Balancing our Dualities

This March Full Moon is close to the equinox and supports balancing all duality.

Full Moon balance fem and masc

The full moon is Sunday 12th of March. I recommend beginning the activation below on the 10th of March (ten!) and continue until the equinox on Monday March 20th (southern hemisphere). This gives eleven days which is the number opens up the magic between the physical and non-physical worlds.

The primary focus of Atlantis was to prepare for the return of the full Goddess/Feminine power on Earth in our current lifetime. Beginning well in advance, 500,000 years ago, there have been five Atlantean cycles. Each time the consciousness of Atlantis strayed from its sacred purpose, the cycle was ended in water.

Each Full Moon in ancient Atlantis, the governors from each of the ten islands would gather on the artificially created eleventh island of Unah, which functioned as a mystery school. They conducted elaborate rituals to bring though the Moon energy in conjunction with Ra, representing the Sun. Stones were used to represent and hold the Ra energy, blessed by the Moon energies through Sacred Sounds, Songs and Dances.

Sound is the perfect system for activations and connections. The current resurgence of Sound Masters is evidence of the consciousness of the 6th cycle of Atlantis having already been awakened in some, including the writer of this post.

During the full moon rituals, Sounds represented the feminine Moon Energies and the stones represented the masculine Ra energy. The Ra energy was very important aspect during full moon rituals for welcoming back the Goddess power. The reason for these full moon rituals was to prepare for the year 2000, which of course has now passed.

The year 2000 held the full opening of the Feminine Power thanks to the diligent homework of the Atlantean Priests and Priestesses which was done much in advance! The return of the Goddess returned fully as we crossed the millennium. As a result, our moon ceremonies do not need to be so elaborate now.

Now that the Goddess energy has been manifest on Earth for seventeen years, the roles are reversed and it is the Moon energy of the Feminine which is important in welcoming back the God/Divine Masculine Power. The Goddess energy is not just for the Goddess, it is for everyone. The Goddess must provide a loving space for the God to step into so that the 6th cycle of Atlantis can be anchored into full manifestation on the Earth.

The island of Unah held the perfect balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies which was channelled out to the outer ten islands during ceremonies. If we can also hold the balance of duality, (it begins with gender but extends to all things), then we are seeding the consciousness of The Law of One on Earth again.

The consciousness of Unah is held in our Higher Heart Chakra (located at the thymus gland) which is the colour turquoise. Think of the word ‘Unah’ and focus your attention here while breathing deeply into this chakra as you visualise/imagine it’s colour and see it spinning. The longer you hold your breath between the inward and outward breath, the more powerful this will be. State the intention “I AM balancing my feminine and masculine energies into the perfected consciousness of Oneness. I feel expanded yet at peace in this state of balance.” Repeat ten times as this number holds physical perfection in harmony, and works very well on this physical plane.

The full moon is Sunday 12th of March. I recommend beginning this on the 10th of March (ten!) and continue until the equinox on Monday March 20th (southern hemisphere). This gives eleven days which is the number opens up the magic between the physical and non-physical worlds.

Blessings of Peace, Love and Oneness,


Adapted from channelled information received during ‘The Song of New Atlantis’ 2016 from Archangel Metatron, via Amara Tia Ann, supported by Sound Masters Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard.


Lemurian Girl in an Atlantean World


It feels very familiar and comfortable knowing I was once a Lemurian High Priestess. To connect with the Heart-centred Energies of the Lemurians comes easily and I love to visit them in their Light city of Telos, at sacred mountain, Mt Shasta. And even more so having recently discovered that my beloved son (who transitioned as a seventeen-year-old), is dwelling there. How ironic that last year I spent an entire month on Mt Shasta without knowing my dear Tim was one of the Beings connecting with Raeul and me!

Also known to me is that I held the position of High Priest in Atlantis, as a Sound Master. In which Atlantean era I do not know, as there have been five Atlantean cycles…yes, five! As an aside, I do know that in one Atlantean lifetime, I was Raeul’s father (he is my Sacred Union partner now) and I did my best to prevent him from entering an Atlantean Mystery School. Oops!

Fortunately, there was enlightenment for this Soul at some point during the epic Atlantean eras… and as a Sound Master I was entrusted with Sacred Sounds that were powerful codes known only to me. But as the corruption of Atlantis took hold, I was persuaded to share my sacred knowledge with another High Priest, as a safe guard in case I perished in the growing chaos. I’m sure you can guess what happened…yes, betrayal ensued and the sacred codes were used to assist the power-crazed Atlanteans who were determined to dominate and rule the planet. My concern for the planet and humanity had allowed my discernment to be blurred, with disastrous results. I know it wasn’t the singular event that caused the demise of two amazing continents, but it was significant.

Are we tangibly affected by events that happened thousands of years ago? Indeed, we are! And a sure sign are the places we don’t want to go! My very real resistance to anything remotely Atlantean tells me I am holding deep, unconscious wounds, that are yet to be healed. As we know, energy defies space and time and that it is stored in many places…our Akashic Records, the Earth’s Crystalline Grids, and of course in our own Soul and Cellular memories. The biggest, deepest wounds, we tend to leave until last to work with…and well, hello! …they are popping up all over the planet right now!

The most tangible form of distorted Atlantean energy is divisiveness…the catalysts and scenarios may differ, but the energy behind it is the same. It is very easy to see where and how this is happening globally in the political arena, and within our own nations and communities, indeed our own families. Perhaps the area in we are least able to detect this divisiveness is among those who purport to ‘hold the Light’. But look what happened in Atlantis amidst the most enlightened members of that civilisation…they were seduced by those closest to them.

How can we discern if someone close to us is in their integrity or not? How can we detect our own vulnerable areas that make us susceptible to untruths and deceit? For it is only in those un-whole, unhealed aspects that we become open to intentions that are themselves un-whole and unhealed. As Atlantean Sound Healer, what was it that left me vulnerable to deceit? Did I forget to allow my Divine Wisdom to work through me and to guide me? Did I allow myself to be niggled by doubt and fear that all might be lost, instead of trusting Divine Perfection? Whatever it was, there was an opening in my energy field, in my consciousness, that invited betrayal. No doubt my colleague came with full awareness of what would disarm me. Perhaps I held egotistical pride in my position, and my ability with Sacred Sound? Did my colleague approach me with flattery? Did he/she empathise with the ‘burden’ of my responsibilities and the risks at hand?

