The Light Before the Dawn

Winter Solstice Retreat during the Triple Ecliptic Passage of June/July 202

Over the weekend I hosted a three-day retreat for 12 people during the extremely potent energies of the Triple Ecliptic Passage with the intention to rally Light Workers and hold Light during this tumultuous time on Earth.  To gather as One is so important now for both Gaia and ourselves. It is powerful, and it is so enjoyable! With the focused points of the solar eclipse woven into Winter Solstice and a New Moon I have never seen people so affected by energy, barely able to contain it within their physical bodies. And I have never before seen such rapid transformation, such an up taking of Light.

We opened our Sacred Circle at 5pm Friday evening to set our intention of receiving the energy gifts from the Galactic Federation and the Great Central Sun. The gifts were all designed to assist out gradual transition into our God Nature through upgrades to our DNA and the retreat had been carefully planned to allow plenty of time for meditation, rest, soaking in the area’s geothermal pools and gentle walks in nature. A perfect formula for receiving these transformational upgrades enhanced by high-vibrational food, nutritious, delicious and easy for the body to digest. People had driven up to six hours to attend and four of them were unknown to me, the rest had attended my events before. After the welcome and introductions I took the group through an uplifting Ascension and Purification Ceremony over lighted by St Germain, Serapis Bey and Adama of Telos. Then we settled down to our first shared meal, Algerian vegetable tagine, lemon-infused millet, cauliflower rice and a green leafy salad, followed by a raw Blueberry Cheesecake.

We gathered the next morning at the old Tokaanu wharf which stretches lazily out over the head waters of southern Lake Taupo. From there we were directly in line with a very new and very powerful vortex which had been co-created by four female elders who said they had preceded the Waitaha people. This was the very first time I had consciously worked with the vortex and I wondered what was to be discovered as I invited the group to tune into it. In my mind’s eye I immediately saw the tall reedy raupo swamp plants parting to create a pathway between us and the vortex, which is a small hill known as Maunga Namu (Mosquito Mountain). The vibrational frequency held by the vortex was sweet peace and love; everyone felt this same energy and were surprised by its strength. We then drove the short distance to Roto Pounamu, on of the highlights of our weekend as this small lake is also a vortex and it holds the original blueprint for water. Our slow, meditative walk through the bush was enchanting as the overnight rain had created a glistening emerald garden of huge tree ferns and ground ferns. Bright moss adorned the soaked trunks of towering trees and we were treated to a close-up view of a Kereru (native Wood Pigeon). After arriving at the lake and greeting the guardians, ancients and Nature Spirits I was inspired to sing a song to the Lady of the Lake and quickly taught our lovely group a song about the waters of the river returning to the sea. To my surprise, after three rounds of this simple song I found myself channeling a song that the Lady sang back to us! It was in Light Language with a very sweet tune. We each found a spot and spent time tuning in to the lake and the Nature Spirits, standing, sitting or meandering slowly along the water’s edge.

Back at the house I was heating up beetroot soup for lunch when I suddenly felt dizzy and was forced to leave my capable helpers to continue preparing the meal while I lay down for a few minutes. Rejoining the group I was still feeling lightheaded and not completely grounded and became aware that the others were also struggling to be fully in their bodies. Lunch will ground us, I thought, but it didn’t. I took the group outside barefooted and they had fun finding the warm spots on the lawn from the geothermal activity below. We then all did an exercise to draw the cosmic energies down into our bodies through all of our chakras before anchoring it firmly into the Earth. We were still ungrounded, and most could barely keep their eyes open, so half the group found a bed or sofa to sleep on while the rest soaked in the geothermal pool. Thankfully, I was now feeling grounded and was able to tend to my group monitoring how they were managing the intense energies. Several confessed later that if they had been able to run away at that stage, they would have! Regrouping a couple of hours later, we all did Qi Gong to further assist the integration of the energies, yet I could see most were still not totally grounded as these New Earth energies were so strong, and having come from many different sources in our Galaxy, were not familiar to us. It was a marvelous opportunity to talk about the energies of the 5th dimension and how our bodies needed to be fit and strong to cope with the high-vibrational frequencies that would continue to be pulsed onto the Earth. We were practicing being at peace with feeling very different.

