From Chaos to Calm

It doesn’t matter what is happening around me- what does matter is the consciousness I Am holding while it’s happening. What am I holding; compassion or judgment, love or fear?

When Spirit asked Raeul and I to hold an event at Kaikoura, the place where snowy mountains meet deep seas in the South Island of New Zealand, we were given the brief that our group would consider some of the aspects that would shape our next Golden Age. We were also told that the Ancient Ones, the beloved Whales, would be communing with us to determine if the consciousness of humanity was sufficiently evolved for them to share their ancient codes of wisdom.

Ocean and Mountains from sea Kaikoura 2017

Under the guidance of ascended master Almora, each group had a topic to discuss and conceive as part of the blue-print for our New Earth. We learned that other groups were also doing this around the globe. We looked at the Language of the New Earth (which was more to do with silently observing from our Hearts than speaking), World Governance (also about listening rather than dictating), the new Spiritual Order (all-embracing of beliefs and spiritual support for children), plus Wellness and Architecture. Our very special group of five children were asked to consider the Animal Kingdom and it seems like zoo’s will not be a part of our New Earth!

The group discussions were powerful, insightful, inspirational and some held a practical component while others are yet to move into this tangible expression. We shall be holding our group consciousness for at least the next three months via a closed Facebook page as it was made known that each group and each person would have an opportunity to manifest an aspect of their topic between now and summer solstice 2017.

Yet there was another important element at play; we were also working within a very specific band of energies which straddled the aftermath of a ‘disaster’ and the co-creation of the resulting opportunities that have come forth. The community of Kaikoura had experienced severe earthquakes ten months ago and is currently in recovery mode. Located 90 minutes north of Christchurch, this small town is famous for whales and dolphins, surfing, abundant seafood and spectacular scenery, making it a very popular tourist destination. The energies we were working with, and the resulting blueprint or template we were laying, was not just for Kaikoura, but for any area around the globe affected by sudden upheaval.

Kaikoura Bay early morning mist 2017

Our chaos began earlier in the week with disruption to flights out of Auckland and further road closures into Kaikoura, making many of our participants a little uneasy. But all obstacles were cleared the day before the event began, allowing the facilitators and a several others to arrive early and make readiness.

However, the next day, Friday, was a very different story with ghastly weather setting in causing muds slips and flooding to again close roads into Kaikoura. Nine of our people were stranded in their cars and two others couldn’t reach us as their flights into the small Kaikoura airfield had been cancelled. Those who were travelling had to manage stress, fatigue, uncertainty, discomfort for up to eight hours while those of us already in Kaikoura held them with prayers of encouragement and trusted they would safely arrive. Finally, all arrived in varying states from adrenalin-fueled excitement to sheer exhaustion; each person was offered what they needed most…a hot cup of compassion.

Saturday saw the elemental kingdom greatly calmed and we were able to hold a beautiful Equinox Ceremony by the sea. In fact, we were standing in an area that prior to the quakes had been two metres under the water! Our five children were honoured by representing each of the platonic solids of Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Ether. Waters gathered from the White and Red Springs in Glastonbury, along with water from Lake Taupo and Lake Rotopounamu (planetary spinner vortex for Water) were offered as a gift to the ocean and we were delighted as a wave suddenly rushed up to meet us, just stopping at our feet. The energies of the Equinox hold the perfect balance of all things and is a powerful time to co-create, especially when rapid change is appropriate. Again, we voiced our intentions for our New Earth, and gave thanks to Gaia, our Mother-Father Creator and All aligned with this Divine Plan.

2 Group at Equinox Ceremony Site Sally Brake       Photo by Sally Brake
1 Altar Equinox 2017 Spring Kaikoura Sally BrakePhoto by Sally Brake

Sunday felt like the beginning of our new Golden Age as a glorious sunrise and absolute stillness of the Elements greeted us! The image below captures a golden ‘human cross’ with arms reaching all around our planet, connecting us All in Oneness. Nineteen of us had chosen to go on the Whale Watch boat while the other eight stayed with Dellaina to commune with the Ancient Ones from the shore.