You can see, my friends, that the energies we speak of are very subtle! And if we are unaware of our own frailties, then we are less likely to be aware of deception around us. The residual energies of ancient Atlantis are present again, and they are here to be recognised, honoured and healed, with compassion and forgiveness. Feel deeply into your hearts when you notice what can be described as ‘sticky energy’ in your encounters. These energies often come as flattery from those who seem to be ‘coming from their heart’, yet there is a tangible sense of conditions to this encounter. You may notice a ripple of obligation, loyalty, duty, or perhaps a feeling that you need to rescue this person in some way. The energies that ultimately seek to divide, used to be easy to spot; now they are clever and subtle.

This coming equinox, Humanity is being offered the opportunity to rebalance energies of former actions that had a disastrous outcome. By being invited by Spirit to anchor the energetic/etheric template for the Universal Law of One, which was the Law of Atlantis before corruption set in, we have an opportunity to rebalance the energies of betrayal and lack of discernment. This opportunity is not just for me and my partner Raeul; we are merely the ambassadors for the Human Collective. This healing and rebalancing of all the many forms of ancient, distorted Atlantean energies is for ALL. In this incarnation, neither Raeul or I have conscious knowledge of the Sound Codes carried within; they spontaneously arrive at precisely the time and place needed. Perhaps this was a covenant to protect us from what had happened before… I don’t know. It does mean we cannot teach them to another and so they are safe!

For the past 12,000 years, the survivors of Atlantis have received healing and guidance from their loving Lemurian brothers and sisters. There is a New Atlantis, and without the New Atlantis, the new Golden Age cannot become manifest. Remember, we need the balance of the Divine Masculine (Atlantis) and the Divine Feminine (Lemuria) to bring forth another Golden Age. It is time to heal our deepest wounds yet, for here lies our greatest gifts. It is time to once again Trust the resurrected Atlantean Energies and together, sing The Song of New Atlantis.

If you would like to be a part of anchoring The Law of Oneness in Aotearoa, March 20th, in Wellington, follow this link

Footnote: This link leads to an article which describes how scientists think New Zealand may actually be part of a continent! How timely!

From Divisiveness to Oneness

Re-Birthing the Universal Law of Oneness in Aotearoa (New Zealand)

March Equinox, March 20th, Wellington


The divisive energies around the world are hugely encouraging! The acceleration and amplification of all forms of separation that are being played out are actually the death-throes of a way of experiencing our world that is no longer sustainable, because it no longer works! The ‘thought and react’ way of living on Earth has ended; there is always chaos at the end of an era.

The Energies of the New World have gradually been dovetailing the Energies of the Old World as we have tirelessly brought Love to All that was less than Love. Well done Humanity!!!

Now we can turn our focus to ushering in the New World with more strength and conviction than ever before, simply because the time of Humanity’s sufficiently raised consciousness has arrived. The end of separation, division, duality means the beginning of Oneness and Unity in All aspects of living. We now have enough people living their lives through their Divine Hearts, and with this comes the opening of the Divine Mind, which embraces the Human mind and brain, no longer allowing the reactive, conditioned egoic mind to direct our lives.

The Heart ascends first and for every person who has healed and opened their Heart, they have once again joined with the Divine Heart of Creation/Source/God/All That Is. The next step of linking our mind with the ‘Divine Mind of All That Is’ now becomes much easier because our Sacred Heart is leading the way. With both our Hearts and Minds rejoined with All That Is we have returned Home! But wait…there’s more!

A unique part of our extraordinary journey is to literally bring Heaven to Earth, in other words to be the Expression of Divinity in a Human physical body. How do we do this? By fully embracing and becoming the Universal Law of Oneness. Our spiritual evolution never ends and for those who have ended the duality between Heart and Mind, the spiritual curriculum moves into Oneness With ALL that Is. We have all lived under The Universal Law of Oneness for thousands of years in the peaceful times of Atlantis and Lemuria on Earth, and also as members of many other Star Nations.

Finally, we see all the thread weaving together…the huge focus on healing our tattered Hearts, the mastery of our egoic minds, the balancing of our karmic energies, the resurrection of the Golden Energies of the Christ Consciousness and the return of the Universal Law of One which underpins the latter. Surrounding all of this are the two ancient civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis who are a significant part of our Soul Lineage. They yearn for us to reunite with them as Christed Beings of Universal Oneness and they have lovingly guided us for thousands of years. The Lemurians helped the Atlanteans to return to their Divine Hearts and now, along with the Atlanteans, they are very focused on resurrecting our consciousness to fifth-dimensional beings.

During the March Equinox, the New Lemuria and the New Atlantis civilisations are supporting the laying of the etheric template of Universal Oneness on Earth, which begins in Aotearoa. How Blessed are we! Feel into your Hearts, reach back 12,000 years into cellular and Soul memories and feel this Loving Oneness of Peace and Harmony on Earth. To receive and anchor these energies in to Earth’s Crystalline Grid is an incredible Act of Service and you will know if your Soul and Higher Self are tapping you on your shoulder! There will be a myriad of our Star Brothers and Sisters, the Galactic Council of Light, the Galactic Federation of Light, Ascended Masters, Elohim, Archangels, and of course the collectives of all the different kingdoms and life streams who dwell on, in or around Earth. The Crystal Beings and the Devas of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms too. This is a celebration and we begin our gathering with a celebratory dinner!!! We can expect tears of grief and then joy as we return wholeness to some painful wounds for ourselves and also for the collective of Humanity. Sacred Sound features throughout the gathering and we have a final outdoor Sacred Ceremony at the exact equinox time, 11.35 pm when we will be etherically uniting the islands of New Zealand, Aotearoa, into Oneness!!! A new legend in the making. Please email Annwyn for an information sheet if you are feeling the call.