The next morning was Solstice, the Eclipse and the New Moon, what a line up! I was relieved to see that the group looked more grounded and were all in good spirits, excited about our mountain visit that day. We had decided to hold our morning Solstice ceremony at the house and venture out when the day was a little warmer. Connecting in with global Solstice meditations I led the group through a journey of the New Earth, describing how Life might Be for us collectively, and then allowing time for each of us to set our personal intentions for the second half of the year while aligning with the Great Central Sun.  The it was time to drive to the mountains and we set off with warm clothing and picnic lunches despite falling rain. As we began to ascend the mountain road at the Ohakune end of Mount Ruapehu, my three passengers had cause to be alarmed as I spontaneously began speaking Light language and waving my hands about as I was driving. But I am well-used to this and was quite capable of driving in these unusual conditions. A beautiful song came through and I intuitively knew it was to help my body manage the energies that were percolating, literally bubbling up inside me.

My favourite sacred spot was curiously busy that day- the normally empty parking area was filled with cars and to form a circle our group had to squeeze into the only free space right up close to a campervan. It was cold and raining but the campervan occupants of mother, father and child (Holy Trinity) were cosy inside enjoying fried bacon as I popped my head though their open door to warn them we were just going to gather for a few minutes and they might hear some singing. Well, it wasn’t exactly singing that they heard! The energy that had been building inside of me was bursting to be expressed and for the first time that I can recall, due to this intense pressure and the inclement weather I forgot to greet the ancients as we formed our circle. The moment we joined hands the Sound began; it was like no worldly Sound that Human ears hear. I was astonished at what was being transmitted though my Voice, I just relaxed and allowed this incredible flow to do whatever it was doing. This was one of the most powerful Sounds I had ever produced, yet it felt effortless and volume came with ease. It ended as abruptly as it had begun, and my first words were ‘That could create an earthquake’. (Two days later Mexico experienced a 7.5 quake). The others were gob-smacked at what they had heard, and someone said it was like standing next to a human crystal bowl. They had felt the vibrational frequencies of the Sound go right through their bodies, felt their cells vibrating and had instantly felt grounded. Thank goodness! Later back at the house sharing, I learnt that the little boy in the camper van had come out with eyes wide open to witness this scene. And after the Sound the father had stepped outside and let out a loud ‘Phew!’ – the kind of sound you make when you escape from an enclosed room when someone has farted!  Or in this case I joked (thinking of Blair Styra’s book) someone had ‘cartharted’!

It was a jubilant dinner that night, especially when a couple of bottles of champagne found their way to the dinner table. We had earned it!  From the moment we had opened our circle on Friday evening everything we had done together had cummulated into one point of consciousness on the mountain that Sunday afternoon. To hold intense energies for an extended period was a new experience for the group, they had struggled, they had surrendered, and they were proud of themselves. ‘Welcome to my world’ I joked, explaining that this was how I felt whenever I went on quests to sacred sites all over the planet, and also prior to events and workshops. Everybody was glowing, their bright faces a perfect canvas for their shining eyes and wide smiles; and they all expressed how Light they felt! Mission accomplished!

Golden Doorway to Our Divinity Opens

The Golden Light of Christ – lighting our  pathway  home.

If to find our way ‘Home’ means to return to where we came from, then we can celebrate the opening of an ancient, golden door! The welcome mat is out for us and the one waiting to greet us is our Divine Self; our great I AM Presence. Lighting the pathway for our return are uncountable Ascended Masters, Archangels and Elohim holding lanterns of Illumination and Love that glow with the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness.

Gold light Aoraki 5_1

The Guardians of this ancient door or portal (an opening into another dimension) called   Raeul and me back less than a year since our last dance with Spirit there… and with just weeks to gather a group at the sacred mountain, Aoraki/Aorangi/Mt Cook in the South Island of New Zealand. Despite us wondering who on earth, if anyone at all would answer the call to anchor “The Resurrection of the Golden Light of Christ“, all flowed beautifully and a wonderful group of nineteen New Zealanders and Australians wove magic together during the potent energies of Winter Solstice, June 21st, 2016. We were supported by many other groups of Light Workers throughout New Zealand as well as those who were tuning in from Glastonbury, Eureka (near Mt Shasta), the Merlin Forest in France, Prague, Hong Kong, Malawi and Switzerland. We were also connected energetically with Ihaia and Dellaina (channel of Almora) who were holding ceremony at an ancient stone circle in Jersey (UK).

