciousness of Oneness. I feel expanded yet at peace in this state of balance.” Repeat ten times as this number holds physical perfection in harmony, and works very well on this physical plane.

The full moon is Sunday 12th of March. I recommend beginning this on the 10th of March (ten!) and continue until the equinox on Monday March 20th (southern hemisphere). This gives eleven days which is the number opens up the magic between the physical and non-physical worlds.

Blessings of Peace, Love and Oneness,


Adapted from channelled information received during ‘The Song of New Atlantis’ 2016 from Archangel Metatron, via Amara Tia Ann, supported by Sound Masters Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard.


Lemurian Girl in an Atlantean World


It feels very familiar and comfortable knowing I was once a Lemurian High Priestess. To connect with the Heart-centred Energies of the Lemurians comes easily and I love to visit them in their Light city of Telos, at sacred mountain, Mt Shasta. And even more so having recently discovered that my beloved son (who transitioned as a seventeen-year-old), is dwelling there. How ironic that last year I spent an entire month on Mt Shasta without knowing my dear Tim was one of the Beings connecting with Raeul and me!

Also known to me is that I held the position of High Priest in Atlantis, as a Sound Master. In which Atlantean era I do not know, as there have been five Atlantean cycles…yes, five! As an aside, I do know that in one Atlantean lifetime, I was Raeul’s father (he is my Sacred Union partner now) and I did my best to prevent him from entering an Atlantean Mystery School. Oops!

Fortunately, there was enlightenment for this Soul at some point during the epic Atlantean eras… and as a Sound Master I was entrusted with Sacred Sounds that were powerful codes known only to me. But as the corruption of Atlantis took hold, I was persuaded to share my sacred knowledge with another High Priest, as a safe guard in case I perished in the growing chaos. I’m sure you can guess what happened…yes, betrayal ensued and the sacred codes were used to assist the power-crazed Atlanteans who were determined to dominate and rule the planet. My concern for the planet and humanity had allowed my discernment to be blurred, with disastrous results. I know it wasn’t the singular event that caused the demise of two amazing continents, but it was significant.

Are we tangibly affected by events that happened thousands of years ago? Indeed, we are! And a sure sign are the places we don’t want to go! My very real resistance to anything remotely Atlantean tells me I am holding deep, unconscious wounds, that are yet to be healed. As we know, energy defies space and time and that it is stored in many places…our Akashic Records, the Earth’s Crystalline Grids, and of course in our own Soul and Cellular memories. The biggest, deepest wounds, we tend to leave until last to work with…and well, hello! …they are popping up all over the planet right now!

The most tangible form of distorted Atlantean energy is divisiveness…the catalysts and scenarios may differ, but the energy behind it is the same. It is very easy to see where and how this is happening globally in the political arena, and within our own nations and communities, indeed our own families. Perhaps the area in we are least able to detect this divisiveness is among those who purport to ‘hold the Light’. But look what happened in Atlantis amidst the most enlightened members of that civilisation…they were seduced by those closest to them.

How can we discern if someone close to us is in their integrity or not? How can we detect our own vulnerable areas that make us susceptible to untruths and deceit? For it is only in those un-whole, unhealed aspects that we become open to intentions that are themselves un-whole and unhealed. As Atlantean Sound Healer, what was it that left me vulnerable to deceit? Did I forget to allow my Divine Wisdom to work through me and to guide me? Did I allow myself to be niggled by doubt and fear that all might be lost, instead of trusting Divine Perfection? Whatever it was, there was an opening in my energy field, in my consciousness, that invited betrayal. No doubt my colleague came with full awareness of what would disarm me. Perhaps I held egotistical pride in my position, and my ability with Sacred Sound? Did my colleague approach me with flattery? Did he/she empathise with the ‘burden’ of my responsibilities and the risks at hand?

You can see, my friends, that the energies we speak of are very subtle! And if we are unaware of our own frailties, then we are less likely to be aware of deception around us. The residual energies of ancient Atlantis are present again, and they are here to be recognised, honoured and healed, with compassion and forgiveness. Feel deeply into your hearts when you notice what can be described as ‘sticky energy’ in your encounters. These energies often come as flattery from those who seem to be ‘coming from their heart’, yet there is a tangible sense of conditions to this encounter. You may notice a ripple of obligation, loyalty, duty, or perhaps a feeling that you need to rescue this person in some way. The energies that ultimately seek to divide, used to be easy to spot; now they are clever and subtle.

