2020 The Grand Awakening!


In late December, 2018, my Higher Self informed me of a Quest they wished me to undertake which had to be completed within a year. They calmly added I would need to go to Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Mt Shasta (California), Sedona (Arizona), Hawaii, and Mexico! It sounded more like a mad gallop around the globe than a quest to me and I initially felt daunted, especially by Egypt and Mexico which can be challenging for a lone female pilgrim to navigate.  However, my trust  is unshakable and having activated and been activated by no less than 20 sacred sites I arrived home on January the 1st of 2020! … Phew, just made it!

Now, it is time to offer some very special events during this great year of Awakening and many will be held in the Central Plateau of New Zealand’s North Island. Known to the Ancients as an extremely sacred area, it is even more so at this time, for sacred sites have cycles of dormancy and activity. These same cycles apply to Gods and Goddesses, to Humans and to all of Life. The cycle of Isis has come around again, and it is She who beckoned me to Her Temple in Egypt. 

The focus will be the integration of the New Energies as we release more of our Human Nature so we may reclaim more of our God Nature. We will come to understand the changes the New Energies bring to our HU-man Consciousness, with practical wisdom how to navigate these changes in ways that will support, and or, amplify our Spiritual Growth, regardless of where we are in our journey. 

The main Vibrational Frequency that I AM currently embodying is Goddess Isis, perhaps the archetype of All Earth -Mother Goddesses, since the very creation of Earth. I am eternally grateful to Lady Master Quan Yin ( and countless Others) who has journeyed alongside me these past 10 years, steadily healing and opening my Sacred Heart until I could stand before Goddess Isis once more. For Isis is Love, is Earth, is Moon, is Mother, is Magic, is New Life, is Renewal! No wonder she is called Is-Is.

2020 Events will soon be announced

Some events will be online, either pre-recorded or live, while others will be held at powerful sacred sites in the Central Plateau area. There will be some intriguing collaborations with other Light Workers too!

A good place to hear about these events are on my Golden Age Mentor Facebook page





Isis and Hathor – Mt Shasta 2019

Our Ancient Mothers are Calling

Isis and Hathor


 Isis and Hathor have often collaborated to direct their Energies onto Earth as catalysts, to open up Power Cycles that have come of age. We are in such a Power Cycle now, and these Great Mothers are calling to those of us made agreements to continue their work during the grand transition of Earth and Humanity. For Annwyn, this agreement was made some 15,000 years ago!

Under the leadership of Thoth, Egypt became home to the Atlantean Priesthood following the last cycle of Atlantis. Many of our incarnations in the mystery Schools of Egypt continued to develop our Cosmic Third Eye yet the fall of each Atlantis cycle had occurred because of failure to embrace the Lemurian Heart.

In the Higher Realms the unification of the brilliant minds of Atlantis (masculine) and the beautiful hearts of Lemuria (feminine) has already taken place, despite what is still out pictured in our world. During the March Equinox of 2017, Annwyn and Raeul anchored a Template of the Atlantean Law of Oneness in New Zealand, from where this Crystalline Shield gradually began to spread throughout the planet. The Divine Feminine energies on Earth have strengthened under the influence of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin and many Beings of Light who have helped heal the wounds of the third-dimensional programme that deeply divided the very cornerstone of Creation, the Feminine and The Masculine Energies. We are now ready for Isis…or rather, Isis is ready for us!

Annwyn recently journeyed by herself for four weeks through ancient sacred sites of Egypt to receive complete vibrational codes from Isis and Hathor that have previously only been partially accessed.  These codes from Isis strengthen our ability to hold the Golden Christed Energies of the Heart  and the Atlantean Law of Oneness in our every day lives. In other words, it is time to be ‘More God!’

The codes include leadership qualities, especially for those currently embodied in the female form. Mary Magdalene, who often expressed herself as Isis, will also be very present, along with Goddesses Ceres and Cerridwen. For it is the fertile energies of the Divine Feminine which must always lead the way of great change and wondrous co-creation on Earth. Not limited to procreation and soils, we speak of fertile imagination, writings, speech, music, all forms of creativity which sow seeds of consciousness for the winds of change to carry in all four directions.

Through story, anointing oils, projected images, sacred sounds and  cello, we will journey up the Nile, opening up to receive the gifts that are offered. Much healing will occur throughout the evening to allow these potent energies to be fully received. 

