The Light Before the Dawn

Winter Solstice Retreat during the Triple Ecliptic Passage of June/July 202

Over the weekend I hosted a three-day retreat for 12 people during the extremely potent energies of the Triple Ecliptic Passage with the intention to rally Light Workers and hold Light during this tumultuous time on Earth.  To gather as One is so important now for both Gaia and ourselves. It is powerful, and it is so enjoyable! With the focused points of the solar eclipse woven into Winter Solstice and a New Moon I have never seen people so affected by energy, barely able to contain it within their physical bodies. And I have never before seen such rapid transformation, such an up taking of Light.

We opened our Sacred Circle at 5pm Friday evening to set our intention of receiving the energy gifts from the Galactic Federation and the Great Central Sun. The gifts were all designed to assist out gradual transition into our God Nature through upgrades to our DNA and the retreat had been carefully planned to allow plenty of time for meditation, rest, soaking in the area’s geothermal pools and gentle walks in nature. A perfect formula for receiving these transformational upgrades enhanced by high-vibrational food, nutritious, delicious and easy for the body to digest. People had driven up to six hours to attend and four of them were unknown to me, the rest had attended my events before. After the welcome and introductions I took the group through an uplifting Ascension and Purification Ceremony over lighted by St Germain, Serapis Bey and Adama of Telos. Then we settled down to our first shared meal, Algerian vegetable tagine, lemon-infused millet, cauliflower rice and a green leafy salad, followed by a raw Blueberry Cheesecake.

We gathered the next morning at the old Tokaanu wharf which stretches lazily out over the head waters of southern Lake Taupo. From there we were directly in line with a very new and very powerful vortex which had been co-created by four female elders who said they had preceded the Waitaha people. This was the very first time I had consciously worked with the vortex and I wondered what was to be discovered as I invited the group to tune into it. In my mind’s eye I immediately saw the tall reedy raupo swamp plants parting to create a pathway between us and the vortex, which is a small hill known as Maunga Namu (Mosquito Mountain). The vibrational frequency held by the vortex was sweet peace and love; everyone felt this same energy and were surprised by its strength. We then drove the short distance to Roto Pounamu, on of the highlights of our weekend as this small lake is also a vortex and it holds the original blueprint for water. Our slow, meditative walk through the bush was enchanting as the overnight rain had created a glistening emerald garden of huge tree ferns and ground ferns. Bright moss adorned the soaked trunks of towering trees and we were treated to a close-up view of a Kereru (native Wood Pigeon). After arriving at the lake and greeting the guardians, ancients and Nature Spirits I was inspired to sing a song to the Lady of the Lake and quickly taught our lovely group a song about the waters of the river returning to the sea. To my surprise, after three rounds of this simple song I found myself channeling a song that the Lady sang back to us! It was in Light Language with a very sweet tune. We each found a spot and spent time tuning in to the lake and the Nature Spirits, standing, sitting or meandering slowly along the water’s edge.

Back at the house I was heating up beetroot soup for lunch when I suddenly felt dizzy and was forced to leave my capable helpers to continue preparing the meal while I lay down for a few minutes. Rejoining the group I was still feeling lightheaded and not completely grounded and became aware that the others were also struggling to be fully in their bodies. Lunch will ground us, I thought, but it didn’t. I took the group outside barefooted and they had fun finding the warm spots on the lawn from the geothermal activity below. We then all did an exercise to draw the cosmic energies down into our bodies through all of our chakras before anchoring it firmly into the Earth. We were still ungrounded, and most could barely keep their eyes open, so half the group found a bed or sofa to sleep on while the rest soaked in the geothermal pool. Thankfully, I was now feeling grounded and was able to tend to my group monitoring how they were managing the intense energies. Several confessed later that if they had been able to run away at that stage, they would have! Regrouping a couple of hours later, we all did Qi Gong to further assist the integration of the energies, yet I could see most were still not totally grounded as these New Earth energies were so strong, and having come from many different sources in our Galaxy, were not familiar to us. It was a marvelous opportunity to talk about the energies of the 5th dimension and how our bodies needed to be fit and strong to cope with the high-vibrational frequencies that would continue to be pulsed onto the Earth. We were practicing being at peace with feeling very different.

The next morning was Solstice, the Eclipse and the New Moon, what a line up! I was relieved to see that the group looked more grounded and were all in good spirits, excited about our mountain visit that day. We had decided to hold our morning Solstice ceremony at the house and venture out when the day was a little warmer. Connecting in with global Solstice meditations I led the group through a journey of the New Earth, describing how Life might Be for us collectively, and then allowing time for each of us to set our personal intentions for the second half of the year while aligning with the Great Central Sun.  The it was time to drive to the mountains and we set off with warm clothing and picnic lunches despite falling rain. As we began to ascend the mountain road at the Ohakune end of Mount Ruapehu, my three passengers had cause to be alarmed as I spontaneously began speaking Light language and waving my hands about as I was driving. But I am well-used to this and was quite capable of driving in these unusual conditions. A beautiful song came through and I intuitively knew it was to help my body manage the energies that were percolating, literally bubbling up inside me.