Stranding Whales, & the Law of Oneness in Atlantis and Lemuria


In five weeks’ time, during the potent energies of the (southern hemisphere) autumn equinox, a significant event in Earth’s history will take place. Many of you know that before anything is manifested on the physical plane of planet Earth, that it first occurs in the higher etheric planes of Earth. Collectives of Souls gather in the etheric planes (this we do during our sleep time) to discuss and plan what the next steps are in their individual journeys, but also in the collective of humanity and the planet itself.

It has been ordained by the Will of our Divine Creator that it is time for The Law of Oneness to return to Earth, as an underpinning paradigm of the Golden Age we are currently recreating. A Golden Age is the return of the Christed Consciousness, which is experienced as an illumined time of peace and harmony between all life streams. When Jeshua said there would be a second coming, he wasn’t referring to his personal return, but to the return of the Christ Consciousness for the collective of Humanity.

Until Humanity has been sufficiently awakened and returned to wholeness, many others have continued to hold the Christ Consciousness on Earth. In the higher dimensional Inner Earth cities, there are many Christed civilisations such as the Lemurians of Telos and the Atlanteans of Posid, to name just two. We have also had the gifts of many Christed off-planet civilisations who have worked through selected Humans to bring us teachings and energy activations, such as the Pleiadians, the Sirians and countless other Star brothers and sisters. As well, unprecedented Golden Energies have been directed to Earth from the Great Central Sun itself.

We also have Christed Beings on our planet’s surface, which are largely unrecognized as such by Humanity. They are of course Whales and Dolphins who have taken these forms to enable them to be conduits of the Golden Energies in the planetary oceans, despite what has occurred on the land as various great civilisations rise and fall. Everything has a perfect cycle and it is known the Whales and Dolphins will return to their homes of higher realms when Humanity can hold the Christed Energies themselves.

So, what may appear to be a devastatingly sad event happening in the Cook Strait of New Zealand right now with 300 Whales unable to be rescued, is quite possibility a huge act of Grace as these magnificent creatures bring their third-dimensional bodies to a place called ‘Farewell Spit’ in ‘Golden Bay’ no less, as they honour the rising of Consciousness in New Zealand, as many here are indeed now firmly holding the Golden Christed Energies. I believe these whales are serving roles on many different levels. On the highest level, they are flooding the stretch of water between the two main islands and the surrounding coastlines with the Golden Christed Energies, in preparation for the merging of the two islands during the autumn equinox. This was shown to me during a meditation beneath the Full Moon energies on Friday 11th February at between 2 am and 3 am. It is rather like a golden sealant has been placed around the coastlines that are to be connected in the higher realms during our equinox sacred ceremony. You see, during the autumn equinox energies, the two islands are to be joined in the etheric higher planes, as an act of Oneness for this little country that holds a big Light! In the higher planes, New Zealand is entering Oneness, which will eventually manifest in our physical plane.


On another level, I feel that the mass stranding serves as an opportunity for thousands of people to open their hearts perhaps as never before. Desensitised by over-exposure to traumatic events around the globe, Humanity remains hugely sympathetic to suffering animals and the out-pouring of assistance and grief has been enormous. The nurturing love and compassion showed by hundreds of volunteers who have steadfastly stayed committed to their endeavours of saving the whales, is heart-warming. For many it is the opportunity to heal the deep scars and wounds of Atlantis and Lemuria when they either drowned or witnessed thousands of their loved ones taken by the ocean. Most noticed by my heart, were the young college students who ‘felt inspired’ to sing gentle songs of love and compassionate reassurance to the whales. As Lemuria sank overnight, many of us did this to ease the suffering of our loved ones as the waters rose; we sang until the water reached our mouths. Did you know the last song sang on ancient Lemuria was the song we now know as ‘Auld Lang Syne?

Tears of my own remembrance are sliding down my cheeks as I write this…hopefully this brings healing to you too. Because as the new Keepers of the ‘Law of Oneness’ it is necessary for our people and our waters to be healed of this ancient trauma. The Law of Oneness means equality for all life streams on all Planets and Galaxies within this universe. Because of the nature of Oneness, the slow evolution on Earth has held up evolution in other parts of our Universe…as you can see there is always a bigger picture… and there is always something Sacred in all that happens.

If you feel drawn to assist with the Healing of the Collective wounds of Atlantis and Lemuria, and the Re-birthing of The Law of Oneness, you are warmly invited to join our gathering in coastal Wellington, March 20th, details ca be found here and are updated here

Discerning Unconditional love


When our love depends upon a certain condition, and when we invest in maintaining that condition, then we have merely fallen into the illusion of love.

In response to a recent post about the Creation Energy of Love, a reader asked me to define the word ‘love’, adding that it seemed to him that this word has become much-misused in today’s world.

Indeed, it has!

Many awakened souls now recognise that over eons of time just about every Divine aspect of being Human has been corrupted. Perhaps one of the greatest mistruths programmed into humanity is the concept of love. Humans are Divine Beings, and in their perfected state hold nothing less than Divine Love as their underpinning consciousness and energetic frequency. Divine Love, however, has little resemblance to what the majority of humanity know to be love.

Perhaps some readers are not yet aware that one of the treasures they hold within one of their many Heart Chambers instantly identifies them as Divine Beings with a Sacred Purpose The treasure I speak of is ‘The Three-fold Flame’ which represents Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power. This ‘Flame’, which is really the ‘God Consciousness’, normally encompasses the entire Energy Field of the human, and with psychic vison could be seen to stand around seven feet/two metres tall. However, following the Fall of human consciousness, this Flame was diminished to what would be measured as the size of your thumbnail. At the same time our 12-chakra system was reduced to 7 chakras. So, you can see, we have had a lot of work to do, to remember let alone reclaim our Divinity.

Divine Love is soooooooooo much bigger than we may have imagined! Divine Love is not reduced to the sentimental kind that relies on red roses and candle light dinners nor is it the conditional kind that has strings attached. It is not grasping, restricting and it is not limited by circumstance, time, or space. The love than humanity has experienced for many thousands of years is of the thumbnail proportion and we now refer to this as conditional love. When our love depends upon a certain condition, and when we invest in maintaining that condition, then we have merely fallen into the illusion of love. These conditions take many forms such as wealth, status, power, health, sex, beauty, career and more.