Annwyn Hanham is a writer, sound healer and planetary light worker who lives entirely surrendered to the direction of her God-Nature. Based in remote New Zealand (most inconveniently!), she is called to many places around the globe to transmit, receive, anchor, and /or settle vibrational frequencies at specific cycles of time. All of her energies and gifts hold Balance and Love, channelled through her sacred heart. She is in Union with Raeul Pierard, an internationally acclaimed cellist, who is offering a house concert on Friday 6th, also at The Temple of Intention’, Mt Shasta. 

The Temple of Intention, 

301 South Old Stage Rd, Mount Shasta, California 96067

September 7th, from 7 to 9.30 pm




Isis – Our Ancient Mother is Calling

 Taupo, New Zealand

Wairua Matters

12 Gascoigne Street (upstairs) Taupo

August 17th 7 to 9.30 pm 

Please text Annwyn to register 021 029 59233 or by messenger



Isis- Our Ancient Mother is Calling

Isis chapel with sistrum colour

Firing up the Isis Codes 

The Gaya Tree, Mangawhai, 

August 1st, 7.30 to 9.30 pm

Recently, I learned that I had made a contract with Isis, some 15,000 years ago, when she accepted me into her Temple as a very young Initiate. In exchange, I made an agreement to continue her work at the elected time in the future. That point of time is now; Isis has called.

She is not calling to me personally, but to All, who are also continuing her work at this time of Earth’s and Humanity’s ascension. My role was to return to Egypt, immerse myself in the Isis Energies in order to re-activate my own dormant Codes of Isis, and to then re-activate these codes in others.

It is with this clear intention that Isis calls to those who will hear this call, with a knowing, to gather in Sacred Circle for this beautiful gift to be received. Together, we shall journey through the Temples of Antiquity, to remember, to remember, to remember…using story, images and music as well as Sacred Tones and Light Language to fire up your dormant Codes.

The return of Isis signals an escalation of the ascension energies on Earth, and we shall gather under the New Moon, a perfect time for new beginnings.

A supper will follow, and there will also be Egyptian Anointing Oils, as well as Vibrational Essences offered for purchase (cash please).

The Gaya Tree is at located at 654 Tara Road, Mangawhai, 0573



Lion’s Gate Gathering 8/8/2019

A Portal of Grand Potential

9 Kotare Ave, Auckland, 7.30 to 9.30 pm

oSphinx at sunset

Each year our Sirian Family open a portal known as the Lion’s Gate, to offer gifts to Earth, aligned with the Divine plan for Humanity. This year, the Energies coming through the Portal supports the Embodiment of our Soul, the merge of our Divine Self, with our Human Self. This is a gift of extraordinary proportions; are you ready to receive and respond to the potentials this will bring to you?

Annwyn has recently returned from an intensive four week quest through the lands of Egypt to re-establish her ancient connection with Goddess Isis, harking back to 15,000 years ago…a long apprenticeship! A contract had been made that Annwyn (and many others) would continue the work of Isis when Isis called her…she has now called.

The Sphinx and Giza Pyramids are linked into Orion and Sirius, and through the Grace of Isis, transmitted as Sacred Sounds by Annwyn, we shall align with the Energies descending through the Lion’s Gate Portal. By gathering in number, with focused intention, with joy in our Hearts, we strengthen the ability to receive these incredible gifts.

This is a perfect opportunity to share the downloads received by Annwyn during her magical time in Egypt, especially at the Temple of Isis on Philae Island, and also from the Hathors at Dendara. She will also explain the gifts that are now coming through from an Atlantean portal opened in the south of Spain…And much more!

Supper will follow. There will be Egyptian Anointing Oils, aligned with the Energies of Isis, Hathor for purchase. 
In addition there will be Vibrational Essences from The Isis Temple of Philae, Hathors at Dendara Temple, The Sphinx, The Great Giza Temple, and Sakkara Temple. These represent five of the Egyptian Chakras- Base, Heart, Throat, Third-Eye and Crown Chakras.

The energy exchange is $35, payable as cash at the door. 7.30 to 9.30 pm
The venue is Kotare House, (Kotare Ave in Westmere, Auckland 1022.
It will be a great pleasure to greet you in the Energies of the Lion’s Gate! Blessings, Annwyn Hanham
Updates on face book page here






Annwyn 2019 – a Year of Quest

In March and April she will be connecting with the ancient Isis Codes in Egypt, then will go on to southern Spain and then to Portugal to work with Ancient Atlantean Energies.

September and October will see her team with her partner, Raeul, as they return to Mt Shasta  and Hawaii to strengthen Lemurian energies. They will also experience the many vortices in  Sedona, a well known gateway for many Beings of Light, our Star Brothers and Sisters.

In December, Annwyn will again travel alone, this time to Mexico to reconnect with ancient lineages of the Inca and Maya civilisations.

