Golden Age Mentoring

“At a time when I was truly struggling with my Awakening and what it meant above, below, within and without, Annwyn and her guides were there. She worked with me to identify the energy centers needing attention and quickly went to work, helping me integrate all with ease and grace. The incoming energies were loving and filled with light codes. My dreams that night were incredible confirmations of Annwyn’s connection to the truth and the highest and best good for each of us on our own path and journey. I AM truly grateful.” – Tina H. USA March 2020

Mentoring through change

A Unique blend of Sacred Story and Sacred Sound

Annwyn adds her own wisdom to that of Goddess Isis and other Beings of Light who work through her, to assist others navigate their way  through the ending of one era and the birthing of another. We are on the threshold of a New Golden Age on Earth. 2020 is the year of ‘The Great Awakening’ for humanity, and the only constant will be change! 

‘I AM at Peace with the Changes Occurring in My Life’


60 Minutes Spiritual Mentoring sessions normally NZ$120  now offered at NZ$80 during pandemic.

I see this time for humanity as a ‘sacred pause’ inviting  a wonderful opportunity to get to know our Higher Selves. We may experience contraction or expansion, depending on whether we choose fear from our minds or love from our hearts.

Let me help you transform your ‘lock down’ into your ‘opening up’! 

Text/call (+ 64) 021 029 59233   or email to arrange a Skype or Zoom date.


Golden Age Mentor Skype Session with Annwyn Hanham

60 minute mentoring Skype/Zoom session with sacred story and sound. Pandemic period discounted to NZ$80



Mentoring Sessions: Each mentoring session is a unique blend of weaving your sacred story and sacred sound together. Annwyn’s Higher Self transmits the perfect vibrational frequencies through her Voice as Tones or Light Language to support your own inner work. Although there is no need to go deeply into story, some brief narrative enables the necessary connection to the vibrational frequencies that are asking to be restored to balance.

Your story is your Life and your Life is your experience as God in a human body.

About Sound Healing:  If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Annwyn has been likened by her Spirit Guides to ‘the old-fashioned telephone exchange switchboard operators’ who connected one caller to another by plugging in cables lines!  (Read More tag) Everything is Energy, absolutely everything including your thoughts and words, your emotions and actions. All of your experiences such as joy, sorrow, success, failure, abundance or lack are all vibrational frequencies. Each experience contains specific vibrational frequencies and Spirit refer to these as ‘Earth Lifelines’. During this incarnation, Annwyn has experienced and balanced all of Earth’s Lifelines; they now run through her like a telephone exchange and she has the ability to ‘plug’ others into the vibrational frequencies that need to be balanced. Instead of electrical cables electric she uses her Voice to channel the exact vibrational frequencies that are required. At times, a silent sound is called for; this Pure Light transmission is the highest vibrational frequency of all.

Telephone exchange operator

‘Hello! Oh good morning Mrs. Lack. You’d like to be put through to Miss Abundance? Yes, of course, just one moment please’!

Testimonials: I really want to thank Annwyn for a fabulous experience of healing through sound and light language.  Annwyn creates a very safe space for mentoring and heart opening to take place, through sound.  During my session she accessed some old karmic energies that were holding me back. She released these and balanced my chakras, leaving me feeling very light and filled with love afterwards.  Especially now, in a period of great change, it is time for us to allow the letting go of energies that are holding us back, that are preventing us from growing into our full potential.  Our Mother Earth needs us now in clean, opened, light and awakened states, to embrace the changes that are happening.  I can highly recommend for you to get in touch with Annwyn for your own opportunity of transformation’. Monika Vincent, owner operator of vegan/raw deli of ‘Raw Balance’, Taupo, Feb. 2020