Sunrise before whale watch Kaikoura 2017

I was grateful that stormy seas had now returned to a gentle sparkly blue swell and that the sun was warming my face as I looked back to the mountains wearing their cloaks of fresh snow. To be embraced by such beauty while quietly hoping to encounter the Beings of Light that we know as Whales in this dimension, was magical indeed.

Kaikoura from sea Equinox 2017

But it was not magical for all our group; as our boat headed into the very deep waters that draw the Whales, two of the children and their mother were terribly seasick. As someone who often suffered from this during six years of ocean-living I well understood their misery. Raeul and I divided our time between being outdoors with our group, singing to the ocean dwellers, and tending to our unwell companions.

Group on whale watch Kaikoura 2017Just the one Sperm Whale was sighted that day and we witnessed it dive before we headed back to shore.

Whale Tail Kaikoura 2017

To make up for the lack of Whales our crew took us to enjoy the antics of an enormous group of dolphins who enchanted all on board. Now, back in the shallow waters I was feeling very content with our beautiful morning on the ocean when suddenly an excited shout from the cockpit and the slowed boat signaled a dash outside to witness a Humpback Whale cruising just metres from us!

I intuitively knew ‘This was OUR Whale’! Immediately I felt activations in my crown chakra as Light Language flowed to the Whale and I was aware of a beautiful Maori woman offering a Karakia (prayer) to this Ancient One who stayed with us for many minutes. Our crew explained how unusual this sighting was for two reasons; Whales are never seen in these shallow waters and the rest of the Humpback Whales had already migrated to Tonga two weeks ago. I just smiled and sent silent gratitude to this Being of Light for waiting for us.

When we rejoined the other group, it was discovered they had been able to see the Humpback too as it was so close to shore, meaning we were all connecting in with it at the same time…perfection as always! Two days later as Raeul and I were flying back to Auckland, The Ancient Ones spoke to me and said what they had been looking for had been found in our group…Compassion. Despite the challenges of the storm, the inherent limitations of our venue /accommodation, and the sea-sickness of some of our group, as a collective we had sufficiently held compassion in our Hearts. During our time together, we had experienced a micro-version of the ‘aftermath to creation energies’; as they needed to be sure of or readiness. Although all our group discussions were totally Heart-centred, it was the daily interactions they were watching closely to see if we had embodied Compassion… so that no matter what was happening to us or around us, we still held Compassion… for ourselves and for others,

Heart-felt gratitude to all those who gathered with us both physically and etherically, and a special thank you to Dellaina Hascha for collaborating with us to channel the loving wisdom of ascended master Almora.

4 Group at Kaikoura Spring Equinox 2017 Co-creating With The Ancient Ones Sally BrakePhoto by Sally Brake
3 Raeul, Annwyn, Dellaina after Equinox Ceremony Sally BrakePhoto by Sally Brake

Most of all, thank you to The Ancient Ones as we look forward to our co-creation unfolding as our New Earth takes shape.

MEGAPTERA NOVAEANGLIAEPS, I only just discovered the whale in this image I have been using to promote our event is … a Humpback Whale!

Mother Earth Chalice

Mother Earth Chalice

‘Chalice of Patience’

Mother Earth Chalice

The Americas Cup yachting challenge has presented an amazing opportunity for humanity to further develop and perhaps even master the qualities of Patience, Faith and Allowance, not to mention Co-Creation! From a higher perspective we can see much more going on than two boats attempting to out-sail the other.

My own experiences as an ocean sailor often included patiently waiting weeks for weather patterns to provide an optimal safe and comfortable passage. My Skipper and partner modelled great wisdom here and consistently resisted the urge to depart out of eagerness to begin an ocean passage or out of sheer frustration from waiting. He gained a reputation for his weather-wisdom and many other cruisers would simply depart at the same time as us, feeling secure about a safe passage. However, he wasn’t comfortable about having people depend on him in this way, almost placing the responsibilities for their lives and yachts in his hands, and so he always encouraged others to make up their own minds about the perfect time to depart.