To keep up with events and offerings please visit her  Facebook page




Ascending Hearts at Lake Taupo Head Waters

March 2nd, 2019 (9.30 am to 5 pm)

kuan yin softened colours cover image (2)
Facilitated by Annwyn and over-lighted by
Quan Yin & The Ascended Masters

This comprehensive one-day workshop of an ancient Ascension/Healing Technique, alongside profound teachings, works with our Four Bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), our Chakras and our very DNA. The teachings and practices hold all that is required to gently shift our Bodies from their 3rd-dimensional state, to their 5th-dimensional state. Regular practice creates change to our thoughts, our feelings, our health and eventually, our entire consciousness. This is a multi-dimensional heart-focused pathway, as the Heart is the Key to the 5th -dimension. Quan Yin’s energies are easily-integrated and the workshop is supported by a manual plus audio’s to follow on with.

For a full description of this one-day workshop please go to this page

Our country-side venue is the tranquil and very lovely sanctuary of Annwyn and her partner, Raeul. Ten minutes from Sacred Roto Pounamu, minutes from Lake Taupo. (Address given with registration). Ask Annwyn to help you find accommodation if required.

Energy exchange of $180.00  includes profound healing throughout the day, in-depth teachings, manual, 2 x audio’s, lunch and full vegetarian catering. Please be sure to advise in advance any food restrictions you may have, thank you.

To register, please email  or text/call her on

021 029 59233

Annwyn Oct 2018 cropped

Annwyn Hanham has been practicing and teaching this technique for over 9 years. She holds the energies of compassion and unconditional love that Quan Yin is revered for, and attributes her own healing of a mother’s grief to these timeless teachings. She lives at the southern end of Lake Taupo with her partner, celebrated cellist, Raeul Pierard. 


Previous Events of 2018

Ascending Hearts in Matakana

Sunday, October 28th, 10 am to 5 pm

kuan yin soft (1)

Healing Hearts in our Community

When we heal our own Hearts,we Heal Others too.

Heart Fern
Tuesdays 7 to 9 pm
Text Annwyn 021 029 59233 to register &  venue address

You are warmly invited to the Tokaanu home of Golden Age Mentors Annwyn and Raeul for weekly meditations, teachings and practices that are a pathway to wellness and happiness. The pathway takes you on a journey of your heart, with much clearing and opening along the way. We gather on Tuesdays at 7 pm. 

We shall include topics such as Energy Healing, Understanding Energy, Chakras, Ascension, Ascended Masters, The Sacred Flames, Manifesting Abundance and other topics that the group are interested in. Entry is by Koha, thank you.

Ascending Hearts and Sacred Sites Visit

golden avalokitesvara_kuan_yin_by_tigermyuou
 A unique event  March 3rd & 4th,  2018 
Tokaanu- Sacred Headwaters of Lake Taupo 
Saturday March 3rd: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm Ascending Hearts workshop 
Saturday evening : 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm Soul Songs with Raeul on Cello
 Sunday March 4th: 8.30 am  Lake Rotopounamu Sacred Ceremony
                                      11. 00 am Visit Star Gate-Mead Wall, Mount Ruapehu
           12.30 am Lunch at Chateaux Tongariro
Energy Exchange includes:
  • Day workshop of Ascending Hearts – Teachings, Manual, 2 x MP3’s, morning/afternoon tea and lunch. Plus Sound Healing gifted during the entire weekend as directed by Spirit.
  • Group plus profound Individual Soul Songs with Raeul, followed by supper. The entire Saturday is spent at the beautiful Tokaanu sanctuary of Annwyn and Raeul, with tranquil garden, Tokaanu Stream and geothermal tub. (Bring your togs!)
  • Sunday morning guided visit and ceremony at two sacred sites

Events of  2017

Understanding Our New Children

Thursday, November 23rd from 7.30 to 9.30 pm
Beyond The Veil, 465 Mt Eden Road, Auckland
Entry is by cash sales at door, $35 for an adult or $50 for a family

Co-Creating our New Earth with The Ancients 

Kaikoura        Spring Equinox 2017
September 22nd 1 pm to September 24th 1 pm

The pause between breath (equinox), the time to co-create our New Earth

Annwyn & Raeul, in collaboration with Dellaina Hascha, channel for Ascended Master Almora, warmly invite you to step into your God-Creator aspects as we create a ‘Mind Group and a new Blueprint for the New Earth’.

Kaikoura holds powerful Vortex Energies that allow us to commune and actively co-create with the Whales and Dolphins who have been holding Sacred Codes for this very moment in Earth’s evolution.

