Raeul Pierard – Soul Sound Portraits


‘Sound-Portraits of the Soul’ with  Raeul   Pierard105

Personal Sound Portraits of the Soul are intuitively channelled by Raeul upon

supply of a recent photograph. This beautiful cello piece will resonate

with your Core Being as your Soul recognises it’s own unique song. An mp 3

recording is supplied and the exchange is (NZ) $88.00.

To request your Soul Sound Portrait please email Raeul;  raeul.pierard@gmail.com


Raeul (formerly Thomas)  is an accomplished Cellist who has developed an intuitive gift of tuning into the Energy Field of people who wish to hear ‘the Song of their Soul’. This is a  deeply moving and profoundly healing experience for all who have the opportunity to hear themselves expressed purely as Sound. The Sound Portrait can also serve as a trigger for Soul Memories of past abilities and skills mastered in previous lifetimes, which are currently stored in the DNA. With repeated listening at different times, more and more codes and frequencies are released from Cellular Memory and integrated by the recipient.

“The first time Raeul played my Soul Sound-Portrait I cried tears of joy the entire way through. It was intensely emotional but in the sweetest way imaginable…beyond words really…and that is the power of Sound…I felt unfettered by my physical body and liberated from the limitations of the Earth Plane. It was a hugely expansive experience and I just seemed ‘to know it when I heard it’.” – Annwyn, January 17th 2016.


“I have just listened again to my soul portrait and felt compelled to share how much the experience had deepened from the first time, twelve days ago.  I went on a journey that seemed to last for hours. Firstly my Higher Self came forward  to show me my magnificence, causing me to dissolve in tears of awe, yet humility. As my Inner Child  stepped in next to allow childhood wounds to heal, I had the sense that all of the verbal chiding, admonishment, and limiting conversations were being washed away and replaced by the sounds of the Cello that soared and soared, refusing to be brought down to earth by lower thought forms and beliefs of others. A flash of insight told me that if only music was heard on Earth instead of language, then there would be no room for painful verbal encounters. Lighter now, I was able to ‘ride the sounds’, each note contained a lifetime  and each motif took me higher. Now I sensed an even more expanded Me and again this bought forth a flood of tears as the grief of having had something withheld for so long finally gave way to the shyness of my newly-realised magnificence. More enchanting music, and soon I felt confident and comfortable with the  notion of ‘sitting on my throne’ as I surrendered fully to the Cello and drifted away to distance places. I was happily out of my body, loving the exquisite freedom of the non-physical state, and in no hurry to return. Finally I heard a change in the music and found myself returning to full presence in  my body; amazed and at peace with myself. ” – Annwyn, January 29th 2016.