Ihaia and DellainaAlmora

Almora is channelled by Dellaina Hascha, who is supported in Sacred Union by Ihaia. Almora is an ascension  mentor and is part of a huge collective of Light Beings supporting humanity at this great time of change on Earth. He has been and continues to be  instrumental in my own journey of the Soul back in to Oneness.

Currently based in Christchurch, they offer regular gatherings and workshops in Christchurch and Auckland. Dellaina also offers private channeled sessions with Almora- highly recommended.


Judy Satori

New Zealander Judy Satori is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, a channel for spirit and author of ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’ Her website is a library of energy activations.



Transformational offerings facilitated by husband and wife duo, Simon & Vicky Cavanagh-Hodge who are based near Queenstown, New Zealand.  These unique opportunities are inspired by Spirit and offered from a state of total surrender to that which serves the highest good in the moment.


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