Before these Ancient Ones open their Hearts, Wisdom and Knowledge to us, an initiation to know our readiness will be through our deeply heart-felt intentions to restore our Pristine Earth… to more than what it was, to what it can be!

Our group is being offered the opportunity to co-create our New Earth in a very practical, tangible way, with our focus on Mother Earth and the environment. For example, we can support the frequencies of the vibrations of the weather patterns so they can be harmonised, to find a way of settling.

Our Created Template will hold the frequencies of Hope and Inspiration for others around the World, especially following great Earth changes. We are calling to the Visionary, God-Creator part of you! It is Time!

A and R on grassy hill at Falera Church

Annwyn and Raeul in Switzerland July 2017

Spirit refer to Annwyn and Raeul as ‘Golden Age Mentors’ During planetary change they are called upon to help restore Balance to shifting energies. They have recently returned from 9 weeks of such work in Europe and the UK. They also share information through teachings and sacred codes through Sound.

Soul Song Cello Concert:

On Saturday evening Raeul will be offering a very beautiful house concert of improvised Cello. By tuning in to each person’s energy field the Soul Song is intuitively expressed through his Cello. Deeply moving and activating of codes

Raeul cello singing tree


All Saints Church, Putney Common
Raeul will perform solo Bach suites 1,2 & 3 preceded by  Annwyn who will speak to the journey through grief and healing pathways.
Entry by cash donation at door (a Koha from your heart)

Location and directions to the venue here


The Land of New Light in Berlin

Wednesday July 5th 7 pm to 9.30 pm  Spirit Belin
Mt Cook download

Cello Sound Journey

Friday July 7th 7 pm to 9.30 pm
Spirit Berlin
Scherestrabe 3 ph, Berlin 13347
Please register by emailing
Cash payment at door on the night is 20 euros
Black Forest Cello Concert – July 8th
Free Concert
  Raeul performs classical cello including Bach suites and will also intuitively respond to the trees, creatures and land spirits in the Black Forest; a beautiful healing Sound Journey. 
Locations posted on Raeul’s facebook closer to the time.


House Concert

July 29th  Menetruil

With Opera singers Clair Pierard and Catherine Pierard/ Cellist Raeul Pierard/Pianist to be confirmed


England  August 2017

Stonehenge – August 7th Hand Fasting Ceremony for Annwyn and Raeul!!!



Glastonbury – June 19th 2017

The Return of The Law of Oneness within  ‘The Song of New Atlantis’


Long predicted to be the New Jerusalem, England is now reclaiming it’s Sacredness as a Key Holder of the Template for the New Golden Age on Earth. This Template includes the re-birthed Law of Oneness, the underpinning consciousness of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Venue : St Margaret’s Chapel (Magdalene Chapel) behind 38 Magdalene Street, Glastonbury

Date: Monday June 19th      

5:30 pm to 9:00 pm  

 £35 energy exchange

To  register, please email 

New Zealand Sound Masters, Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard, are the messengers of new/ancient teachings and energy activations which greatly expand our current understanding of Atlantis, and attune us to the frequencies of the Newly Re-birthed Atlantis – an Atlantis which now embraces the Heart of Lemuria.

Anchored first in the Lemurian energies of New Zealand, The Law of Oneness is to be now anchored in England, at the request the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth

The Event:

Profound Ancient Teachings from Archangels Metatron & Michael & Thoth – as Thoth said to us, ‘You won’t find this on the internet’!  

Topics include:

The sacred role of Water

The significance of The Tree of Life to Atlantis

Why the  6th cycle of Atlantis is underway and the relevance of this  to humanity at this time

History of ancient Atlantis and why it began and ended five times

How to connect to our Atlantean/Sirian aspects to activate ancient gifts and abilities.

Sacred Sound activations to access deeply buried memories of ancient Atlantis, for profound healing, and also for connecting to the Newly Re-birthed Atlantis, via our Higher Heart Chakra, the ancient Mystery School of Unah, and through the Sacred Geometry of Water.

Activations include:

Connecting to the ancient mystery school of Unah

Connecting to the Higher Heart Chakra

Connecting to the Sacred Geometry of Water

Final ceremony to anchor The Shield of Oneness over England, creating the Energetic Template for Unity.

It is understandable that many humans have unconscious trauma from previous cycles of Atlantis, yet ‘The greatest places of fear are also where the greatest treasures are’ – Thoth the Atlantean.

Energy exchange £35 includes manual, energy activations, and a follow up mp3 of these extensive teachings.