My favourite sacred spot was curiously busy that day- the normally empty parking area was filled with cars and to form a circle our group had to squeeze into the only free space right up close to a campervan. It was cold and raining but the campervan occupants of mother, father and child (Holy Trinity) were cosy inside enjoying fried bacon as I popped my head though their open door to warn them we were just going to gather for a few minutes and they might hear some singing. Well, it wasn’t exactly singing that they heard! The energy that had been building inside of me was bursting to be expressed and for the first time that I can recall, due to this intense pressure and the inclement weather I forgot to greet the ancients as we formed our circle. The moment we joined hands the Sound began; it was like no worldly Sound that Human ears hear. I was astonished at what was being transmitted though my Voice, I just relaxed and allowed this incredible flow to do whatever it was doing. This was one of the most powerful Sounds I had ever produced, yet it felt effortless and volume came with ease. It ended as abruptly as it had begun, and my first words were ‘That could create an earthquake’. (Two days later Mexico experienced a 7.5 quake). The others were gob-smacked at what they had heard, and someone said it was like standing next to a human crystal bowl. They had felt the vibrational frequencies of the Sound go right through their bodies, felt their cells vibrating and had instantly felt grounded. Thank goodness! Later back at the house sharing, I learnt that the little boy in the camper van had come out with eyes wide open to witness this scene. And after the Sound the father had stepped outside and let out a loud ‘Phew!’ – the kind of sound you make when you escape from an enclosed room when someone has farted!  Or in this case I joked (thinking of Blair Styra’s book) someone had ‘cartharted’!

It was a jubilant dinner that night, especially when a couple of bottles of champagne found their way to the dinner table. We had earned it!  From the moment we had opened our circle on Friday evening everything we had done together had cummulated into one point of consciousness on the mountain that Sunday afternoon. To hold intense energies for an extended period was a new experience for the group, they had struggled, they had surrendered, and they were proud of themselves. ‘Welcome to my world’ I joked, explaining that this was how I felt whenever I went on quests to sacred sites all over the planet, and also prior to events and workshops. Everybody was glowing, their bright faces a perfect canvas for their shining eyes and wide smiles; and they all expressed how Light they felt! Mission accomplished!

(Post 3) The Resurrection Flame- An Extraordinary Easter Gift

Resurrection flame as wings

Much has been written about the Ascension Energies being directed at Earth during this year to further assist Humanity to triumph over their fall in consciousness and climb back into their saddle of Awareness. Each Easter, the power of the Resurrection Flame is doubled in intensity for forty days, and this year it will be offered at an unprecedented intensified level, as an extra boost for us if we choose to utilise it.

To resurrect means to restore to original condition. And that is the purpose of our journeys on Earth- to restore our state of perfected consciousness – to once again wear a mantle of Light as Christed Beings. The Seven Sacred Flames are a body of teachings and tools, and much more, for they hold consciousness of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power, that stirs our memories and ignites our dormant codes.

When we invoke the Flame of Resurrection we are calling out to millions of Beings of Light who serve on this Ray, including the Chohans/guardians Lord Sananda and Lady Nada. Who better to lead us in this than the Ascended Master who modeled the power of the resurrection energies to us over 2,000 years ago….to be put in to practice NOW! Lord Sananda says the resurrection energies are stronger than they ever were and smilingly invites us to release the old stories of sacrifice and replace them with thoughts of hope, healing and the living miracles that we are All capable of. He points out that when he said “I AM the Resurrection and the Life, he was teaching the divine law of the mighty “I AM” lives in your Sacred Heart. He was not claiming this for himself, as corrupted teachings would have us believe, he was coaching us to recall our own Divinity.

For many it can be difficult to accept that a mantra, decree, a belief and a prayer can hold the miracle that said to be possible. And there is truth in this for unless we have embodied the consciousness these Flames are aligned with, namely Divine, Love/Power/Wisdom, then we aren’t going to fully utilise these gifts. However, there is a scientific principle behind these teachings and I share now information that is lifted from the discourse by Lord Sananda and Lady Nada in their chapter about The Resurrection Flame (they are guardians of this Flame) from “The Seven Sacred Flames” by Aurelia Louise Jones. It speaks of the electrons which are quickened by the action of the resurrection energies when we invoke it with our “I AM presence”.

‘The smallest manifestation of life is known to man as electrons. Electrons represent particles of energy from the body of Prime Creator, which is eternally self-sustained, indestructible, self-luminous and intelligent. Electrons are pure universal light substance which respond at lightning-speed to the creative powers of both God and men. Interstellar space is filled with this pure ‘light-essence’. When we co-create something we desire, we are calling these pure Light substance electrons into Service.

