The use of recreational drugs on spiritual development

The use of recreational drugs on spiritual development

A spiritual perspective on the use of recreational drugs; I would wish to know this!

A whole chapter of the illuminating book ‘Telos-Volume 2’ is dedicated to this topic as the implications are huge for humanity at this time of ascension. Especially for our younger global citizens who are very much targeted by the energies and entities of these toxins; this includes drugs such those prescribed for autism and ADD. A whole generation is at risk of missing their opportunity to ascend, and this is no coincidence; it is a contrivance by those who wish to keep humanity held captive within their controlling domains to halt or at least slow down spiritual evolution on this planet. Continue reading

Was William Shakespeare a Golden Age child?

Was William Shakespeare a Golden Age child?

William Shakespeare stated that ‘The Golden Age is before us, not behind us’; a courageous vision to hold and share with others while humanity was forging its way out of one of the darkest periods in Earth’s history. He had lived during the Elizabethan era in England which followed several tyrannical monarchs, perhaps a period where the reign of  darkness had peaked to its greatest height while the spirit of humanity had slumped to its deepest despair.  Humanity by then had been under the control of Christianity (a corruption of the core teachings of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene’s original teachings of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power) from 600 AD to 1600 AD and was in desperate need of  the inspiration and wisdom such as William and others provided.


For centuries humanity has been intentionally ensnared in the smallness of the mind, with all manner of diversions to keep us as far away from the magnificence of our Hearts as possible. Had William been born in the last thirty years or so he may well have been regarded as a Crystal Child; one who literally brings the drama of human emotional and mental conflicts into the open to be recognised and transmuted, so that our minds and hearts may be healed. It is an essential component of humanity’s journey back into Oneness to be able to see the illusion of human drama and William’s famous quote ‘Life is but a stage and we are but the players’ was, and remains profoundly true. These dramas are all born of our minds but once they are exposed and released, we begin to experience the Freedom found when living from our Divine Hearts.


Crystal Children (just one example of the diverse range of frequencies held by incoming Star-Seeds) are among those who have incarnated on to Earth to bring many gifts which assists humanity to raise their consciousness. This is necessary so as to remain in alignment with the ascending consciousness of our host, Mother Earth, or Gaia as we also know her. In preparation for the great transition Earth is going through now, they have been offering their gifts for more than 100,000 years. Some have not incarnated since Lemurian and Atlantean times, while others are having their first incarnation on Earth right now.


Optimal times for a planet to ascend in consciousness are determined by Cosmology, the over-riding affects of where planets are positioned in their respective Galaxies and Universes. Great epochs of 26,000 years known as the ‘Procession of the Equinoxes’, begin a window of  enormous potential when that planet is ideally positioned to receive Energies from the Great Central Sun that sustains it. Earth is in such a window of potential right now which is why a great flood of Star-Seeds are arriving. This great influx began in the 1940’s with the Indigo Children, followed by the Crystal Children in the 1980’s and continues to attract Star-Seeds with the exact frequencies of consciousness and gifts that are needed at the exact time. Some are here to heal the wounds of humanity (Crystal Children) while others are repairing the Energetic Templates called Grid Lines that affect our planet. Still others are arriving as the new Avatars who embody the Christ Consciousness and who will eventually become leading Spiritual Teachers, of the calibre of Jeshua and Buddha.


The Star-Seeds bring gifts of technology, medicine, governance, education but most important of all, they bring the consciousness of Oneness. They have an innate knowing of the interconnectedness of all life over time and space and are fully aware of their own Divinity. Their Sacred Heart is the point of reference for them as they know it is their direct line to the Universal Mind.


Like William, they are ahead of their time and in many cases their presence and talents may go unrecognised until humanity has the consciousness to understand the beauty and wisdom of what they offer. Like William their arrival signals an end to yet another period of darkness, albeit in a different expression than the Dark Ages. Their arrival is cause for great celebration because they are here to remind us how to live from our Sacred and Divine Hearts as we All usher in the new Golden Age on Earth. Actually, the Golden Age never ended; it has always remained in a dimension of vibrational frequency that simply became invisible, or non-physical to humanity, as we fell deeper and deeper into the dense frequencies of darkness. Therefore as we raise our consciousness and accompanying frequencies, we can once again access and experience a Golden Age of Oneness, and it will have its very own unique expression and form, because we are the ones creating it!