 Ascending Hearts

Mt Albert, Auckland on June 10th, 2017

golden avalokitesvara_kuan_yin_by_tigermyuou

“First the Heart Ascends, then the rest follows”


Sacred Water and The Law of Oneness

Turquoise heartshaped pool
April 23rd from 1 pm to 5 pm
Mt Albert Spiritualist Church, 19 Hendon Ave, Mt Albert, Auckland 


Golden Light Resurrection Ceremony
tulips-in potsApril 7th from 7 pm to 9.30 pm 


Ascending Hearts -Auckland

It’s Quan Yin’s Birthday April 7th

golden avalokitesvara_kuan_yin_by_tigermyuou
Mt Albert Spiritualist Church, 19 Hendon Ave, Mt Albert, Auckland


Re-Birthing the Law of Oneness in Aotearoa

Autumn Equinox, March 20th, 2017
Wellington, New Zealand
Re-Birthing the Law of Oneness in Aotearoa
Another verse is added to “The New Song of Atlantis”

Presented by Sound Masters Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard, over-lighted by the Galactic Federation of Light.

This unique and significant gathering is a celebration of the return of The Law of Oneness which underpins each Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria. It follows on from the initial grounding of the New Atlantean energies exactly one year ago, during the 2016 autumnal equinox. We are again utilising potent energies for rapid change made possible during ‘an in-between breath of the cosmos’ such as the equinox provides, during the pause between the balance of night and day in both hemispheres.

Atlantis has risen and fallen over five cycles, not just through one great flood as is generally believed. Each cycle of evolution was halted when the consciousness remained overly-focused on the Divine Masculine Energies of the Third Eye and upper chakras, and failed to be grounded through the lower Feminine chakras of the Heart and Base Chakras.

Our Sacred Purpose for gathering has been commissioned by the Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth, and is to anchor and establish ‘The Law of Oneness’ in Aotearoa, New Zealand. We shall be uniting the two main Islands of New Zealand in the etheric realm above Aotearoa. The South Island includes Stewart Island and represents the Divine Feminine while the North Island represents the Divine Masculine. (Annwyn and Raeul will be repeating this in several other parts of the planet as directed by Spirit).

Much healing of personal and collective Atlantean and Lemurian wounds of duality held deep in our cellular memory will take place, to enable the uptake of the Higher Octaves of Light of the Rebirthed Atlantis.  We envisage a joyful gathering where the Sacred Sounds of Cello and Voice feature strongly as we add another verse to ‘The New Song of Atlantis’.

We are re-birthing the Law of Oneness in Aotearoa…

And our Song will resound throughout the planet!

PS…Raeul is performing the entire Bach Six Suites of solo cello at the Breaker Bay Hall on Saturday night, starts 5.00 pm and includes a longish interval at 6.30 pm to consume your picnic! Finishes at 9 pm and tickets are $30 (children under 12 years free). Tickets at door.


Begins February 7th and ends March 28th

Igniting the Sacred Flames of Life
An in-depth, transformative study and practice with the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Angels & Elohim of the Seven Sacred Flames via the writings of Aurelia Louise Jones, author of ‘The Seven sacred Flames’.
The teachings and transmissions of this material by Sound Master/ Healer
Annwyn Hanham are inspired by ‘The Seven Sacred Flames’ by Aurelia Louise Jones. Much gratitude is given for this wonderful resource.
  • Deep insights into the attributes of each Flame to be mastered
  • Deep knowing of the Keepers of each Sacred Flame and Ray
  • Significantly raising of frequency vibrations and consciousness
  • Practical tools for daily life
  • Sound activations channeled from the Ascended Masters & others Beings of Light such as the Archangels and Elohim
  • Steady building of the Light Body
  • Personal insights and support for your life’s journey
  • Close connections with others on their Spiritual Pathway
Seven Sacred Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm (with supper)
Begins February 7th and ends March 28th
Central Auckland venue to be announced
Our first series group didn’t want to finish at seven weeks and we are still meeting weekly! Our focus is to find a modern expression to these ancient teachings so that we may apply them in a practical way as we bring Sacred Purpose to our lives.

Teaching notes provided and it is highly recommended that a copy of ‘The Seven Sacred Flames’ by Aurelia Louise Jones is purchased as the link below or at Amazon.


The Four Pillars of Light

Over-lighted by Almora, Sphinx and the Councils of Light
Four Pillars image of Temple


The Four Pillars” include Love, Forgiveness, Kindness and Compassion and these form the foundation of our Temple on day one. The following day we build higher levels of Cosmic Love, Peace, Joy and Truth as the roof of our inner Temple of Divinity.