The number of electrons, which combine with each other in a specific atom, is determined by conscious thought. And the rate at which the electrons swirl around the central core of the atom, is determined by feelings. (This intensity of the whirling motion within the central core is called “the breath of God”).

Everything, absolutely everything is made of electrons. All electrons come from Prime Source energy as Love.

They take their shape and form when manifested according to how they are qualified.

Regrettably, most of humanity co-creates from lack, fear, doubt or even from greed and power. These frequencies cause mis-qualified creations and incur karma. Electrons, must respond to humanity’s requests, and do not enjoy being called forth in frequencies less than Love.

God gives us unlimited electrons every day to create life. If we hold a constant vibration of Love, then we are totally aligned with Creation itself and can easily co-create everything we desire.’

A suggested mantra to infuse the resurrection frequencies throughout your being to help you uptake the maximum benefit form them over the next forty days.

“From the Lord God of my Being, I call forth now to receive a great infusion of Resurrection Flame in every cell, atom and electron of my physical body, my emotional body, my mental body, my etheric body, my body elemental and all my subtle bodies. I wish to heal and restore all aspects of my life.”

Leaf new life cross shape

(Previous posts on this topic can be found here)



Post 2: The Resurrection Flame- Manifesting

3 hyacinths bulbs in glass containerSpring bulbs in teac cups

A great way to bring the resurrection energies into our lives in a tangible way is to use it for manifestation. In my last post I mentioned the humble spring bulb which responds to the resurrection energies each year, along with all of nature. A lovely ceremony to hold for yourself or a group of friends, is to plant spring bulbs on Easter Sunday, with each bulb representing an aspect that you wish to restore to its fullness. Three is a good number to keep your focus strong, and a trinity is always powerful. Write an affirmation of your desire on a piece of paper and place this below each bulb before planting.

Affirmations which are expressed clearly and succinctly are very powerful. For example, I wished to manifest a new home and my affirmation was ‘By the Power of God within me, and by the Power of God that I AM, I give thanks for my perfect new home’. There are three pointers to be mindful of; I aligned with the Universal Energies of Creation by calling in my I AM presence (my God Aspect), and I left it to my guides to find my perfect home as they see so much more than I do. I also gave thanks that this had already happened, because it had. Then, I left it to my angels and guides, and stayed alert for any messages they might have to cue me in to where my home might be, and when this might happen…but I didn’t seek this out, I waited for it to come to me. And within 8 months I was in my beautiful home which was so much more than I could have imagined…which is why I simply asked for my perfect home.   I knew from experience that if I made a ‘bucket list’, I would have limited my options. My guides know me so well and they have the overview of what I needed, what I love, and when the perfect timing would be. And as my bulbs steadily grew in their pots of TRUST, I watered them frequently with LOVE and GRATITUDE. I also made regular affirmations (aloud) such as ‘I AM the Life and the Resurrection of my perfect new home’.

The Resurrection Flame has many attributes which can be used freely in unlimited ways. To resurrect something is to restore it to its original perfected state. For humanity we ultimately wish to return to our perfected consciousness, which is the Christ Consciousness, or our Divine State. Keeping in mind that the Christed Consciousness is the name given to our perfected, ascended state and is not in any way limited to the man we know of as ‘Jeshua Ben Joseph’. Jeshua demonstrated our innate ability to resurrect our bodies and consciousness and stresses that this was not personal to him but is for All who wish to attain this. Nor was resurrection to be regarded as a miracle, even though of course it is; but to be seen in the context of what will be our new norm, when we embody our Christ Consciousness once more.

So, gather some friends or your family and have some fun and excitement manifesting with the Resurrection Energies this coming weekend. If you are unsure of how to word your affirmation, I can help you with this in the comments below. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you could plant summer bulbs such as Lilies, instead. Happy planting!


Rainbows & Dominoes – Change is Okay!



emerald-city-wizard of Oz

As we shift our consciousness to its new expanded view, we discover everything around us shifts and changes too. Sometimes it seems one thought, word or action has set off a domino effect, and that everything has come tumbling down.

Our consciousness can be thought of as a spectrum of colours, like a rainbow. Each strand of the rainbow is coloured by the vibrational frequencies it holds, and depending on where we sit in the rainbow at any given time, our reality is mapped to that band of colour and the potentials it contains.

When we have been seated in one band of colour for many years, perhaps a lifetime (or hundreds of lifetimes) we become very familiar with the reality that develops within the potentials of that colour. We feel safe and secure in this reality, and we tend to become quite resistant to changing anything in our lives; our work, our friendships, our food, our lifestyle…in fact we like things just the way they are! Just like the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz, where everything was green and The Wizard was deemed to be the oracle of wisdom.

That is, until Dorothy came along and challenged the old beliefs held by the people of Oz. Along the way she helped her new friends, Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Woodman reclaim their tools of empowerment; intellect, courage and a heart. With her delightful joy, self-belief and a keen sense of truth, she helped others to move into another colour band on the spectrum, where they could see so much more than from where they had previously been. And they were ready to do this, otherwise, Dorothy would not have appeared among them.