Mother Earth Chalice

Mother Earth Chalice

‘Chalice of Patience’

Mother Earth Chalice

The Americas Cup yachting challenge has presented an amazing opportunity for humanity to further develop and perhaps even master the qualities of Patience, Faith and Allowance, not to mention Co-Creation! From a higher perspective we can see much more going on than two boats attempting to out-sail the other.

My own experiences as an ocean sailor often included patiently waiting weeks for weather patterns to provide an optimal safe and comfortable passage. My Skipper and partner modelled great wisdom here and consistently resisted the urge to depart out of eagerness to begin an ocean passage or out of sheer frustration from waiting. He gained a reputation for his weather-wisdom and many other cruisers would simply depart at the same time as us, feeling secure about a safe passage. However, he wasn’t comfortable about having people depend on him in this way, almost placing the responsibilities for their lives and yachts in his hands, and so he always encouraged others to make up their own minds about the perfect time to depart.

The Universal Web of Consciousness also wishes us to a have safe and comfortable passage throughout our journey on Earth, and is always available to help us navigate our way around a vast ocean of life experiences. With an ‘All -Seeing Eye’ Spirit may steer us away from unchartered reefs that hold the potential for shipwreck; unless of course shipwreck is exactly the best opportunity for us to learn something of great value. It may be an emotional, physical or mental shipwreck that allows us to jump overboard from a life, or aspects of our life that no longer sail us in the right direction. One of the many ways Spirit can gently point out a more desirable route is to delay us in some way. If we can surrender to delay we are much better positioned to experience ease and grace, whereas resistance will most likely result in some heavy weather conditions and  a rough ride.

“The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or to impatient. To dig for treasure shows not only impatience and greed, but lack of faith. Patience, patience, patience, is what the sea teaches. Patience and faith. One should lie empty and open a beach- waiting for a gift from the sea.”

(Anne Morrow Lindbergh – American inspirational author of ‘Gift From The Sea’, 1955)

I really resonate with this message; especially the aspect of impatience being a form of lack of Faith in an outcome. It seems we are easily disappointed and prone to becoming anxious about an anticipated and much hoped for outcome, the moment it appears it may slip away from us.

The sailing teams are wonderful models of holding onto their vision and dreams despite upsets and set- backs. As we follow the racing we can either support them with our own unwavering belief in them or we can heap our disappointment and doubt on to them. One of these approaches will lift the boat high up on its foils while the other will weigh the bow down in a trough of depression.  We are all Co-Creating the outcome of this race with our collective thoughts and beliefs.

It’s been fascinating to observe the two commentators covering the challenge in San Francisco. While one remains so firmly attached to earlier success of Team New Zealand and hasn’t adjusted to the new dynamics of the race that he visibly oscillates between jubilation and dubitation, the other is optimistically detached and simply allows each day to be what it is, and so avoids being emotionally and mentally tossed around in the waves of doubt, as his colleague is.

It is no wonder the New Zealand theme song is “Have A Little Faith In Me”!

Another observation has been the way the two teams flowed with the challenges of a highly prestigious pressurised competition, providing a glimpse of differences between the New Earth and the Old Earth paradigms. Team New Zealand found their Inner Way and continued to practice and strengthen their performance seeing both racing and non-racing times as a seamless event; no beginning and no end. They continued to experiment with new technology and techniques and stayed very present to the moment. By contrast Team Oracle seemed to step out of their role to rest after the Lois Vuton series, thus took focus off their goal, and then visibly lagged behind their opponents in the first seven races. To their credit they learned very quickly from Team NZ and balanced the challenge by being able to quickly adapt. How pertinent this is to the way we live in the New Earth; quickly adapting to change and literally sailing by the seat of our pants! It is also pertinent that Team NZ should herald in unprecedented technology and human techniques as New Zealand is after all ‘The First Light’ and is deemed to be a way shower of the New Earth.