Sacred Mount Shasta, North California, USA

Equinox September 21st 2016

Following directly on from their energy work at Sacred mountain Aoraki, that of opening the portal to the pure teachings of The Christ Consciousness, and anchoring the frequencies of the Sacred Divine Masculine, Annwyn and Raeul have been called to another very sacred mountain. This time to the planetary base chakra, known as Mt Shasta, to again work within the planetary grids between the ethers and earth, and with numerous Kingdoms which inhabit these dimensions. 

Although they are not holding ‘an event’ while they undertake this sacred mission, it is felt that certain souls will feel prompted to support them in some way and they look forward to these divinely- orchestrated connections happening in the moment.

Annwyn and Raeul return to New Zealand on October 16th and look forward to sharing their experiences whatever way they are guided to.

Red sky over Aoraki 13151870_1363783593639123_6349335537369247938_n
An in-depth study of the ‘Seven Sacred Flames’
These illuminated teachings are supported and strengthened by Sacred Sounds and Energy Activations from the Brotherhoods of each Flame, transmitted by Annwyn.
Inspired by the Christ Consciousness Teachings of Telos,channeled by Aurelia Louise Jones

Beginning Friday 12th August until September 23rd
Seven weekly Friday mornings from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm – morning tea provided
Venue: ‘Tui Room’ at Subud Hall, Formby Ave, Point Chevalier


Resurrecting the Golden Light of Christ’

Winter Solstice June 19th – 21st, 2016
Restoring love and oneness to humanity’s sacred purpose
Gold light Aoraki 5_1
Cross-sunset sunrise 0e41e22d64b12d861035cab0fd39999b



Day of Earth Magic with the Elementals 

snail and fern fairy d2ca3cdcb6544b857b5ae1b0cf73b9b8
April 16th 2016 at ‘Rivahaven’, Katikati
With Annwyn Hanham& Raeul Pierard and Gary Cook
Enjoy a day of magic at the enchanting Rivahaven, home and garden of Gary and Raywyn Cook.
Surrendering to the Energy of the day we will follow our intuitive guidance, allowing space for Spirit to work with us.

Arrive for a welcoming cuppa and home-baking at 10.00 am.

Morning session: Gary will walk us through his favourite aspects of garden/native bush/ river side areas, offering his wisdom and knowledge of the Plant and Elemental Kingdoms in his wonderful story-tellers way. A high-light is his unique work with plants, recording their song, and also the technique of dowsing.

Please bring a yummy vegetarian lunch suitable for sharing.

Afternoon: Using the Cello and Sacred Sounds, and in collaboration with Gary’s dowsing, Annwyn and Raeul will be working with the song of the Kauri Elders to mitigate the effects of die-back on the young trees. The resulting Sacred Sounds are to be recorded so that they may be used elsewhere in New Zealand.

Another aspect of the day is to deeply connect with the Elemental Kingdom to anchor a template of reforestation for our entire plant-planet as an expression of our innate connection with the Plant and Elemental Kingdom. Afternoon tea will be served when we all need another cuppa.

The underpinning focus of the day is to embody what is known as ‘The Three-Fold Flame’ which is the original trinity of the Hu-man, Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms that Earth was based upon.


The Song Of New Atlantis 

Atlantis Logo Auckland 2

PROLOGUE BY ARCHANGEL METATRON  – Atlantis: A Myth or A Reality Buried in Time?

The answer is only known to your heart. If you feel an instantaneous recognition to the name Atlantis, Archangel Metatron invites you to feel into what he has to share.   

The Atlantis project, commissioned by the Elohim, first materialised on Earth around 150,000 years ago. It was an experiment to anchor the star genetic codes on Earth through the star-human race, so the latter could serve as the energy catalyst for Gaia’s (3rd-dimensional Earth) transiting to the 5th dimensional envelope of light at the destined time. The experiment completed some 50,000 years ago through seemingly, a catastrophe which caused the Atlantis continent to sink and disappear from Earth. In truth, the event served as a mass exodus for the Star-Atlanteans who had accomplished their mission for Earth, so they may return to the stars.

New Atlantis Awakens Along With 5D Earth – Between the period 21 December 2012 to 21 December 2015 (36 months), Earth progressed into the 5D frequency belt as planned. So did many of the Star-Atlanteans who have chosen to reincarnate during this celebratory time to further their work in supporting humanity to awaken its inherent star codes of love and joy. They will do so expediently and effortlessly through the New Atlantis program accessible from the memory grids of Earth.

ABOUT THE SONG OF NEW ATLANTIS – Spiritual hosts Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael and the Cosmic Angels describe The Song of New Atlantis as “a revolutionary program upgrade for all Star Seeds and Earth-angels”.