Our teachers and messengers come in many shapes and forms, and always at the time of our readiness for change. Take note of who is showing up in your life, and look to see if they are a messenger for you. Especially if you find them challenging on some level, as this is a sure sign you have both asked for this situation to arise, so that healing of an old wound, the balancing or Energies can occur. The ones who seem to be the greatest thorn in your side are also the greatest gifts as they are the catalysts of change!

You may have noticed that the challenges coming to you seem to be thick and fast now, with very little resting space in between. It may seem that you are coming unstuck with the people who have been in your life for a long time, or that great changes seem to have been forced upon you. You are not alone; this is happening to humanity all around the globe. Just look at the changes the weather elements are creating for millions of people. We can be grateful in New Zealand that we are not in war zones or extreme weather zones yet change is happening here too through earthquakes, flooding, health issues, career changes, values, priorities alliances and relationships.

Change can be embraced and celebrated! If change has come into your life then you have asked for it on the Inner Planes. Congratulations! Something is ready to be healed, balanced and released…well done! And it can happen from one moment to the next, as consciousness can shift in a Nano- second, creating a change in all of ‘your dominoes’, the various aspects of your life, that were stacked against it.

Now, look to see which band of colour your dominoes have fallen into…and which band of colour do you now choose for yourself, now that you can see further than you could before? Which part of the rainbow does your heart wish to sit in, and which dominoes do you wish to take with you? You may discover that to move to the colour band of your heart’s desire, that some of your dominoes simply can’t go there…they are of a different vibrational frequency…now is the time to honour, then release that which you cannot take with you as your move forwards in your ever-evolving consciousness. Celebrate what has occurred and give thanks to those who helped you make this mighty leap into another band of colour, to another realm of possibilities and potentials to explore and evolve in. Rest in the peace that follows the upsets of change, and revel in the freedom and expanded possibilities that your courage is rewarded with!

And remember, the only thing that is certain…is change!


From Chaos to Calm

It doesn’t matter what is happening around me- what does matter is the consciousness I Am holding while it’s happening. What am I holding; compassion or judgment, love or fear?

When Spirit asked Raeul and I to hold an event at Kaikoura, the place where snowy mountains meet deep seas in the South Island of New Zealand, we were given the brief that our group would consider some of the aspects that would shape our next Golden Age. We were also told that the Ancient Ones, the beloved Whales, would be communing with us to determine if the consciousness of humanity was sufficiently evolved for them to share their ancient codes of wisdom.

Ocean and Mountains from sea Kaikoura 2017

Under the guidance of ascended master Almora, each group had a topic to discuss and conceive as part of the blue-print for our New Earth. We learned that other groups were also doing this around the globe. We looked at the Language of the New Earth (which was more to do with silently observing from our Hearts than speaking), World Governance (also about listening rather than dictating), the new Spiritual Order (all-embracing of beliefs and spiritual support for children), plus Wellness and Architecture. Our very special group of five children were asked to consider the Animal Kingdom and it seems like zoo’s will not be a part of our New Earth!

The group discussions were powerful, insightful, inspirational and some held a practical component while others are yet to move into this tangible expression. We shall be holding our group consciousness for at least the next three months via a closed Facebook page as it was made known that each group and each person would have an opportunity to manifest an aspect of their topic between now and summer solstice 2017.

Yet there was another important element at play; we were also working within a very specific band of energies which straddled the aftermath of a ‘disaster’ and the co-creation of the resulting opportunities that have come forth. The community of Kaikoura had experienced severe earthquakes ten months ago and is currently in recovery mode. Located 90 minutes north of Christchurch, this small town is famous for whales and dolphins, surfing, abundant seafood and spectacular scenery, making it a very popular tourist destination. The energies we were working with, and the resulting blueprint or template we were laying, was not just for Kaikoura, but for any area around the globe affected by sudden upheaval.

Kaikoura Bay early morning mist 2017

Our chaos began earlier in the week with disruption to flights out of Auckland and further road closures into Kaikoura, making many of our participants a little uneasy. But all obstacles were cleared the day before the event began, allowing the facilitators and a several others to arrive early and make readiness.

However, the next day, Friday, was a very different story with ghastly weather setting in causing muds slips and flooding to again close roads into Kaikoura. Nine of our people were stranded in their cars and two others couldn’t reach us as their flights into the small Kaikoura airfield had been cancelled. Those who were travelling had to manage stress, fatigue, uncertainty, discomfort for up to eight hours while those of us already in Kaikoura held them with prayers of encouragement and trusted they would safely arrive. Finally, all arrived in varying states from adrenalin-fueled excitement to sheer exhaustion; each person was offered what they needed most…a hot cup of compassion.