I’m sure our initial surprise at being asked to work with ‘The Resurrection of the Golden Light of Christ’ could be well understood as we were very aware of the potential to step on sensitivities; the topic of Resurrection has been so thoroughly misrepresented, as have practically all of the teachings of Jesus (Jeshua). Not only that but the Christian religion has claimed dibs on ‘The Christ’, yet the Christ Consciousness extends far beyond the lifetime of one man and his bride and Divine Complement, Mary Magdalene. Yeshua lived a life that demonstrated his teachings in a very practical, daily way that all could emulate. His teachings were based upon Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power (the premise of all Christed civilsations) to be embodied by all who so choose. An emphasis of his teachings was that we are to claim our own Divinity. The whole point of seeing the divinity in oursleves through practical, daily living has been marginalised by the main relgions who have favoured intellectual dogma instead.

Annwyn gathering glacial water at Purification ceremony

The Aoraki portal, also described as a ‘shaft’ giving direct access to the teachings of the Christ Consciousness, had been sealed until planetary energies supported this opening and Humanity showed readiness to receive these pure teachings. This wondrous event signals that Humanity is indeed stepping into a new Golden Age. Humanity and all other Kingdoms who are gifted Life on Earth are now positioned to join many, many other civilisations throughout planets, galaxies and universes who also embrace the over-lighting pathway of the Christ Consciousness. When seen through the Third-Eye, the energies of the Christ Consciousness are Golden.

Home’ is not a location, but a conscious Knowing of one’s own Divinity, a conscious relationship with one’s I AM Presence. As Saint Germain declares “I AM that I AM that I AM!” The way to connect with our Divine I AM Presence is through our Sacred Heart…there are numerous chambers in our Heart and it is here that we hold the Sacred Fires of the many Flames that usher us through our ascension pathway. For Humanity to have stumbled blindly through lifetime after lifetime, mostly disconnected from our innate Divinity,  has often been a nightmarish experience to say the least. All that had been offered  was ‘to have Faith in Faith!’

Humanity is awakening! Millions of people have already begun or are well into their Journey of the Soul as they uncover layer after layer of the illusion that they thought was them. This is a huge journey…but there are Teachers, Healers, teachings, tools and resources, not to mention the Energies available to us now that support our Ascension process. Even awakened Light Bearers have been feeling somewhat jaded by the on-going clearing that seems to continue despite heightened levels of awareness. After receiving just an introduction to the pure teachings of the Christ Consciousness, along with gifts of Energy activations, many of the Aoraki group reported renewed vigour of their Faith, but more importantly, their innate Knowing that we are indeed ascending, that we are indeed on our way Home!

Cross-sunset sunrise 0e41e22d64b12d861035cab0fd39999b

This revival of spiritual vigour is just one of the many gifts of the Resurrection Energies carried within the Resurrection Flame, one of the teachings of the Christ Consciousness. Many of us have not known that Resurrection is the complete restoration of anything to its Perfect state. It was exciting and empowering to discover that we can apply Resurrection Energy to almost everything that exists. There is no limitation to Perfection because Perfection is an expression of Divine Love. When we only hold the frequencies of Divine Love, then only Perfection can exist for us. Our Perfected physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body becomes a multi-dimensional body that is capable of living on Earth for as long as we choose.

Clarity - Tasman Glacier Lake

Preparation on the first day included the frequencies of Purification and this role had been allocated by Spirit to Gail Taylor who called upon a former aspect to work through her. A special ceremony took place outdoors where our group loved the surprise of being greeted by the glacial Lake Tasman complete with great chunks of glacial ice bobbing in milky waters. On the second day Gail also held the energies for the Sentinel Crystal of Israel and so I leave these two stories to be told by her. Raeul and I were well supported by Gail in another of her roles as guardian of the group energies, and are so very grateful to her.

Tasman Pyramid with Raeul

Raeul and I frequently looked at each other in disbelief as the two days unfolded in divinely orchestrated Perfection. I wish to honour my beloved partner in Sacred Union, Raeul, for his unwavering trust in me and for his delicious sense of humour. Together we honour our unseen mentor who completed the trinity that contained the energies for this incredible event, Ascended Master Almora. We also wish to acknowledge all members of our group who made up the formula of frequencies needed, and who triumphed over all obstacles to get themselves to an off-grid location in the middle of winter.