 A 2-day event packed with esoteric and cosmic knowledge presented through a combination of channeled teachings, energy activations, sacred sounds and celestial music, The Song of New Atlantis is about reconnecting with your Atlantean past and being showed the way and energy tools to become a pioneer of New Atlantis.

PROGRAM – Channeled Teachings by Amara Tia

Day 1: Archangel Metatron speaks on the ancient Atlantis experiment

  • Origins of the Atlantis experiment: what, why, where
  • Achievements of the Atlantis Ages: what, how
  • Star systems seeding the Atlantean star-human race
  • The Atlantis communities
  • Disappearance of Atlantis: an illusionary 3rd dimensional reality
  • Atlantis program: reference to Emerald Tablets and Keys of Enoch

Day 2: Archangel Michael speaks on Birthing the New Atlantis

  • Relation to Earth’s transformation to a 5D body of light
  • Blueprint of New Atlantis: differences from Atlantis of 3D Earth
  • Retrieve New Atlantis program: how, where
  • Reincarnated Atlanteans vs First-time Atlanteans: difference and implications
  • Formation of New Atlantis tribes : your role and contributions by our star children
  • Dissolution of linear time: celebrating New Atlantis as current reality

 Transmissions through Light Language, Sacred Sounds and Celestial Music

A series of energy activations will be gifted by the Archangels to augment the channeled teachings and integrate the underlying vibrations in the participants’ physical and subtle bodies.

Sacred Sounds will be deployed as the one of key transmission vehicles by Amara Tia and her distinguished co-presenters, Sound Masters & Healers Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard (who is also an accomplished cellist).

# As this workshop involves live channeling, the topics and order of presentation at the actual event may differ slightly from the outline above, depending on the needs of the participants and as directed by the Archangels and other Spirit guides present.


Amara Tia has served as a professional energy healer and channel since 2004. She works with numerous Masters and enlightened beings from the spirit world, including Archangels, Ascended Masters, Christed Star Beings and various Councils of Light to transmit high frequency sound and light codes (Language of Light) and advanced spiritual knowledge to support the spiritual awakening of Humanity. More information on Amara Tia at

 Amara Tia will be supported by two master sound healers, Annwyn and Raeul, at The Song of New Atlantis to offer an extraordinary all-new experience to all participants.

Annwyn Hanham has a deep understanding of the journey of the awakening soul and the concept of Eternal Life. A published author, Sound Master and Ascension facilitator, she is also innately connected to The Elemental Kingdom as her name suggests, (Annwyn is the Welsh name for the immortal kingdom known as ‘The Other World’).

Raeul Pierard is a classically trained, accomplished Cellist who as a skilled Sound Master is equally at ease performing the six Bach Suites as he is at intuitively receiving and expressing the Sounds of the Soul. Raeul’s name speaks of the frequencies of the Sun and of Earth Magic harking back to Druidic lifetimes with those who held the vision of Stonehenge.

Annwyn and Raeul are Golden Age Mentors whose combined Energies are utilised by Spirit at crucial times in the evolution of planets. Together, they represent numerous Earth and Galactic Tribes, bringing great balance and unity with their Sacred Union. Both are former students of Thoth and held positions as High Priest/Priestess in the Sound Temple of Atlantis.

Due to their unique blend of frequencies many Beings of Light are able to work through them including The Lords of Amenti, Thoth, Quan Yin and Green Tara, Pan, Serapis Bey and Lord Ganesh plus countless other Star Beings.

In July 2015 they anchored the inaugural workshop of ‘New Circuitry for the New Hu-Man Body’ at Mount Cook, New Zealand solely using Sacred Sounds of channelled Tones, Light Language and Celestial cello. In response to Sacred Toning at one point a set of 8 crystal bowls began to ‘sing’ all by themselves! A signature of their work together is their unbridled Love for HU-manity and a great Joy for life as they help usher in the frequencies of the new Golden Age on Earth. 

Amara Tia channels high frequency light and sound codes, the ‘Language of Light’, to perform powerful energy healing, psychic surgery and reconfiguration of Light Body for her clients. The Language of Light is a sound frequency that resonates with the God code within us and speaks directly to our higher consciousness. For her psychic reading work, Ann channels divine messages to offer clarity and advice on the challenges encountered by her clients. Working very closely with the Spiritual and Cosmic Hierarchy, she accesses the clients’ Akashic records to provide past life information relevant to the understanding and resolution of their current issues. Options for effecting positive changes in the client’s thinking, feeling and behavioural patterns are offered from the perspective of their soul evolution.