Saturday saw the elemental kingdom greatly calmed and we were able to hold a beautiful Equinox Ceremony by the sea. In fact, we were standing in an area that prior to the quakes had been two metres under the water! Our five children were honoured by representing each of the platonic solids of Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Ether. Waters gathered from the White and Red Springs in Glastonbury, along with water from Lake Taupo and Lake Rotopounamu (planetary spinner vortex for Water) were offered as a gift to the ocean and we were delighted as a wave suddenly rushed up to meet us, just stopping at our feet. The energies of the Equinox hold the perfect balance of all things and is a powerful time to co-create, especially when rapid change is appropriate. Again, we voiced our intentions for our New Earth, and gave thanks to Gaia, our Mother-Father Creator and All aligned with this Divine Plan.

2 Group at Equinox Ceremony Site Sally Brake       Photo by Sally Brake
1 Altar Equinox 2017 Spring Kaikoura Sally BrakePhoto by Sally Brake

Sunday felt like the beginning of our new Golden Age as a glorious sunrise and absolute stillness of the Elements greeted us! The image below captures a golden ‘human cross’ with arms reaching all around our planet, connecting us All in Oneness. Nineteen of us had chosen to go on the Whale Watch boat while the other eight stayed with Dellaina to commune with the Ancient Ones from the shore.

Sunrise before whale watch Kaikoura 2017

I was grateful that stormy seas had now returned to a gentle sparkly blue swell and that the sun was warming my face as I looked back to the mountains wearing their cloaks of fresh snow. To be embraced by such beauty while quietly hoping to encounter the Beings of Light that we know as Whales in this dimension, was magical indeed.

Kaikoura from sea Equinox 2017

But it was not magical for all our group; as our boat headed into the very deep waters that draw the Whales, two of the children and their mother were terribly seasick. As someone who often suffered from this during six years of ocean-living I well understood their misery. Raeul and I divided our time between being outdoors with our group, singing to the ocean dwellers, and tending to our unwell companions.

Group on whale watch Kaikoura 2017Just the one Sperm Whale was sighted that day and we witnessed it dive before we headed back to shore.

Whale Tail Kaikoura 2017

To make up for the lack of Whales our crew took us to enjoy the antics of an enormous group of dolphins who enchanted all on board. Now, back in the shallow waters I was feeling very content with our beautiful morning on the ocean when suddenly an excited shout from the cockpit and the slowed boat signaled a dash outside to witness a Humpback Whale cruising just metres from us!

I intuitively knew ‘This was OUR Whale’! Immediately I felt activations in my crown chakra as Light Language flowed to the Whale and I was aware of a beautiful Maori woman offering a Karakia (prayer) to this Ancient One who stayed with us for many minutes. Our crew explained how unusual this sighting was for two reasons; Whales are never seen in these shallow waters and the rest of the Humpback Whales had already migrated to Tonga two weeks ago. I just smiled and sent silent gratitude to this Being of Light for waiting for us.

When we rejoined the other group, it was discovered they had been able to see the Humpback too as it was so close to shore, meaning we were all connecting in with it at the same time…perfection as always! Two days later as Raeul and I were flying back to Auckland, The Ancient Ones spoke to me and said what they had been looking for had been found in our group…Compassion. Despite the challenges of the storm, the inherent limitations of our venue /accommodation, and the sea-sickness of some of our group, as a collective we had sufficiently held compassion in our Hearts. During our time together, we had experienced a micro-version of the ‘aftermath to creation energies’; as they needed to be sure of or readiness. Although all our group discussions were totally Heart-centred, it was the daily interactions they were watching closely to see if we had embodied Compassion… so that no matter what was happening to us or around us, we still held Compassion… for ourselves and for others,

Heart-felt gratitude to all those who gathered with us both physically and etherically, and a special thank you to Dellaina Hascha for collaborating with us to channel the loving wisdom of ascended master Almora.

4 Group at Kaikoura Spring Equinox 2017 Co-creating With The Ancient Ones Sally BrakePhoto by Sally Brake
Photo by Sally Brake

Most of all, thank you to The Ancient Ones as we look forward to our co-creation unfolding as our New Earth takes shape.

MEGAPTERA NOVAEANGLIAEPS, I only just discovered the whale in this image I have been using to promote our event is … a Humpback Whale!

Unity Field strengthened by Solar Eclipse

Moon and Sun Faces




When I look at the pathway of today’s total Solar Eclipse I see a wonderful event. When the Moon passes in front of the Sun, there is a powerful opportunity to recognise and release any of our personal and collective ‘Shadow’ – any of the aspects of us which are based on fear and judgment, leading to division and separation. One of the biggest areas of division on Earth has been expressed through the gender energies of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

I see the significance of the visible pathway of today’s eclipse beginning in the Pacific Ocean, sweeping right through America, and ending in the Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is home to the Ancient Lemurian civilisation which was pioneered by the Pleiadians who established the Divine Feminine Energies on Earth. The Atlantic Ocean is home to the Ancient Atlantean civilisation which was pioneered by the Sirians who established the Divine Masculine Energies on Earth. These respectively hold the Lunar and Solar Energies. The Mother and the Father. The Heart and the Mind. The South and the North. The Night and the Day. Cosmos and Earth.

