Leaping out of Duality in to Oneness

Dolphins in yin yang

The New Song of Atlantis heralds the 6th cycle of Atlantis and awakens our 6th strand of DNA. Water is very present on Earth right now, and this is not by chance, as each Atlantis cycle begins and ends with water.

Much has been misunderstood about Atlantis and it is hoped the new revelations will help release emotional and mental blocks held deep in the unconscious human collective.

The teachings of The New Song of Atlantis pave the way for the information and frequencies of the incoming Age of Aquarius. They will continue to grow and expand with humanity’s readiness to receive them.

Our Family of Light steps up at pivotal times, such as when World teachers Lord Sananda and Lady Nada (Jeshua and Mary Magdalene) stepped up with their teachings of Unconditional Love which underpinned the Piscean Age, and awakened our 5th strand of DNA…finally, some 2,000 years later! There were many teachers and messengers, for example John the Baptist, who paved the way for the mission of Lord Sananda and Lady Nada. Jeshua also modelled to us the art of resurrecting the third-dimensional body into a fifth-dimensional body; his message being that this was not a miracle that only he could do, but that we are all capable of this.

Now, the messengers are back again, paving the way for the Aquarian Age which is underpinned by The Law of Oneness. The baton will be handed over to the new World Teachers, the Avatars, who are already here, currently babies and toddlers. Some call them The Crystal Diamond Children and when we understand that the Crystal Diamond at the core of our planet was imprinted with frequencies of The Law of Oneness before life began here, we can appreciate that we are living in an incredibly exciting period of earth’s history! The Law of Oneness has returned to the surface-dwellers of the Earth. Meanwhile, it has been held in our waters by the Dolphins, masters at balancing their feminine and masculine energies, they have danced through duality to embody Oneness.

Will it take 2,000 years for humanity to embody The Law of Oneness? Indeed it will not, because we are currently supported by the Cosmos Energies of our entire Universe, our local Galaxies and Mother Earth herself…we are in a window of Ascension which allows accelerated leaps of consciousness and evolution. Are you ready to leap with the Dolphins…out of duality and into Oneness?

Please join Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard for an afternoon of fascinating teachings and energetic attunements which will trigger memories of ancient Atlantis, awaken your dormant 6th strand of DNA and the accompanying pockets of your consciousness that have been closed down. There may well be fear surrounding this; remember, the places of our greatest fears are also the places where our greatest treasures lie.

Mt Albert Spiritualist Church, 19 Hendon Ave, Auckland. April 23rd, from 1 pm to 5 pm. The energy exchange of $77 includes a scrummy afternoon tea and handouts. (Please know your exchange will assist Annwyn and Raeul to take these teachings to the northern hemisphere this year as requested by Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy, thank you).  Please register by emailing annette@goldenagementor.co.nz or texting Annwyn 021 029 59 233.

Readers outside of New Zealand are invited to signal their interest in attending a similar event between June and August this year in England, Germany, Switzerland and other European countries. Please email Annwyn at the above address, we would love to hear from you.

Was William Shakespeare a Golden Age child?

Was William Shakespeare a Golden Age child?

William Shakespeare stated that ‘The Golden Age is before us, not behind us’; a courageous vision to hold and share with others while humanity was forging its way out of one of the darkest periods in Earth’s history. He had lived during the Elizabethan era in England which followed several tyrannical monarchs, perhaps a period where the reign of  darkness had peaked to its greatest height while the spirit of humanity had slumped to its deepest despair.  Humanity by then had been under the control of Christianity (a corruption of the core teachings of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene’s original teachings of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power) from 600 AD to 1600 AD and was in desperate need of  the inspiration and wisdom such as William and others provided.


For centuries humanity has been intentionally ensnared in the smallness of the mind, with all manner of diversions to keep us as far away from the magnificence of our Hearts as possible. Had William been born in the last thirty years or so he may well have been regarded as a Crystal Child; one who literally brings the drama of human emotional and mental conflicts into the open to be recognised and transmuted, so that our minds and hearts may be healed. It is an essential component of humanity’s journey back into Oneness to be able to see the illusion of human drama and William’s famous quote ‘Life is but a stage and we are but the players’ was, and remains profoundly true. These dramas are all born of our minds but once they are exposed and released, we begin to experience the Freedom found when living from our Divine Hearts.


Crystal Children (just one example of the diverse range of frequencies held by incoming Star-Seeds) are among those who have incarnated on to Earth to bring many gifts which assists humanity to raise their consciousness. This is necessary so as to remain in alignment with the ascending consciousness of our host, Mother Earth, or Gaia as we also know her. In preparation for the great transition Earth is going through now, they have been offering their gifts for more than 100,000 years. Some have not incarnated since Lemurian and Atlantean times, while others are having their first incarnation on Earth right now.


Optimal times for a planet to ascend in consciousness are determined by Cosmology, the over-riding affects of where planets are positioned in their respective Galaxies and Universes. Great epochs of 26,000 years known as the ‘Procession of the Equinoxes’, begin a window of  enormous potential when that planet is ideally positioned to receive Energies from the Great Central Sun that sustains it. Earth is in such a window of potential right now which is why a great flood of Star-Seeds are arriving. This great influx began in the 1940’s with the Indigo Children, followed by the Crystal Children in the 1980’s and continues to attract Star-Seeds with the exact frequencies of consciousness and gifts that are needed at the exact time. Some are here to heal the wounds of humanity (Crystal Children) while others are repairing the Energetic Templates called Grid Lines that affect our planet. Still others are arriving as the new Avatars who embody the Christ Consciousness and who will eventually become leading Spiritual Teachers, of the calibre of Jeshua and Buddha.


The Star-Seeds bring gifts of technology, medicine, governance, education but most important of all, they bring the consciousness of Oneness. They have an innate knowing of the interconnectedness of all life over time and space and are fully aware of their own Divinity. Their Sacred Heart is the point of reference for them as they know it is their direct line to the Universal Mind.


Like William, they are ahead of their time and in many cases their presence and talents may go unrecognised until humanity has the consciousness to understand the beauty and wisdom of what they offer. Like William their arrival signals an end to yet another period of darkness, albeit in a different expression than the Dark Ages. Their arrival is cause for great celebration because they are here to remind us how to live from our Sacred and Divine Hearts as we All usher in the new Golden Age on Earth. Actually, the Golden Age never ended; it has always remained in a dimension of vibrational frequency that simply became invisible, or non-physical to humanity, as we fell deeper and deeper into the dense frequencies of darkness. Therefore as we raise our consciousness and accompanying frequencies, we can once again access and experience a Golden Age of Oneness, and it will have its very own unique expression and form, because we are the ones creating it!