When I speak of Divine Love, I speak of Cosmic Unconditional Love which is characterised by compassion, freedom, kindness, truth, peace, forgiveness and joy. When we truly hold the frequency of Unconditional Love we automatically align with the Creation Energy, because this Divine Love is the Source Energy, the very substance of Creation. Divine Love, like all things, is a lifestream, a consciousness, a frequency. In the non-physical realms, it is experienced purely at the vibrational level; but on our planet Earth, we have the incredible opportunity to Create a Physical Expression of Love.

“Nature creates beauty to inspire humanity to return to the greatness of their own Divinity.

Your physical body, with all its faculties, is meant to externalize the perfection of consciousness in the world of form” – Master Kuthumi

The perfection of consciousness is Love. Every tree, bird, flower, cloud, ocean is pure, perfected Love. Nature, when unhampered by humanity, exists companionably in perfect balance and harmony. The plant kingdom resurrects itself over and over as a reminder that when we hold perfect consciousness, we shall do the same. Resurrection wasn’t just for Jeshua! When humanity holds perfect balance and harmony, we will see a spontaneous healing of Gaia, as we are intrinsically entwined with her. Mother Earth responds to us just as we respond to her. Mother Earth is pure perfected Love. Is there another who has endured so much and yet has never withheld her bounty of beauty and providence that humanity depends upon for survival. She is unconditional and unwavering in her Love for her children and her current extremes are necessary to restore her perfect consciousness in areas where it has been misqualified with the consciousness of greed, power, hatred and so forth.

Unconditional Love permeates all things, because All is Love. That is why we talk of no separation; with Pure Love we have Oneness as All is from the same Source. It is when we disconnect from our state of Divine Love, when we shut down our Hearts and allow our egoic mind to rule us, that we suffer from all the illusions associated with separation from Source. We are then at the mercy of conditional love and the accompanying karma that we must then re-qualify with Divine Love to restore balance.

How many on Earth hold Unconditional Love as their constant energy signature? Enough to make a huge difference! For this Love is the most powerful energy on the planet….no wonder those who would enslave humanity are so keen to prevent our awakening. But the planetary alignments within our galaxy are once again poised to offer a window of unprecedented growth in the consciousness of humanity. A quantum leap in the awareness of humanity is well underway, and there is much unrest around the globe that attests to this.

“Living from the heart, choosing from the heart, is a collective, connective action that restores the memory of the love of being alive!” – Ahnahmar

How can you hold love with constancy? First, have compassion for yourself and your journey, then acknowledge and heal the wounds to create space for the Love that is your Divine birthright. After my teen son died in 2000, it took me nine years of mental anguish before I understood about healing the heart. I learnt and then faithfully practiced a beautiful heart-centred Healing/Ascension technique which works with the energies of Quan Yin. This ancient technique was pivotal in my journey and I jump at the opportunity to teach it to others throughout New Zealand. In 2012 I wrote of my journey through grief, and how it was also the catalyst to awaken me. Now it is hard for me to conceive of living life with a shut-down heart, yet this was my experience for my first 50 years. Until I experienced Quan Yin’s loving, Compassionate Energies I didn’t even know my heart had closed in childhood; I thought conditional love was Love.

These days my constant frequency is Love, and when, in my humanness I do occasionally drop out of it, oh my gosh, it feels dreadful! I practice the Ascension/Healing Technique regularly and work daily with my I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters. Either in meditation or through prayers, especially the teachings from Telos, known as ‘The Seven Sacred Flames’ by Aurelia Louise Jones.

If you feel drawn to learning the Ascension/Healing Technique you can read about it here

Keep a look out here if interested in the Seven Sacred Flames as I shall be offering another seven-week series of in-depth study of The Seven Sacred Flames in Auckland, late January.

Amazon sell ‘The Seven Sacred Flames’ here (highly recommended)

And finally, my book ‘Dry Your Tears’ can be purchased as an e-book here





2017 Energies-Reclaiming our innate Power as Creators


As we consciously experience daily life through our Heart, we begin to expand into the ever-increasing potentials that are available to us. For it is the Energy called Love that is the life-force of all that we Create. The more Love we hold in our Energy Fields, the more options are open to us.

Since the 2012 planetary shift humanity has been bravely sloughing off layers and layers of anything in their Energy Fields that was less than Love. A huge purge of humanity was supported during the intense 2016 Energies of Completion, making it difficult to avoid what we had managed to avoid up until then. Each Equinox and Solstice and Full Moon brought wave upon wave of relentlessness clearing, challenging us but allowing us to move more quickly through old stuff than ever before. These Energies will still be present in the first quarter of 2017 but by the Equinox, will have waned, dissipated, making way for the Energies of New Beginnings.

With the focus of clearing now behind us, the Energies of 2017 hold potentials that can be more fully realised because of the inner work humanity has done. For those constantly holding high frequencies of Unconditional Love, Compassion, Peace, Joy and Truth, life is about to get even more exciting! No longer restrained by the planetary Energies of purging, the Love that many are holding so beautifully now, will flourish as a life-force of Creation. All that is desired will manifest much faster than previously, as the Energies of this year support renaissance, renewal, resurrection and restoration of all things to their original perfected state, including ourselves, when focus is given to this. It is the focus we choose to direct our Creation/Love Energy towards that determines the form of our Creations. This means we must be even more vigilant of our thoughts and emotions, our intentions and our imaginings…these are the tools of manifesting the non-physical into the physical…we may unintentionally Create by default when giving sustained focus to all we don’t want, all that is not perfect in our lives.

There are very exact Universal Laws which govern Creation, indeed a science, which I shall cover in my next post. Whatever we manifest will always depend on our thoughts and emotions, but you may be intrigued as I was, to learn of excited electrons – the very substance of Creation. Meantime, know that there is nothing we desire that doesn’t already exist. It is simply in a higher dimension where Love is the constant vibrational frequency. Hold the Love, Be the Love and reclaim your innate power of Creation.