The element of Water is currently playing a huge role in clearing lower vibrations from Earth and her inhabitants and so it is hugely appropriate that global attention is placed on a water event such as the Americas Cup. It came as no surprise that on the day of the Equinox, San Francisco (and other parts of the world), received a deluge of rain, the first in the past three months. While the world was on standby for a final, all- deciding race, Water and Air simply created unfavourable ocean currents and wind direction sailing conditions, then rained copious amounts of unconditional love over the heads of spectators to boot!  I love Water as a teacher of Patience and Faith.

The qualities of Patience and Faith are precursors to Grace- when life is experienced seamlessly as ease and flow. Patience and Faith also follow on to Allowance and Acceptance, also necessary for a state of Grace. And Grace is a direct route to Joy!

With Mother Nature playing such a vital role in this much coveted event, perhaps we should consider renaming the ‘Americas Cup’ to ‘Mother Nature’s Chalice’ or perhaps ‘Chalice of Patience’?

“Adopt the pace of Nature: her secret is patience” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Mother Earth Chalice

Mother Earth Chalice

“Living lighter in the world”

After feeling a little stalled in the energy of the first half of 2013, suddenly the flood gates have swung wide open in the second half and now, everything seems possible!

On July 1st, I arrived in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city located in the north island, after having been ‘posted by Spirit’ to a small, provincial town in the south island called Oamaru, for the previous year. I often wondered what I was doing in Oamaru, apart from finishing and publishing my first book, “Dry Your Tears”, and I suspect whatever I was doing was occurring at an energetic level, rather than the physical. I came to love Oamaru, especially the little coastal settlement of Kakanui where I could hear the surf thundering in and at night time, be awestruck by majestic Milky Way skies.

Now, here I am in sprawling Auckland, but thankfully finding peaceful sanctuaries away from the bustling areas. Within two weeks of arriving I by chance had the opportunity to record an audio version of my book and jumping at the chance, and after allowing one week for this task, completed recording in two days! It is now to be polished and formatted so watch this space!

At the same time it was time to think about a reprint of “Dry Your Tears” but I have opted to go the e-book way for now as it means readers and listeners anywhere in the world can easily obtain a copy. For those, like me, who still like to hold a paper book, it will available as print on demand. To use the web as a distributor also feels much lighter, meaning it’s so much easier than physically handling paper books- the storing, posting etc. It seems to better reflect the new ways of living lighter on the Earth. And it’s all about living lighter, living in the light, being the light! So I wanted my outer world to reflect my inner world!

The doors seem to have flung wide open in this second half of our first year of New Earth, and things are happening at breath-taking speed. We are able to create and manifest much more easily than ever before…which means we have to be very mindful of our thoughts and emotions, because form follows thought. In other words, we create from our thoughts. In the past there was often a lengthy delay between out thoughts and what we then created- and so as a result, we often didn’t connect the two. But it’s getting harder to ignore! We are being given instant feedback on out thoughts and beliefs…so …be careful what you wish for!

We are learning the ropes of the New Earth, new ways of living in this world. The vibrations we can most easily create with are unconditional love, and joy. I have found that life flows so easily when I hold these vibrations at a constant/fairly constant level. It doesn’t matter if we sometimes slip into a funk, so long as our ‘signature vibration’ is love and joy.

Have fun creating …be playful…experiment with creating little things ( car park spaces) to bigger things ( house by the sea) to planetary things (world peace) …. be unlimited in your thought, unlimited in your creation! Be the light that you are!!

“Strawberries – An invitation to be bright, glossy, light, luscious and heart-shaped!”


As I was tidying my kitchen bench this morning I noticed a message printed on the back of a supermarket docket. The shape of a strawberry caught my eye so I glanced at it just before I crumpled it up in my hand to throw it away.

