Annwyn Castle Hil image2To contact Annwyn please email

mobile 021 029 59233

Facebook pages:


Annwyn is pictured (right) at Castle Hill in the South Island, which is the Heart Chakra of New Zealand and the Southern Hemisphere. The unusual rocks there are referred to as ‘The Stone People’ and were encoded by Waitaha, an early ‘tribe of many colours.’ It is a living library of Sacred Codes. Photo by Raeul Pierard.

One thought on “Contact

  1. Hello,

    My wife and I are recovering our old memories of previous life and are “reconnecting” to earth and elements during a spiritual trip which started in Tahiti one month ago.
    We are in Auckland for a week more, until sunday the 25th.
    My wife is sensible ( close) with Quan Yn and Marie. And I close to nature.
    We would like to meet you, to help us in our spiritual quest, and teach is so much.

    Please let us know when you will be available.

    Many thanks for all.
    Virginie & Jerome
    Phone : 029 121 1023

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