California –A State of Peace

A timely message from the Redwood Trees – 11/10/2016 by Annwyn Hanham

“We are grateful to be ‘seen’ in (one of) our higher purpose role as receivers and transmitters of Universal Love. We are very happy to be called forth in Sacred Purpose, and we answer this call unreservedly to receive, hold, disperse and build the momentum of the frequencies of Peace and Joy throughout California.  California could literally and figuratively create a ‘State of Peace’ by utilising the great underground network of root systems developed by our tree kingdom, for we are all connected to each and every Redwood Tree and we talk to other Trees all over the planet.


Because California is located where two tectonic plates meet, it is imperative that Peace and Harmony is held by the surface dwellers, for as you know, humans and Mother Earth are innately interrelated; each affecting the other. If Mother Earth has to constantly clear her physical body and energy fields from negative frequencies created by human thoughts, emotions, words and actions, this may be experienced as earth tremors. These tremors have the potential to make the tectonic plates bump into each other, causing earthquakes and large wave action in the sea.


Humanity is a major key holder for stabilising Mother Earth by considering her as a part of them, rather than being separate from them. It is easy to visibly see how the roots of a tree connect each tree with Mother Earth, and how they interact with each other. However, it is difficult for many humans to recognise they are also connected to Mother Earth, because their roots are their feet and they are able to move around. Not visible to the eye are the human energy fields and chakras which also innately connect humanity to Mother Earth; in fact, they would not be able to exist on the planet without this connection.


We urge you to think about your personal relationship with Mother Earth and to recognise and honour her as your host and your Divine Mother. She provides everything for all life forms on this planet to exist. How would you speak and act in the presence of a Divine Mother? Would you express words and thoughts of Love and harmony, or of conflict?


We are the Redwood Trees, and we are heartened to speak with you in this way, and to be heard. We hold you in Love that is greater than our girth and deeper than our roots!” Jeddiah Smith Park, California


Raeul also received a message; his was from Pan (God of the Nature Spirits) as follows “Perception is a choice. It requires opening to the potential, allowing space to receive. It is an attribute that requires dedication, patience and practice to come easily.”

In other words, if we want to see more than just a tree, we have to consciously choose to open to the potential of seeing more. And then take the time and space to interact with trees and other divas, or whatever energy is present…not just take a photograph and get back in our car!

Annwyn and Raeul are New Zealand light workers who have just spent one month at sacred mountain Mount Shasta in northern California. During their stay they have performed several sacred ceremonies at the request of Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy to build the momentum of Peace and Joy as a vehicle of great healing to humanity and Mother Earth.

One ceremony took them out of Shasta and to the coast just south of the Oregon border, to a beautiful Redwood Forest called the Jeddiah Smith National Park. They met up with two friends from Eureka, Bob and Vonda, who suggested Stout Grove Trail Head as suitable place to hold the ceremony. Annwyn had received insight just days before that Peace and Joy could mitigate the effects of the growing tensions throughout California that would have the potential to cause earth tremors. (Having lived through hundreds of earthquakes in Christchurch, NZ, during 2012 Annwyn well understood the ability of citizens to unknowingly create more quakes by their fears and their rage at humanity and/or Mother Earth). It is the low vibration frequencies such as fear, uncertainty, despondency and so forth that Mother Earth has to continuously clear, especially when millions of people are focused on the same issues at the same time. At this time of writing, forthcoming USA elections are creating such a situation.

On the journey between Shasta and Stout Grove Annwyn was in the driver’s seat but could clearly see to the east, a very large and curiously-shaped rock structure which was drawing her into its’ energy field. (We later learned this is called ‘Table Rock’). A flood of Light Language came forth for several minutes; these were codes they were to share with the Redwood Trees a couple of hours later on arrival at Stout Grove.

Upon arrival there was barely time for formalities and greetings with previously unmet friends, as Annwyn was struggling to hold the energy that was ‘ready to birth’. A small, discreetly enclosed area was quickly found in the forest and here a simple altar was created.

Bob greeted Mother Earth with the gift of ‘earthly sounds’ of his didgeridoo, followed by Annwyn’s invocation to the Ancient Redwoods and other Devic Kingdoms, the Elemental King and Queen, the countless Being of Light from many galaxies and universes. Especially, an  invitation to the Lemurians of Telos and the White Ones, Keepers of the Flame of Peace, and the Crystal Beings of Joy before setting our intentions to direct the frequencies of Peace and Harmony throughout California. Raeul began to intuitively play his cello, beginning by plucking the strings before a melody came through. Annwyn was by then in full flight loudly Toning the Sacred Sounds that had been garnered along the way, acting as a channel for the Beings of Table Rock, The White Ones of Peace and the Crystal Beings of Joy. Cello and Voice danced together as the energy of Joy continued to build, lively and powerful, until finally becoming soft and gentle as peace and Harmony descended. A piece of Pounamu (New Zealand jade) and also a rock from sacred mountain Aoraki (NZ) was buried in the circle; Raeul bought through very beautiful Light Language and Bob closed the ceremony with crystal bowl and then Indian Flute. Vonda, his lovely wife, who had held the energy throughout, later treated us all to a most fabulous picnic in another part of the Jeddiah Smith Forest. Yum!

After writing this article Annwyn did a quick Google search to check something she was unsure of and came upon this brilliant transmission from the Redwoods via Aurelia Louise Jones, author of material from Telos.  It is a much more detailed version of who the Redwoods are, their history, and their incredible service to humanity. Prepare to be amazed and moved…

Redwood Tree group at the Jeddiah Smith National Park, Northern California.redwoods-triple

Calling Forth Worlds Within Worlds


The Calling Forth of Worlds Within Worlds:

Part One by Annwyn Hanham

It has been long known by many that the surface of Earth is not the only plane where life on this planet exists, In fact, some believe that the surface was never intended as the place of dwelling, and that this is rather akin to living on your roof top instead of within your house! An interesting concept indeed!