It said ; Strawberries are the only fruit which carry their seed son the outside”

I paused briefly to absorb this piece of trivia and then carried on to my next job which was to ring a friend, Gloria. Minutes later, transported miles away from mundane kitchen tasks, we were discussing the wonderful concept of building our communities totally based around the needs of children, rather than adults. We mused about how the whole environment would be so different to how we build communities at present and how this would benefit all of humanity, to be able to live safely, joyfully, harmoniously. The word ‘safely’ especially struck a chord as we talked about communities collectively raising children in a spirit of Unity Consciousness.

With this vision of Utopia building in my mind I suddenly thought of the strawberry and exclaimed to Gloria “Yes! Imagine creating such environments where we didn’t feel we have to ‘hot- house’ children for their own safety, but instead felt as confident as the strawberry who boldly carries her seeds on the outer of her body, such is her trust in her environment! Imagine living within a paradigm of Peace, Love and Oneness as children naturally do. Imagine seeing the world through the eyes of children and then reflecting this delightful world in our architecture, education, parenting, agriculture and so on.

The strawberry obviously considers herself to already be living in this world of Peace, Love and Oneness. Otherwise, wouldn’t she be protecting the seeds of potential future generations deep within her belly as other fruit do? She seems to have ignored the dire warnings of lack, darkness, despair, violence and instead, has created a rich, plump, luscious, glossy, juicy expression; one that epitomizes abundance, joy, light, expectancy, celebration. Even her shape resembles a heart somewhat. And as for her little frilly green hat, well, that’s just pure playfulness!

Perhaps, like me, you eagerly look forwards to seeing strawberries appearing in your shops and home gardens. They trumpet in the summer with their riotous red colour and tiny golden seeds so cleverly tucked just inside their colourful skirts. In New Zealand we often bake delicious deserts called ‘Pavlova’ for any celebration (especially our summery Christmas deserts) and delight in decorating the top with masses of these bright, cheerful berries., joy, light, expectancy and celebration all in One!

With a little care from another who places straw around her nesting area, she is even protected from splashes of dirt and her room temperature is kept comfy at the same time. And when her season has passed she gracefully surrenders her vines to the new generation to carry on the following year. Meanwhile she has taken ample opportunity to spread her abundance and joy by spreading her vines and tendrils out to reach all in her environment.

Having brought this expanded awareness of this beautiful berry into the light of my consciousness I now feel more aligned to the strawberry than to the kiwifruit, which New Zealanders are widely associated with. (Overseas, we are even called ‘Kiwis.’) After all, the kiwifruit is a fuzzy, dull, brown fruit; that is, until one peels off this deceptive layer of dullness! For lying quietly underneath the dross of brown fuzz is an electrifying green, luscious, juicy fruit, resplendent with white radials and black seeds making stunning patterns. How easy it would be to overlook the humble kiwifruit next to the dynamic strawberry. And the kiwifruit equally takes its place on top of many a Pavlova, it is true.

Now, I’m in a quandary! Am I more aligned with the showy strawberry who offers all she has at first glance- or am I more attuned to the modest kiwifruit whose inner depths must be discovered with a little effort involved?

If I look at the consciousness of the kiwifruit I see a beautiful inner fruit which seems to feel it needs to protect itself with a slightly prickly skin, of a colour which doesn’t attract too much attention from predators. Aha! Is it possible the kiwifruit is still trapped by beliefs of the old paradigms of aggression, fear and separation? Poor kiwifruit! I invite it to shed its conditioned skin of protection and to experience the liberation of living in Peace, Love and Oneness. At the risk of being called unpatriotic, my vote goes to the strawberry!

Oh, no! Now I’ve made a judgement, and caused a separation… and that is not part of the concept of Oneness!

I know! I’ll put both fruits on top of the Pavlova and hope that the kiwifruit will be inspired by  how good it feels, wallowing in thick cream, feeling the silkiness against its flesh. Maybe it will begin to remember who it really is, without the constraints and limitations of its fuzzy, brown down. And with the strawberry there alongside, I’m sure it will awaken to the endless possibilities of experiencing life without its old skin.

Have you shed your fuzzy, brown skin as you create your New Year?