Queenstown Event November 8th 2015 

Upcoming- Green Tara Activations of the New Circuitry for the New Hu-Man Body with the Spiritual Practice of Ascendingearts over-lighted by Quan Yin

Queenstown, Sunday November 8th  10 am to 5 pm at Cadrona Church Hall, Cadrona.

Celebrating Our Divine Light
An evening with Annwyn and Raeul, Helen Barnes and Gail Taylor
Blockhouse Bay Yacht Club September 26th  6 pm to 10 pm

This unique collaboration of four facilitators is not to be missed. Many gifts of energy activations and downloads of information are to be received during this event as we celebrate the potent Energies referred to as the X Wave. Even more potent that the 2012 ascension energies with the presence of Yeshua (Jesus), Lord Ganesha, The Elemental Kingdom, Serapis Bay and a host of Light Beings from many dimensions and universes.

Sprinkled amidst the energy work will be music by Cellist Raeul Pierard, Gong and Crystal Bowls. Also a beautiful duet of classical guitar and cello plus other unfoldings on the night.

A light dinner of Soup and Bread is included as well as a Chai and Sweet supper.


Chris Skellett and Annwyn Hanham

Simple Truths for Complex Lives
Peaceful Mind, Compassionate Heart

To raise funds for Kids Growing – A district-wide school edible garden initiative.

Chris is a well-known presenter and clinical psychologist from Dunedin, who last year spent 3 months in the UK promoting his latest personal development book The Power of the Second Question. His previous book, called When Happiness is not Enough – Balancing Pleasure and Achievement in your Life, continues to be extremely popular and Chris regularly presents on lifestyle balance across Australia and NZ.

Formerly a specialist teacher, Annwyn’s life changed dramatically  when her 17 year old son died in a car accident. Her quest for understanding and healing from such an event resulted in a very frank and often funny book describing her unorthodox journey through grief called “Dry Your Tears.’ As a busy workshop presenter, mentor and speaker whose key message is to balance our hearts and minds she has inspired many to not just survive, but thrive through grief.

Friday September 4th at  7pm
St Kevins Auditorium, Oamaru


New Circuitry for the Human Body

Ascending Hearts’ has taken a quantum leap in what it offers to all those journeying on their ascension paths, especially to Healers.

Already a powerful ascension and healing tool, this technique was recently exponentially expanded to include recalibration of the Electrical Circuitry of the Human Body required to allow the incoming 5th Dimensional Body to be fully functional.

Our Fifth-Dimensional Electrical Circuitry includes the 12 Chakra System, Pranic Tube, Meridians, Auric Fields and Axiatonal Lines and in its upgraded state allows  greater quantities of Light to be comfortably held within our cells. Not only will the Physical Body be significantly energised but greater quotients of Light held means more of our long-held DNA codes will be activated. We can expect to experience recall of the myriad of skills mastered in previous incarnations as well as significant amplification of skills currently being practised.

To ensure that we fully utilise these skills, the New Circuitry is enhanced by an attunement from Goddess Green Tara, revered for her attribute of Compassionate Action. Green Tara brings the more masculine energy of action to Quan Yin’s very feminine energy of the Compassionate Heart, providing a perfectly balanced Energy. Green Tara and Quan Yin are encouraging Healers in particular, to stand up and be visible to Hu-manity who are on the cusp of a mass awakening. Your clients will be in great need of Fifth-Dimensional healing and the benefits of your own upgraded circuitry will be received by others through your work. If you are not practising as ‘a healer’ as such, know that you are spontaneously healing all those who are in contact with you, simply by them being in your Energy Field.

After receiving the New Circuitry my regular masseuse told me she had never experienced the Energy she was detecting in me saying it was fluid and condended. Helen Barnes described it as ‘liquid light’. Sharron M.”

 The Ascending Hearts technique is not intended to supersede any modality you may comfortably be working with. Although it may certainly be used as a modality on others (Both Annwyn and Thomas  use this with clients) it is a valuable tool for self-healing and supporting the healers during busy times to come. Equally important, it is an ascension technique used by ascending masters.

A key difference to other modalities is that we embody the energetic frequencies of Quan Yin and Green Tara, so that Unconditional Love and Compassionate Action become our baseline. In other words, Our Way of Being.”

As the Dali Lama has said, compassion has the potential to bring world peace. Green Tara comes from the lineage of the Tibetan Lamas and is their highly revered Goddess who exudes Compassionate Action. Thomas and I have been surprised several times recently at the way her presence can be detected when a kind but firm and expedient outcome is required.




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