Perhaps there is no place on Earth more noted for other worlds of Life, than Mount Shasta in Northern California. Held sacred by indigenous peoples and by awakened peoples alike, Mount Shasta attracts much attention around the globe with iconic ventricular cloud formations and stories of encounters with Beings of Light from other kingdoms in this area. Most well known are those under the Argathan Network including remnants of Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations which survived the cataclysms on the Earth’s surface more than 12,000 years ago by living deep within Mount Shasta. (There are other locations around the planet as well). Suffering terribly at first from the sudden loss of their loved ones, their homes, a highly-evolved ‘golden age’ culture, and even their land, they have over time, returned to their former consciousness of fifth-dimensional Beings, holding and living by the Christ Consciousness of Peace, Love and Oneness. They long to return to the surface of Earth and merge with humanity once again, as we are, after all, just like them, but at a different vibrational frequency and consciousness. Much of the information to assist humanity to also ascend to fifth-dimensional state is coming from the Lemurian kingdom of Telos, as well as the Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light and Christ Consciousness. This includes the Sacred Flames and how to ascend through the understanding, use of and finally the embodiment of the corresponding attributes and frequencies of each Flame. All of the Sacred Flames are present in Telos.


There are many other worlds and kingdoms at Mount Shasta; some are below the mountain, others within the inner earth, some above in the ethers, others on the surface at sacred sites and energetically powerful places. Many of the other worlds and kingdoms around Mount Shasta do not know each other exist, let alone that humanity exists on the surface. And the reverse is also true; mainstream humanity has no idea of the myriads of Life which exists in and around their planet. For most of humanity, they are able to only perceive what they can experience with their five senses, and are yet to discover the wondrous Life forms which exist as variations of Light, Colour, Sound, and which may or may not present in a physical form. Because these other worlds within worlds resonate at the vibrational frequency which reflects their respective states of consciousness, they are often unable to be aware of each other, and even if they are, are unable to enter each others worlds. It is humanity who can enter many worlds.


Like our Lemurian and Atlantean families, some of these kingdoms also wish to assist humanity and the planet at this time of great transitional upheaval. To do this they must be plugged/connected into the same energy grids as humanity; such as the Earth’s Crystalline Grid. This requires human conduits already holding Earth’s vibrations that are able to traverse multi-worlds and dimensions in order to bring these kingdoms to the surface. Even if these Beings take no physical form, they can very effectively and powerfully send their benevolent frequencies around the planet, affecting all Life forms and Mother Earth herself. ( And yes, sadly the same can be done by malevolent Beings).


Last October Annwyn was invited by her mentor, Ascended Master Almora, to journey to Mount Shasta with her beloved Raeul, to perform various energetic tasks that would probably occur during the following springtime (autumn at Mount Shasta). However, he also cautioned to be ‘ready to go at any time between now and then!’ There was no mention of the calling forth of other kingdoms at that time, and this wasn’t disclosed until just six weeks before our departure when we were given the information to be in Mount Shasta, rested and prepared for the Autumn Equinox, 2016. As it happened, both Raeul and I had needed to renew our passports and had considered taking this opportunity to change our legal names to our new names received from Spirit. But as we had been told to be on alert and ready to go at anytime, we hadn’t wanted to risk being caught up in any bureaucratic delays and not have our passports to hand. Pleased to say we didn’t change our names as Almora has indicated another name for me is on its way! Names are rather like worlds themselves as they carry specific frequencies that offer potentials possible within that dimension. As we realise the potentials and master the lessons held within that world we are offered a new name, a new world, a new set of potentials with its own curriculum and responsibilities.


Almora shared that two worlds/kingdoms wished to have a tangible presence on the Earth’s surface and that Raeul and I had been chosen by the Spiritual Hierarchy to be the ‘connectors’ and conduits between worlds. We were to use Sound to do this; Raeul was to take his cello up the mountain and I would be given Sacred Sounds to vocalise. One kingdom lives below the mountain, Light Beings known as ‘The White Ones’. They hold the Flame of Peace and are very much aware of the need for this vibrational frequency on the Earth’s surface. The second kingdom, Crystal Beings in the ethers above the mountain, hold a bubbling-over frequency of playful Joy! These two kingdoms were aware of each other and wished to blend their frequencies, offering a beautiful gift of Peace and Joy in its purest expression. With Almora as our guide, and from the comfort of our home in Auckland, New Zealand, we began preparing for our role by traveling in our Light Bodies to meet the White Ones for the first time. Using Sacred Sounds, Almora took us through the dimensions then announced our arrival as we hovered in our Light Bodies at the gates of their City of Light. Soon we were encircled by little sparks of Light who were expecting us, and we found ourselves in deep stillness, making telepathic exchanges. Their question to us was “Are we ready to be received in Peace?” to which I answered “Yes, oh yes, many, many people on the Earth are very much wanting Peace”. Now showing themselves as very tall Light Beings in white hooded robes, the welcoming party thanked us for our service to them and invited us to return to their City Of Light to be shown around and to get to know each other. Meanwhile, Almora described it to us as a very beautiful city with many temples, and the closest example he could give was that of Ancient Greece in its former Golden Age.

Part Two continues as Annwyn and Raeul greet both kingdoms on Mount Shasta, before calling them to the surface a few days later during the potent energies of the equinox…a time when the veils between worlds are drawn.

(Ascended Master Almora is channeled by Dellaina Hascha; see





Seven Weeks Series of the Seven Sacred Flames

Exploring ascension and wholeness with the Ascended Masters and the Seven Sacred Flames – Teachings and Energy Activations facilitated by Annwyn Hanham. Begins August 12th in Auckland, details below.

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The Seven Sacred Flames hold enormous healing power. It would be equally accurate to state the Flames also hold incredible manifestation powers because although each Flame is unique and specialised, they all function together in wholeness as each one dove-tails and amplifies the others. One of the aspects that makes the Flames so practical to us is that we can choose whichever area of focus is significant to us at any particular time. We all have areas of adeptness or mastery while at the same time we have weaker areas that still require our attention… and we can tell what these areas are through what shows up in our lives! If one of our four lower bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) has become diminished in Energy, this lack of balance and harmony affects the other three bodies, because they too operate in wholeness. In fact, we could exchange the term wellness for wholeness and we could say we offer wholeness rather than healing.