It was intended that the Atlanteans embrace the Heart of the Divine Feminine Energies within the Mind of the Divine Masculine Energies, resulting in the marriage or union of these two Energies. As we know, this did not happen and both civilisations eventually had to leave the physical realms of Earth but meanwhile continued to heal the rift in the Higher Planes of Consciousness. This great healing and Union has now occurred and we are seeing the many expressions of the beautiful Oneness, the Field of Unity that is now returning to Earth. Today’s Eclipse is a massive strengthening of the Unity Field Consciousness on Earth (and other gifts as well).

The United States of America is currently undergoing a massive exposure and purge of Shadow and this is for the whole collective of Humanity on Earth. Remember, in the Unity Field of Oneness we are all connected, and what each of us feels, thinks and does affects ALL. The Land Spirits and Peoples of America need our compassion right now, and our gratitude for what they have contracted to experience on behalf of all humanity.

Holding the vibration of Compassion is a key to receiving the maximum levels of the energy upgrades and activations to our DNA that we are now being offered in a most powerful way. Today’s Lunar and Solar event is the first of eight events between now and October 20th, and details can be found here at the website of New Zealand Light Worker, Soluntra King.



Lioness Gate Codes via Crop Circle


Bydemill Copse Wiltshire Aug 4 2107 Lions gate

The Lion’s Gate occurs each year between July 26th (which marks the return of the Star Sirius to the Southern Hemisphere skies) and August 12th. The most potent day is August 8th when the energies of each Lions Gate can be optimally utilised.

The Lion’s Gate is a planetary alignment which sees Sirius and The Sun directly aligned with Planet Earth. Each year has a particular theme and not surprisingly, this Lion’s Gate magnifies and supports the Unified Fields of Oneness. The theme for 2017 in general, is Oneness, and so it is no wonder this beautiful gift of Oneness has come though the Lion’s Gate this year. It is known that this year the local group of 21 Galaxies and the Great Central Sun are also working through the Lion’s Gate, creating unprecedented opportunities for Humanity to reclaim their Oneness with All That Is. This underpins Peace on all Planets, and is now being re-birthed on Earth…despite what we are witnessing around the globe…this in fact is the chaos before the calm…and All is Well.

Raeul and I have been focused on the Oneness frequencies this year, anchoring them in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres through Sacred Ceremony. Just two days ago we held a Hand Fasting Ceremony at the powerful vortex of Stonehenge, dedicating our Sacred Union to planetary Oneness. A major aspect of the Oneness is the balancing and uniting of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies, and this is a significant part of our work both in New Zealand and recently in Europe.

We were delighted to discover this crop circle just one hour away from our temporary UK home and decided to visit it today, 8.8.2017. This crop circle was created on 4.8.2017 and we loved chatting to family members at the farm today, who had graciously agreed to leave the Sacred Geometry for ten days to allow people to visit it.

Within a few miles of the crop circle the energies could be felt; in fact I had to wait several minutes in the car before I could get out and walk to the field. The energies felt feminine and gentle with little indication of how powerful they actually were. After slowly walking the perimeter, we stood in the centre a short while before Sacred Sounds began to come through me. You can hear these on the mp 3 below.

It was my turn to drive home but after 20 minutes I had to pull over and surrender to the energies that were now  activating my third eye and crown chakras. The words I received after arriving home were “I AM One with the Universe, I AM One with my Divinity, I AM One with the Mother/Father Creation Energies”.


Weaving Oneness in Berlin


Brandenburg Gates of Berlin

An emotional start to the day should have signalled what was to come, but, as usual, I didn’t connect the dots until after the event!

Raeul and I had been asked by the Ascended Masters to do additional clearance of the residual divisive energies created during the time of the Berlin Wall. Many Light Workers have worked their magic there and we were very willing to add to their good work.

We were also asked to anchor the Balancing Energies of Oneness in Germany as a counter-balance to the divisive political actions around the planet, (not Germany per say). We discovered later in the day that world leaders, including Mr T, were arriving for talks in Hamburg the next day.

The previous evening we had held our first Berlin event, which was to build a Bridge of Light between New Zealand and Germany, to allow a transfer of Energies between the two countries. In particular, the Land Spirits of Germany had requested healing and rejuvenation for land and trees, which have suffered much over the centuries. We created a flow of Energy by screening large images of some of the Sacred Sites of New Zealand, including Mt Aoraki, Castle Hill and Lake Taupo. As Raeul and I connected with the Energies of each site the Guardians and Spirits shared their Sacred Sounds through us. These were a mix of cello, toning, chanting, lullabies and songs, all very different, depending on the attributes held by each Sacred Mountain, Lake or Stone Being. Raeul and I will be following up with healing Energy for the Black Forest during the Full Moon Energies of July, as this was where the request originated from.

