When Grief No Longer Dwells Within Us

golden avalokitesvara_kuan_yin_by_tigermyuouAscended Master Quan Yin Embodies Unconditional Love and Compassion, Forgiveness and Mercy.


In 2012 I published my first book, ‘Dry Your Tears’ which described my journey as an awakening soul, triggered by the sudden death of my teenage son. I had no idea when my son died in the millennium year that I would eventually become a messenger for thousands, millions of others who will inevitably also experience the passing of a partner, son, daughter, sibling or friend, including those of the animal kingdom. If the concept of the Eternal Soul and Eternal Life is beyond your current belief system, I invite you to at least be open to the possibility that we need not respond to the transition of a loved with disbelief, shock, or fear, let alone live forever burdened with grief.

It took me nine years to truly understand that there is no death, and another three years to actually embody that understanding, turning it from knowledge into a living wisdom. During the first nine years I approached death and grief as most people do, through the mind. I diligently became resilient as required by society, and eventually bullet-proof as I adapted my life and refused to be seen as a ‘victim of grief’.  Never one to do things by halves I went sailing for six years to prove how strong I was; a powerful free spirit, allowing the winds of great oceans to keep me free from the shackles of grief! Harr!

Finally living ashore again in 2009, I met ascended master Quan Yin, the Goddess of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. Horrors! I was soon to discover I was not resilient at all as she set about gently dismantling my mental rigging until the one thing I had been avoiding was revealed …my very tattered Heart. Oh dear, it was so firmly shut down I didn’t even know it wasn’t functioning… No wonder I hadn’t felt anything anymore!

Under her loving gentle guidance, I began to work with an ancient healing/ascension heart-focused technique which gradually began to allow my Heart to heal and slowly open, chink by chink. Ouch! It was soooo painful! But Quan Yin’s beautiful frequencies of Love and Compassion were flooding me every time I practised the technique; she was literally holding me in her energies until my own reservoir of self-love had become full.

As the months went by I realised I was beginning to sense an aspect of myself that had previously been hidden; I was able to feel love again! This continued to expand and grow until finally I could meet my beloved son in my heart-space, without dissolving into tears. As my heart continued to heal I discovered I could love myself and others in a way that had not been possible before. We cannot love another until we love ourselves.

I have found that it is essential to work with knowledge we are given and to anchor the frequencies that go with it. Otherwise it simply remains knowledge which is not serving the purpose it was intended for; to move us along in our Soul journey. We could even go so far as to say that when we have knowledge yet don’t actively apply it in our daily lives, we are missing the full potentials of these gifts. It was grief that offered me the most valuable treasure of all; Unconditional Love and Compassion.

Now, sixteen years since my darling son Tim (aged 17 years) ‘died’ in a car crash just like his uncle did a few days ago, I speak through my Voice of Divine Wisdom and Divine Love when I say that it is absolutely possible that we can experience the transition of a loved one without being crippled by grief, shock, horror or fear. These feelings are all frequencies that are found in the spectrum that vibrates as a resonance less than Unconditional Love and Compassion. When we heal all of the wounds that belong in that spectrum, we move into a new spectrum where the range of feelings don’t include the previous ones. It was the transition of my brother four days ago that alerted me to this revelation that ‘grief does not dwell within me anymore.’ I realised that those frequencies were no longer available to me. Instead, I Am at peace as I celebrate his journey home to the Light Realms and I salute another human journey on Earth.

If grief has come to your door, welcome this unexpected guest like a long-lost friend who has come to share a magical journey with you. Let the tears  flow freely and the laughter to mix comfortably. Allow a surrender of self so that unseen ones may hold you in their loving embrace, lifting you above the mundane so you can glimpse the potential gifts offered; what you choose to receive is up to you.

I feel it is curiously synchronistic that the topic of releasing old belief systems surrounding death and grief is revisited just two weeks before Raeul and I present an event at sacred mountain Aoraki/Mt Cook, which is very much connected. Titled The Resurrection of the Golden Light of Christ’ we are invited to remember the true state of humanity is Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power. When we embody these qualities we also embody a Golden Light in our entire cellular body and Chakra system which is seen by others as halos. Eternal Life is a very real aspect of our Divinity and as told to us by Jesus (and by many ancient teachers before Jesus such as Quan Yin and Tibetan Masters, is available to all who choose it. Annwyn Hanham 6/8/2016

“Living lighter in the world”

After feeling a little stalled in the energy of the first half of 2013, suddenly the flood gates have swung wide open in the second half and now, everything seems possible!

On July 1st, I arrived in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city located in the north island, after having been ‘posted by Spirit’ to a small, provincial town in the south island called Oamaru, for the previous year. I often wondered what I was doing in Oamaru, apart from finishing and publishing my first book, “Dry Your Tears”, and I suspect whatever I was doing was occurring at an energetic level, rather than the physical. I came to love Oamaru, especially the little coastal settlement of Kakanui where I could hear the surf thundering in and at night time, be awestruck by majestic Milky Way skies.

Now, here I am in sprawling Auckland, but thankfully finding peaceful sanctuaries away from the bustling areas. Within two weeks of arriving I by chance had the opportunity to record an audio version of my book and jumping at the chance, and after allowing one week for this task, completed recording in two days! It is now to be polished and formatted so watch this space!

At the same time it was time to think about a reprint of “Dry Your Tears” but I have opted to go the e-book way for now as it means readers and listeners anywhere in the world can easily obtain a copy. For those, like me, who still like to hold a paper book, it will available as print on demand. To use the web as a distributor also feels much lighter, meaning it’s so much easier than physically handling paper books- the storing, posting etc. It seems to better reflect the new ways of living lighter on the Earth. And it’s all about living lighter, living in the light, being the light! So I wanted my outer world to reflect my inner world!

The doors seem to have flung wide open in this second half of our first year of New Earth, and things are happening at breath-taking speed. We are able to create and manifest much more easily than ever before…which means we have to be very mindful of our thoughts and emotions, because form follows thought. In other words, we create from our thoughts. In the past there was often a lengthy delay between out thoughts and what we then created- and so as a result, we often didn’t connect the two. But it’s getting harder to ignore! We are being given instant feedback on out thoughts and beliefs…so …be careful what you wish for!

We are learning the ropes of the New Earth, new ways of living in this world. The vibrations we can most easily create with are unconditional love, and joy. I have found that life flows so easily when I hold these vibrations at a constant/fairly constant level. It doesn’t matter if we sometimes slip into a funk, so long as our ‘signature vibration’ is love and joy.

Have fun creating …be playful…experiment with creating little things ( car park spaces) to bigger things ( house by the sea) to planetary things (world peace) …. be unlimited in your thought, unlimited in your creation! Be the light that you are!!