The Flame which is dedicated to Healing is the Emerald/Jade Flame of Healing and Manifestation; how intriguing that these two attributes are held together in this Flame. Yet if we were to only placed our focus on this Flame, other attributes that are essential to healing and manifestation wouldn’t be developed. For example, if we were to cling to a state of victim hood regards a health issue, we would not get past first base because first base is guarded by Master El Morya with his baseball bat of ‘Surrender to God’s Will’. Oh dear, I hope this gentle master isn’t offended by my analogy because he certainly wouldn’t wave a bat at you…however I would! Many of us know that freewill is rarely awarded on any planet and that it was a component of the ‘Great Experiment’ for humanity. We have now journeyed for so long in our thousands of Earth incarnations we have forgotten what it is like to be aligned with the Divine Will of God…. remember this is God Energy I speak of and that Energy is Divine Love. If we are unable to move beyond our human mental body which has governed us with limitations for great epochs of time, then we aren’t going to make much progress in returning to the fold of Divine, Eternal, Universal Love, are we?

The moment we drop our personal egoic freewill, we open ourselves us to a hugely expanded world of untapped, unlimited possibilities because we have now pointed our vehicles of Light in the direction of Home. And at Home, the God Head, Source and so forth, only perfect wholeness is known. The correlation between the state of our mental body and our physical body is well-accepted and so another Flame to be aware of is the Flame of Illumination and Wisdom held by Lord Lanto. He specialises in bringing understanding through love, as well as strengthening our connection with the Mind of God, our Higher Minds which mesh with the Universal Mind of Oneness. (Many of our new children retain their fully functioning Universal Mind and don’t speak vocally through the throat chakra but telepathically through their third eye chakra). So, even though we may be strongly motivated to bring balance to one particular lower body, it is necessary to work with all four bodies, which is exactly what the Flames provide.

Each Sacred Flame has its own special set of attributes, which have been attained and fully embodied by the ascended master and guardian of that Flame during their many lifetimes on Earth. For example, the attributes of unconditional love and compassion were so thoroughly embodied and integrated by a Venetian painter during his lifetime in the 18th century, that upon his transition to the spirit realms he immediately was granted ascension; this was followed by ‘The Office of the Christ’ offering him the esteemed position of Chohan or Keeper/Guardianship of the Flame of Cosmic Love. In this role he is known as Master Paul the Venetian, and another attribute that is associated with him is Freedom. In fact, this Master was the impetus behind the creation of the Statue of Liberty and the gifting of this symbol of freedom to the people of the new Americas. He foresaw the potential of freedom for America and worked closely alongside ‘Lady Liberty’, the Keeper of this Energy, to influence the American Declaration of Independence which was created with the consciousness of seeding the Golden Age that Earth is now welcoming back. When we understand the potential of America to have changed the paradigms on Earth it is no wonder this country has been a target for those forces which did not desire the liberation and freedom of humanity. Perhaps nowhere else on the planet has the programme of the limiting 3rd-dimensional paradigm been more vigorously directed than at the beleaguered USA. We can hold our brothers and sisters living there in great Love and Compassion (rather than judgement) as the deep wounds inflicted there become healed, and until freedom is realised in the way it was intended. Indeed, the recent acceleration of violent attacks is but purging that must occur, as the dense frequencies of hatred and prejudice cannot be suppressed any longer. If we ask Paul the Venetian to step forward and direct the Flame of Cosmic Love over the USA we can contribute to restoring Peace and Harmony there.

Our I AM Presence … our personal library of divineness

When attributes such as unconditional love and compassion, or discernment and wholeness, there are many more, are attained and applied in a constant way (don’t worry- constancy is one of the attributes offered!), the corresponding frequencies become so enmeshed in our energy fields they became a part of our I AM Presence. Our I AM Presence could be thought of (in human terms) as our own personal library of frequencies that become permanent in our energy bodies and are with us in each incarnation, in whatever from that may be. Only the very highest frequencies that carry our divine signature are held in ‘our divine library or reservoir, and it is from here that we can draw upon our innate inner guidance and wisdom, often referred to as our Higher Self. Because this I Am Presence is exceptionally discerning about what can be deposited there, the purity of our personal library, our place of reference, is ensured. Actually, our I AM Presence can only receive and transmit frequencies that originated from the Source Energy of Divine Love, and so in fact, we are continually developing our own reservoir of Source/God/Creator Energy. Therefore, we are truly as One with the God Energy and we are truly returning to our Divine state. In doing so, we are coming Home!


Join Annwyn in an in-depth study of the Seven Sacred Flames

Beginning Friday 12th August until September 23rd

Seven weekly Friday mornings from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm – morning tea provided

Venue: ‘Tui Room’ at Subud Hall, Formby Ave, Point Chevalier

Energy Exchange: $45 per week or $280 for full advance payment

(Please contact Annwyn if you feel drawn to attend but need help with clearing any obstacles)


This blog has been inspired by the teachings of the Christ Consciousness which were so eloquently gifted to us though the life-work of Aurelia Louise Jones in her many publications with Mt Shasta Publications.


Bullying-a mirror for unbalanced energies


There is currently much talk of bullying in the brand new Lyttelton school and we can thank the children for bringing a very important aspect of life in greater Christchurch to our attention. It is possible that what is being experienced in Lyttelton is merely a snap shot of what is happening in wider Christchurch, because children spontaneously reflect the undercurrents of family and community, even entire nations.

Children respond to the unseen, the non-physical aspects of life that many adults have lost sensitivity to. Regardless of whether words go unspoken or actions undone, the emotional and mental energies are still present and very, very potent.

What is the consciousness that lies behind bullying? There are two parties required for bullying to occur. Both partners are sitting on the same continuum of consciousness but each one sits at the opposite end of this invisible fence line. The name of this particular continuum where the bullying arises from is ‘self-empowerment’.

When empowerment is out of balance it shows itself to us in varying degrees as two forms; over -powered or under-powered. The former takes expression as control, domination, bullying and so forth while the latter takes expression as subservience and victimhood. One cannot exist without the other; if self-empowerment is in balance, there is no room for either of the unbalanced expressions to occur.