The only available day to work with the Wall Energies was today, and I was surprised to wake up feeling extremely fragile and tearful. I drew strength by wrapping my shoulders in a colourful shawl that had been given to me by our dear friend and champion of Oneness, Dr Rose Pere. After a few wrong turns, a tube and train ride, we arrived at the huge Pariser Platz square where the Brandenburg Gates are located. This structure boasts immense sandstone columns and is topped by a magnificent verdigris statue ‘Quadriga’, the Goddess of Victory, depicted in a chariot pulled by four mighty stallions. The overall sense is grand yet welcoming, the warm colour of the sandstone contributing to this.

We chose this location because the Gates became the symbol of division of Berlin and Germany during the Cold War. It is interesting to note that the when the Berlin Wall went up in 1961 that the Gate stood in an exclusion zone within an arc of the Wall, inaccessible for locals and visitors alike…almost a neutral zone, perhaps. As soon as the Wall came down in 1989 the focus quickly shifted for the Gates to become a symbol of peace and unity.

Now, dwarfed by the giant columns of the Gates, we were inspired to set an intention of Oneness for all of Germany’s Lands and Peoples, asking for the Ascended Masters and Archangels to bring healing and purification Energies through us. Following inner guidance, we slowly began walking hand in hand in figures of eight around all of the columns, softly chanting while weaving infinity symbols of Oneness. Then, Raeul held the space while I placed my hands on a column and surrendered to a flood of light language, completely oblivious to the crowds of tourists. It was easy to recognise the sequence of enormous grief, trauma, loss, fear, suppression and anger, which gradually dissolved into compassion, and finally peace, as each section of light language held the stories of what humanity had endured during the Cold War. As I was channelling the Sounds I had an impression of crumbling within the sandstone column. This accomplished, we then found the very heart of the Gates and poured water we had collected from the Red and White Sacred Springs of Glastonbury, to symbolise the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies in Balance, onto the huge paving stones.

Just through the Gates is a lovely park and here we sat quietly to absorb what we had just done. It now become obvious the deep grief I had experienced this morning was the collective grief of the people; one has to connect with the Energies in order to heal and transmute them. We suddenly remembered to call upon St Germain and the Violet Flame to clear our Energy Fields, and that of the entire locality. No sooner had we done this when a mini rubbish truck appeared right next to us to empty the rubbish bin by our park bench. This physical expression of our request for clearing to the non-physical world was not lost on us as we fell into fits of laughter.

Although very content with our work, weariness was now setting in as we walked the short distance back through the gates headed towards the train station. As we stood in the centre-island of the road waiting for the next green pedestrian light there was a sudden commotion of policemen on motorcycles rushing up and halting the traffic at our intersection in a most impressive manner. In a few moments a long motorcade of dignitaries passed within a metre of us and Raeul instinctively began to sing light language, further adding to the curiosity of bystanders. It transpired that the Premier of China had been honoured by Raeul’s light language, although unknown to both parties at the time! We just love the way Spirit provides the humour along the way!






Leaping out of Duality in to Oneness

Dolphins in yin yang

The New Song of Atlantis heralds the 6th cycle of Atlantis and awakens our 6th strand of DNA. Water is very present on Earth right now, and this is not by chance, as each Atlantis cycle begins and ends with water.

Much has been misunderstood about Atlantis and it is hoped the new revelations will help release emotional and mental blocks held deep in the unconscious human collective.

The teachings of The New Song of Atlantis pave the way for the information and frequencies of the incoming Age of Aquarius. They will continue to grow and expand with humanity’s readiness to receive them.

Our Family of Light steps up at pivotal times, such as when World teachers Lord Sananda and Lady Nada (Jeshua and Mary Magdalene) stepped up with their teachings of Unconditional Love which underpinned the Piscean Age, and awakened our 5th strand of DNA…finally, some 2,000 years later! There were many teachers and messengers, for example John the Baptist, who paved the way for the mission of Lord Sananda and Lady Nada. Jeshua also modelled to us the art of resurrecting the third-dimensional body into a fifth-dimensional body; his message being that this was not a miracle that only he could do, but that we are all capable of this.

Now, the messengers are back again, paving the way for the Aquarian Age which is underpinned by The Law of Oneness. The baton will be handed over to the new World Teachers, the Avatars, who are already here, currently babies and toddlers. Some call them The Crystal Diamond Children and when we understand that the Crystal Diamond at the core of our planet was imprinted with frequencies of The Law of Oneness before life began here, we can appreciate that we are living in an incredibly exciting period of earth’s history! The Law of Oneness has returned to the surface-dwellers of the Earth. Meanwhile, it has been held in our waters by the Dolphins, masters at balancing their feminine and masculine energies, they have danced through duality to embody Oneness.