Raeul and Annwyn Tasman Glacier Lake


Now I share with you what I can recall of our second day as I reach back into the portal of Aoraki to give thanks to those ancient wisdom-keepers who have been watching humanity through eyes of compassion, witnessing our epic journeys of the Human Soul. It is now seven days since the portal was opened, allowing time for the golden energies to be grounded into our physical dimension before sharing this information.

Our group gathered an hour before sunrise on the Solar Event day of Winter Solstice, which marks the longest night of darkness in the southern hemisphere and celebrates the impending return of lengthening days of Sunlight. This time of year also celebrates the return of the Pleiades to our early morning southern skies – this neighbouring civilisation is hugely active in guiding Humanity back Home to their Christ-realised Selves. We could not have been offered a more powerful day! For this day spoke of the Solar energies – firstly, the return of the pathway to the teachings of the Great Central Sun (the Christ Consciousness) and secondly, the return of the Ra(Sun) Energies of the Sacred Divine Masculine which were received through Raeul and myself before being anchored by the group immediately following the opening of the portal.

The Guardians/Kaitiaki of the portal had visited me prior to the event to help prepare my electrical circuitry and central nervous system to receive their energies and a multitude of other energies needed to open the portal on the day. Yet the impact of the energies on Solstice morning saw me barely functioning in my body; thought, movement and speech was difficult – the vessel had been emptied to receive. We were blessed with a fine, clear morning, and as Raeul and I sat outdoors watching the Light of day gradually consume the darkness of night we realised we were  witnessing the future of Earth- a world where darkness would never eclipse the Light again.

A sense of great reverence settled upon the group as intentions were set and our invocations called forth Guardians and uncountable Beings of Light who gradually descended into our Sacred Space. As we moved around our circle to greet and connect Hearts with the participants it was Unseen Others including Lord Sananda and Lady Nada who lovingly met the gaze of the embodied ones in the room. Raeul said he saw the Guardians of the Portal working through me, greeting all, one by one. Lord Hilarion, Keeper of the Emerald Flame and Temple of Truth was also present, also Lord Serapis Bey, Keeper of the Ascension Flame and Ascension Temple of Luxor (and Telos).

I was guided to lead the group in our light-bodies up to the top of Aoraki to behold a Crystal Temple where we were welcomed with the utmost grace and gratitude by uncountable Beings of Light who bowed to us in appreciation. A moving ceremony to acknowledge this significant unfolding issued the invitation to all sentient beings on Earth to enter the portal to access the true and pure teachings of the Christed Consciousness which are the foundation of an enlightened, illuminated Golden Age of Light. Then, completely surrendered to all Beings of Light working through me, a rush of energies was transmitted from eyes, heart and hands while Sacred Codes in the form of Light Language and Tones began to flow from my mouth. The momentum continued to build and build and although I was aware of the tremendous forces working through me I have no real recall of what took place. Raeul later told me I had completely transformed in stance and manner and he could hardly believe this was Annwyn!

I do recall being shown a column of golden dust gushing upwards out of the apex of Aoraki which others also reported seeing, plus other colours too. Knowing our work was done, we let out a whoop of joy at the implications of this historical moment in the Earth’s Spiritual Evolution!

Raeul then took the lead as he moved onto the next major event that morning; to receive and anchor the codes and frequencies for the return of the Sacred Divine Masculine Energies. The necessary balance for Humanity to enter into a state of Christ-realised Beings began in the year 2000 with the return of the Sacred Divine Feminine, heralded by the revelation of the true story of Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada) . For many there is no doubt that Mary Magdalene was in Sacred Union with her beloved Jeshua, and as a High Priestess and Initiate of the Sacred Fire, supported Jeshua through his Sacred Mission. Now, Jesus (Lord Sananda) comes to us with his story of the Sacred Divine Masculine, but that is for Raeul to share with you.

(PS Spot my ‘Oops’ in this short video clip taken just before opening the portal to the teachings of the Christ Consciousness…of course I meant the Divine Masculine!!)

Annwyn Hanham 27/6/2016