When we take a look around us we can see how we are doing in our own empowerment by noticing what is being reflected back to us. Empowerment begins with each of us on an individual basis and then gradually extends out to reach all those we are in contact with. Starting with self, are we empowered or strong enough to draw to us all that we wish to? Next we can look at those we are in close relationships with; have we drawn to us the kind of person/peoples we wish to? Going further out into community places such as schools, work places; have we drawn to ourselves that which we desire?

Now, adults are wonderfully adept at ignoring and avoiding situations that they are not necessarily happy with, but children are (thank goodness) still outside of the reach of the heavy conditioning that often demands us to remain silent or inactive on issues that we really should be attending to. Most of humanity tend to sit on the under-powered end of the empowerment continuum as a direct result of this conditioning.  Meanwhile children are walking receivers and transmitters of all that is going on around them. They unconsciously soak up and spit out their environment, reflecting back to us what they are experiencing on both seen and unseen, heard and unheard levels.

Let’s take a look at Christchurch. Beautiful beleaguered Christchurch; a city once famous for its gardens now sitting uncomfortably in recovery transition with road cones replacing rose bushes. If we could hover above Christchurch and feel into the pervading consciousness of thoughts and emotions of the citizens below us what would we have a sense of? Would we sense a compassionate, expedient, fair process of recovery was underway, or would we discover a culture of greed, inefficiency and inequality was at play?

Christchurch earned much admiration from the rest of New Zealand in those initial days of urgency and turmoil created by quake after quake. Emergency services, community and governance rallied together to form an army of rapid response and resourcefulness, all within an air of compassion and concern for one another. It was truly inspiring to witness humanity at its best when faced with devastation and trauma that was liked to a war zone. Now, five years later, the hour of urgency has been replaced with a plodding pace of recovery, dogged in many cases by corporations determined to take advantage of a potential windfall as money-driven opportunity attempts to deliver the rebirth of Christchurch.

The newspapers carry story after story of misuse of power as citizens have been subjected to bullying from insurance companies, incompetence from city leaders and shoddy work and inflated housing costs from opportunists. Is it any wonder the people of Christchurch may be bending under the oppressive mindset of victim hood? Is it any wonder our children are the mirrors showing us this discordant culture of Christchurch?

It is ironic that a brilliant new playground for the children of Christchurch is located right in the heart of former commercial land where the order of the day was bargaining and vying for the best position. It is not difficult to imagine the kinds of conversations that occur in many households as families’ struggle with emotional and mental fatigue borne of five years of negotiating the best outcome. The members of these families are also our neighbours, colleagues and service-providers including those with a public job such as teachers, doctors, nurses etc. We can easily imagine the frustration and at times abject despair as people have felt broken in spirit and treated unfairly. Even if unspoken, these feelings and thoughts are still felt keenly by children who must then relay them back to us/ remember, they are walking receivers and transmitters and they don’t conform to the codes of silence that adults do.

The first reports of the suffering of our children took the form of bed-wetting and hair loss amongst an array of fearful responses. These passive responses to stress are perhaps now being over-taken by a more outward expression. Thank goodness, because now that it is more visible, it can be healed.

Lyttelton, take a bow. You are leading the way for other Christchurch communities as a beacon of light for many families striving to restore a sense of balance in their lives. But before balance is restored, the clearing or healing of the imbalance must come first and this is what may well be occurring in Lyttelton. It is interesting to note that Water is the element of cleansing on many levels, not just the physical, and that the ocean-side town of Lyttelton may well be performing a collective purge and healing for greater Christchurch. It is our tears of water that help us wash away emotional pain after all. When we heal ourselves we spontaneously heal others, such is the nature of the collective consciousness.

It is not the first time Lyttelton took on such a role of collective healing. In the years of the early millennium when New Zealand held the unenviable record of highest teen suicides per capita world-wide, an alarming number of deaths were happening in this quaint port town. I recall the village being rocked by a spate of deaths of young teens and the outpouring of compassion for families. Seen at a local level of Lyttelton there was no reason that could satisfy the logical mind for the events that had rocked the town. Yet when viewed again from the hovering place above, there were those who saw the bigger picture. Most of these children had been born around 1980, the first wave of children who were to come to be known as the Crystal Children, and who are now considered to be the empaths for humanity, here to help heal the many wounds of collective humanity. They do this simply by holding energies of unconditional love and compassion themselves, and this affects others around them. For the first wave, the world they found themselves living in was too harsh, too loud and many simply didn’t stay very long. I was a mother of two teenagers at that time and was active in the Lyttelton Youth Council that had been formed out of concern for our younger community members. Of my own two children one left this Earth early and I know the power of compassion.

Although I don’t currently live in Lyttelton, having been displaced by quakes, I have two grandchildren at the school and follow their growth keenly. One of them has been subjected to bullying and there have been several telephone calls from my daughter, who, frustrated with the lack of support shown for her child, asked me for my advice as to what could be done to bring about an effective outcome. I shared with her the same dialogue written here and said that at the end of the day, we all draw to us what we are already holding ourselves. If we have attracted a bully, then we have unconsciously signaled lack of self-empowerment in ourselves to another who is currently holding the energy of over-empowerment; both are equally unbalanced and both need addressing. To think of ourselves or another as a victim is in itself incredibly disempowering and to focus on the bully is only doing half the job.  In this sense there is no right nor wrong person, just a need for some work to be done. Meanwhile, hold the other child and the family in compassion, until they can do this for themselves.

We cannot do the work for another, and we can’t demand this of another, we can only do this for ourselves. However, once we have rebalanced our own energies again and released the need for blame, we are in a position to respond rather than react, and one of the responses that wields the most power, so to speak, is compassion. Imagine the power of a community that practiced compassion full time! Compassion comes from the Heart and defies logic or judgment of who is right or wrong. It is completely sustainable, in fact it grows exponentially and it’s free! If you need to kick-start compassion, look to your children; they have heaps of it!

Annwyn Hanham

Former Lyttelton resident and author of ‘Dry Your Tear’s – a mother finds the gift of love through grief’