Will it take 2,000 years for humanity to embody The Law of Oneness? Indeed it will not, because we are currently supported by the Cosmos Energies of our entire Universe, our local Galaxies and Mother Earth herself…we are in a window of Ascension which allows accelerated leaps of consciousness and evolution. Are you ready to leap with the Dolphins…out of duality and into Oneness?

Please join Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard for an afternoon of fascinating teachings and energetic attunements which will trigger memories of ancient Atlantis, awaken your dormant 6th strand of DNA and the accompanying pockets of your consciousness that have been closed down. There may well be fear surrounding this; remember, the places of our greatest fears are also the places where our greatest treasures lie.

Mt Albert Spiritualist Church, 19 Hendon Ave, Auckland. April 23rd, from 1 pm to 5 pm. The energy exchange of $77 includes a scrummy afternoon tea and handouts. (Please know your exchange will assist Annwyn and Raeul to take these teachings to the northern hemisphere this year as requested by Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy, thank you).  Please register by emailing or texting Annwyn 021 029 59 233.

Readers outside of New Zealand are invited to signal their interest in attending a similar event between June and August this year in England, Germany, Switzerland and other European countries. Please email Annwyn at the above address, we would love to hear from you.

The irony is, our greatest resistance is also the place of our greatest treasures.

Trust - overcoming resistance

From the loving space of my heart and from the loving wisdom of my higher self, I offer this message that I believe has relevance for many. I speak in a general way; not in a way that is personal to any single person. This message speaks to the dilemma and resistance that many experience around attending spiritual events.

It has become increasingly evident to me that more than ever, people are very much wanting to answer the call of their Soul to participate in a gathering, yet are often thwarted by barriers that may prevent them from taking the action their Soul is asking of them. I am grateful to all those who have shared their perceived barriers with me, because it has provided a catalyst for me to speak to this.

Firstly, let me assure you that I have also been in this place of the dilemma of feeling very drawn to attending an event, yet have experienced compelling reasons why I shouldn’t attend. Very often the reason has arrived in the form of lack. A lack of finance (I can’t afford or it’s too expensive), lack of resources (I don’t have anywhere to stay or transport to get me there), a lack of time (it’s too close to Christmas and I haven’t done my shopping), a lack of commitment (oh, but it’s our anniversary) and so the list goes on.

Please understand this is not described from a place of judgement, but from a compassionate place of understanding the process of being human! I have been in this place and I speak from this experience!

Secondly, when you feel drawn to attend something that has been offered, there is a lot of energy moving on many levels. Before the call is sent out by the facilitator, Spirit have already been communing with that person/s to request that the event be held, and the chosen vehicle for the teachings or activation will have been holding the energy for the event for many weeks (actually, lifetimes!) in advance. If an offered event resonates with you; then you are already aligned with it. You have already agreed to participate in the higher realms…in fact, it has already happened in the higher realms! What we are doing at an event, is anchoring onto the Earth plane an event that has already occurred…as above, so below.

Now, thirdly, we have the dance between your Higher Self/Soul, and your human self…this is the part that I speak to in this message…the dilemma! Your Soul has called loudly to you and you have heard. You have the inner knowing this event is for you, it resonates, it feels right, you feel the excitement of your Soul as you recognise the frequencies and consciousness behind the event. Next moment, wham! The human mind has also heard the call, but it hears something very different. Instead of expansion and healing and personal/planetary activations (or Service), it senses change…and to the human mind that often translates change as “I’m not safe”. Because of the thousands of incarnations on Earth, the human mind has developed into a powerful tool of safety and protection for us…it wants to keep us safe. Sadly, this has occurred because in our fall in consciousness, we have become disconnected from our loving Heart Wisdom of the Higher or Divine Mind. We are now being asked to reconnect with our Divine Heart and our Divine Mind, and to lovingly embrace our human mind so that it can release the role of protector that it has so diligently played.

The reasons of why you shouldn’t attend an event is the human mind offering up ways of protecting you from the inevitable change that will occur. We are at an accelerated stage of our Soul journeys now…change is the only thing we can be sure of! The base chakra is under huge pressure because it too has the third-dimensional role of safety…and often translates safety as money and resources. We have to move up and out of this third -dimensional cycle of lack and fear of safety…this is when TRUST is called for…perhaps the hardest thing for humans to do.

While writing this my partner Raeul and I were chatting about the importance of understanding the reasons behind this resistance, and recognising that we must triumph over the limitations that our human mind will serve up to us each time our Soul calls out to us.  Raeul eloquently said if we don’t override the human mind ‘We are putting conditions on our own divinity’.

The irony is that our greatest treasures lie where our greatest fears lie. When we feel drawn to an event and then dismiss it through fear-based reasoning, you can be sure there is much that is waiting for you to be healed and reawakened!

It is my greatest desire this message will throw some Light onto what many of us experience, and I welcome your comments on this! With deep love and gratitude to every Soul brave enough to incarnate on Earth at this astonishing, albeit challenging time, Annwyn.