This coming equinox, Humanity is being offered the opportunity to rebalance energies of former actions that had a disastrous outcome. By being invited by Spirit to anchor the energetic/etheric template for the Universal Law of One, which was the Law of Atlantis before corruption set in, we have an opportunity to rebalance the energies of betrayal and lack of discernment. This opportunity is not just for me and my partner Raeul; we are merely the ambassadors for the Human Collective. This healing and rebalancing of all the many forms of ancient, distorted Atlantean energies is for ALL. In this incarnation, neither Raeul or I have conscious knowledge of the Sound Codes carried within; they spontaneously arrive at precisely the time and place needed. Perhaps this was a covenant to protect us from what had happened before… I don’t know. It does mean we cannot teach them to another and so they are safe!

For the past 12,000 years, the survivors of Atlantis have received healing and guidance from their loving Lemurian brothers and sisters. There is a New Atlantis, and without the New Atlantis, the new Golden Age cannot become manifest. Remember, we need the balance of the Divine Masculine (Atlantis) and the Divine Feminine (Lemuria) to bring forth another Golden Age. It is time to heal our deepest wounds yet, for here lies our greatest gifts. It is time to once again Trust the resurrected Atlantean Energies and together, sing The Song of New Atlantis.

If you would like to be a part of anchoring The Law of Oneness in Aotearoa, March 20th, in Wellington, follow this link

Footnote: This link leads to an article which describes how scientists think New Zealand may actually be part of a continent! How timely!

From Divisiveness to Oneness

Re-Birthing the Universal Law of Oneness in Aotearoa (New Zealand)

March Equinox, March 20th, Wellington


The divisive energies around the world are hugely encouraging! The acceleration and amplification of all forms of separation that are being played out are actually the death-throes of a way of experiencing our world that is no longer sustainable, because it no longer works! The ‘thought and react’ way of living on Earth has ended; there is always chaos at the end of an era.

The Energies of the New World have gradually been dovetailing the Energies of the Old World as we have tirelessly brought Love to All that was less than Love. Well done Humanity!!!

Now we can turn our focus to ushering in the New World with more strength and conviction than ever before, simply because the time of Humanity’s sufficiently raised consciousness has arrived. The end of separation, division, duality means the beginning of Oneness and Unity in All aspects of living. We now have enough people living their lives through their Divine Hearts, and with this comes the opening of the Divine Mind, which embraces the Human mind and brain, no longer allowing the reactive, conditioned egoic mind to direct our lives.

The Heart ascends first and for every person who has healed and opened their Heart, they have once again joined with the Divine Heart of Creation/Source/God/All That Is. The next step of linking our mind with the ‘Divine Mind of All That Is’ now becomes much easier because our Sacred Heart is leading the way. With both our Hearts and Minds rejoined with All That Is we have returned Home! But wait…there’s more!

A unique part of our extraordinary journey is to literally bring Heaven to Earth, in other words to be the Expression of Divinity in a Human physical body. How do we do this? By fully embracing and becoming the Universal Law of Oneness. Our spiritual evolution never ends and for those who have ended the duality between Heart and Mind, the spiritual curriculum moves into Oneness With ALL that Is. We have all lived under The Universal Law of Oneness for thousands of years in the peaceful times of Atlantis and Lemuria on Earth, and also as members of many other Star Nations.

Finally, we see all the thread weaving together…the huge focus on healing our tattered Hearts, the mastery of our egoic minds, the balancing of our karmic energies, the resurrection of the Golden Energies of the Christ Consciousness and the return of the Universal Law of One which underpins the latter. Surrounding all of this are the two ancient civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis who are a significant part of our Soul Lineage. They yearn for us to reunite with them as Christed Beings of Universal Oneness and they have lovingly guided us for thousands of years. The Lemurians helped the Atlanteans to return to their Divine Hearts and now, along with the Atlanteans, they are very focused on resurrecting our consciousness to fifth-dimensional beings.

During the March Equinox, the New Lemuria and the New Atlantis civilisations are supporting the laying of the etheric template of Universal Oneness on Earth, which begins in Aotearoa. How Blessed are we! Feel into your Hearts, reach back 12,000 years into cellular and Soul memories and feel this Loving Oneness of Peace and Harmony on Earth. To receive and anchor these energies in to Earth’s Crystalline Grid is an incredible Act of Service and you will know if your Soul and Higher Self are tapping you on your shoulder! There will be a myriad of our Star Brothers and Sisters, the Galactic Council of Light, the Galactic Federation of Light, Ascended Masters, Elohim, Archangels, and of course the collectives of all the different kingdoms and life streams who dwell on, in or around Earth. The Crystal Beings and the Devas of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms too. This is a celebration and we begin our gathering with a celebratory dinner!!! We can expect tears of grief and then joy as we return wholeness to some painful wounds for ourselves and also for the collective of Humanity. Sacred Sound features throughout the gathering and we have a final outdoor Sacred Ceremony at the exact equinox time, 11.35 pm when we will be etherically uniting the islands of New Zealand, Aotearoa, into Oneness!!! A new legend in the making. Please email Annwyn for an information sheet if you are feeling the call.