Resurrecting the Golden Light of Christ

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‘Resurrecting the Golden Light of Christ’

Restoring Love and Oneness to Humanity’s Sacred Purpose

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Sacred Mountain Aoraki (Mt Cook/Aorangi)

During Winter Solstice June 19th 5 pm  to 21st 5 pm

Facilitated by Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard

Over-lighted by Lord Sananda (Yeshua/Jesus) and Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene)


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Utilising the powerful winter solstice energies at Aoraki, Spirit and the guardians of this sacred mountain are sounding the call for those Souls who are to participate in this profound event. In the context of these teachings received from Lord Sananda, Resurrection means to restore to original state…in this case, our Human Divinity.

The existence of the Temple and the Flame of Resurrection has been withheld from mainstream teachings for more than 2,000 years; yet these are the tools used by Lord Sananda (when known to us as Yeshua), to ascend in his body. Now, in response to our awakened readiness, Lord Sananda and Lady Nada, the higher aspect of Mary Magdalene, are once again sharing their Sacred Ascension teachings of fully restoring the physical body to its Light Body. To do this we will embody the frequencies and consciousness of the Golden Cross…a vastly different concept to the ideas we have held about the Cross for 2,000 years! It was never about sacrifice and suffering, it was about ascending into our Golden Light Bodies of the Christed Consciousness. It is time for us to embody our Human Divinity.

Over the past 20 years much focus has been given to restoring the Sacred Divine Feminine Energies on Earth. Now it is time for the divine complement of the Sacred Divine Masculine Energies to be restored, allowing balanced and fully empowered gender energies to become our reality on Earth. This key component of Oneness must occur in ourselves before it can radiate out into our relationships, our daily lives, into our communities, environments and our entire planet. Yeshua modeled to us the underpinning frequencies and behaviour of the Sacred Divine Male and it’s accompanying attribute of Compassionate Action. We are being called to demonstrate this attribute in our daily lives, in effect finding our sacred purpose of being a Human in all that we think, speak, feel and do. We are being asked to bring the Golden Light of the Christed Consciousness to ourselves, each other, Mother Earth and all other Kingdoms we share our divinely beautiful planet with. It is time to joyfully embrace our Divinity!

We shall be consciously anchoring the received Christed Energies of Resurrection (restoring all to it’s Divine state) into the grids of Mother Earth. This enables dissemination to all of Humanity who will receive the Resurrection and the Golden Light of Christ Energies, allowing them to be activated within as each person reaches readiness.

Aligning with the powerful Winter Solstice Energies, the guardians of Sacred Mountain Aoraki (Mount Cook) are readying to open another portal, which will strengthen the budding consciousness of Oneness in Humanity. We shall be connecting with triangulated energies between Aoraki, Stonehenge and Jerusalem as we anchor the Crystal of  Israel within a Golden Star of David, which is currently in etheric form above Israel. This will have a great effect on restoring peace to the Middle East.

Annwyn and Raeul are seen by Spirit as Golden Age Mentors; way-showers of the return of the Golden Christ Consciousness, which heralds Humanity’s ascension into the fifth-dimension. Tapping into previous lifetimes where they have undertaken this spiritual work before, their powerful Sacred Union is supported by many Beings of Light who are working through them, including their Lemurian family of Telos, Mount Shasta, who already fully embody the Golden Christ Consciousness in perfected Light bodies, and are here to assist us to do the same. They are both Sound Masters  and de-Light in anchoring the Codes of Light through Light-Language, Toning, Singing, Music and Cello!

Programme known so far…

Opening the Portal to the Teachings of the Christ Consciousness

Sacred Teachings of Lord Sananda and Lady Nada

Embodying the Golden Cross as the Golden Light of Christ

Sacred Divine Masculine Frequencies and attribute of Compassionate Action.Red sky over Aoraki 13151870_1363783593639123_6349335537369247938_n

Crystal and Golden Star of David with associated Fire-Letters for Israel.

Temple of Resurrection and the Flame of Resurrection

Anchoring the Golden Light of Christ and Sacred Codes of Resurrection into the grids of Mother Earth


Sunday June 19th

5.00 pm Welcome and early, light dinner at YHA
6.45 to 7.15 pm Full Moon Meditation at Mt Cook Community Hall
7.30 to 9.00 pm ‘Baching at the Moon’ Cello concert (Raeul is performing three of the Bach suites for solo cello)
We are inviting the Mt Cook Village to this evening event to strengthen the intention and frequencies of Oneness, as the village is international.
Supper back at the YHA
Monday June 20th and Tuesday 21st programme still being down-loaded by Annwyn and Raeul as to how the intentions/focus/purpose/gifts/teachings will be received.
The name of the event and the associated aspects have been carefully worded by Spirit to act as triggers for the Souls who are being called. We know the Golden Cosmic Angels are busily tapping  many on the shoulder as we prepare for this incredible event at Aoraki. We invite you to tune within to your Higher Self to ask if this event is for you. Do be aware that when we are alerted to a Soul call, we often experience resistance at this time because inevitably there is clearing of Soul wounds relating to what is being asked of us. Part of the initiation is to see beyond whatever is being presented to you.  Blessings on your journey and we will be sharing information as it comes to hand.

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Dates: Sunday 19th (5 pm), Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st finishing at 5 pm 

Location: Sacred Mountain Aoraki, New Zealand (Mount Cook)
Venue: Mount Cook Community Hall, Sebastopol Drive, Mt Cook Village

Accommodation: Mount Cook YHA Hostel, 1 Bowden Drive, Mt Cook Village
Accommodation and Meals

Fully-Catered Vegetarian meals/teas $NZ 145.00  from Sunday dinner until Wednesday breakfast -People are still talking about last year’s meals! This year we have a beautiful friend Dorine Hooykaas  blessing and preparing our food.

3 night’s accommodation $NZ 90.00 (multi-share)

Event energy exchange
$NZ 390.00 (includes Full Moon Meditation, Cello Concert and 2-day event)

Early Bird event rate $350.00 if event fee paid fully by May 28th . 

For registration information and what to do next please email Annwyn:-

Mobile phone 021 029 59233