The Universal Web of Consciousness also wishes us to a have safe and comfortable passage throughout our journey on Earth, and is always available to help us navigate our way around a vast ocean of life experiences. With an ‘All -Seeing Eye’ Spirit may steer us away from unchartered reefs that hold the potential for shipwreck; unless of course shipwreck is exactly the best opportunity for us to learn something of great value. It may be an emotional, physical or mental shipwreck that allows us to jump overboard from a life, or aspects of our life that no longer sail us in the right direction. One of the many ways Spirit can gently point out a more desirable route is to delay us in some way. If we can surrender to delay we are much better positioned to experience ease and grace, whereas resistance will most likely result in some heavy weather conditions and  a rough ride.

“The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or to impatient. To dig for treasure shows not only impatience and greed, but lack of faith. Patience, patience, patience, is what the sea teaches. Patience and faith. One should lie empty and open a beach- waiting for a gift from the sea.”

(Anne Morrow Lindbergh – American inspirational author of ‘Gift From The Sea’, 1955)

I really resonate with this message; especially the aspect of impatience being a form of lack of Faith in an outcome. It seems we are easily disappointed and prone to becoming anxious about an anticipated and much hoped for outcome, the moment it appears it may slip away from us.

The sailing teams are wonderful models of holding onto their vision and dreams despite upsets and set- backs. As we follow the racing we can either support them with our own unwavering belief in them or we can heap our disappointment and doubt on to them. One of these approaches will lift the boat high up on its foils while the other will weigh the bow down in a trough of depression.  We are all Co-Creating the outcome of this race with our collective thoughts and beliefs.

It’s been fascinating to observe the two commentators covering the challenge in San Francisco. While one remains so firmly attached to earlier success of Team New Zealand and hasn’t adjusted to the new dynamics of the race that he visibly oscillates between jubilation and dubitation, the other is optimistically detached and simply allows each day to be what it is, and so avoids being emotionally and mentally tossed around in the waves of doubt, as his colleague is.

It is no wonder the New Zealand theme song is “Have A Little Faith In Me”!

Another observation has been the way the two teams flowed with the challenges of a highly prestigious pressurised competition, providing a glimpse of differences between the New Earth and the Old Earth paradigms. Team New Zealand found their Inner Way and continued to practice and strengthen their performance seeing both racing and non-racing times as a seamless event; no beginning and no end. They continued to experiment with new technology and techniques and stayed very present to the moment. By contrast Team Oracle seemed to step out of their role to rest after the Lois Vuton series, thus took focus off their goal, and then visibly lagged behind their opponents in the first seven races. To their credit they learned very quickly from Team NZ and balanced the challenge by being able to quickly adapt. How pertinent this is to the way we live in the New Earth; quickly adapting to change and literally sailing by the seat of our pants! It is also pertinent that Team NZ should herald in unprecedented technology and human techniques as New Zealand is after all ‘The First Light’ and is deemed to be a way shower of the New Earth.

The element of Water is currently playing a huge role in clearing lower vibrations from Earth and her inhabitants and so it is hugely appropriate that global attention is placed on a water event such as the Americas Cup. It came as no surprise that on the day of the Equinox, San Francisco (and other parts of the world), received a deluge of rain, the first in the past three months. While the world was on standby for a final, all- deciding race, Water and Air simply created unfavourable ocean currents and wind direction sailing conditions, then rained copious amounts of unconditional love over the heads of spectators to boot!  I love Water as a teacher of Patience and Faith.

The qualities of Patience and Faith are precursors to Grace- when life is experienced seamlessly as ease and flow. Patience and Faith also follow on to Allowance and Acceptance, also necessary for a state of Grace. And Grace is a direct route to Joy!

With Mother Nature playing such a vital role in this much coveted event, perhaps we should consider renaming the ‘Americas Cup’ to ‘Mother Nature’s Chalice’ or perhaps ‘Chalice of Patience’?

“Adopt the pace of Nature: her secret is patience” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Mother Earth Chalice

Mother Earth Chalice