The Golden Age Children

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Annwyn is available for Skype mentoring and/or Sound-Healing sessions for children and their families. Intuitive insights are often received during  sessions, as well as Sound Harmonics to balance, heal, revive the Etheric and Physical body as needed in each case. $120 for 60 minutes. 

 “The Golden Age Children…Co-creators of the New Earth” (web-tv show with Annwyn)



Who are the Golden Age Children?

The ‘Golden Age Children’ are a collective consciousness known under many different names such as ‘The New Children, The Children of Now’ etc.  I respectfully call this collective consciousness  the Golden Age Children because they play a crucial part in the incoming Golden Age on our planet Earth. (Previous Golden Ages were Lemuria, Atlantis and Greece).

There are many facets to this collective consciousness and over the past decades different streams of souls have incarnated at specific times in order to bring different vibrational frequencies and gifts to Earth. You may have heard of Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Violet Crystal or Diamond Children; all have incarnated during certain years, when their vibratory frequency could be anchored on Earth, bringing many different  qualities and skills needed at that time.

Their level of soul evolution is beyond the understanding or  imagination of mainstream humanity because they are the way-showers of the Fifth Dimensional planet that Earth is becoming. The fact that they are incarnating in large numbers now is very exciting as it shows humanity is getting closer and closer to becoming a civilization of Oneness. These souls are experts in Oneness, which is the exact opposite of separation that we currently experience on Earth. Oneness is like a global or universal mind, where only peace, unconditional love and joy can exist. It is where All That Is, is experienced by all who dwell there. Think of a flock of birds or a school of fish who can effortlessly operate as One, as they quickly turn, dive in a nano second. Within Oneness there is still uniqueness, but it is experienced as being delineated rather than separated. It is much more subtle.

Why are they incarnating onto Earth at this time?

These incredible souls are incarnating now because of a larger cosmic picture that most of humanity are unaware of. Earth belongs to the Milky Way Galaxy which is host to twelve dimensions. The entire galaxy is undergoing evolutionary change and Earth is part of this. You may have heard of the very rare planetary alignment last December known as 12.12.12? It was know as the end of the Mayan calendar to some, and it was; but there were also many ,many cycles of planetary and galactic cycles ending, and new cycles beginning. Earth ended the Piscean era and began the Aquarian era; the time for planet Earth to ascend from a third dimensional planet to a fourth and fifth dimensional planet.

Now, for humanity ( and the minerals, plants and animals), to live comfortably on Earth, we must be aligned with her increased energy field. This is known as the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) and all living things have an EMF which must resonate, or vibrate at the same rate as the host planet. Earth has raised her EMF vibration significantly (scientists know this!) and therefore so must humanity.

This is why the Golden Age Children are here. They have come to show us how to raise our vibrations, our very consciousness. You see, humanity has been preoccupied with matters of the mind, which suited a third and fourth dimensional planet, but in fifth dimension, it is the heart that must guide us. This why you are hearing so much about living through the heart, and mastering the mind. Fifth dimensional vibration is that of unconditional love and joy-how many people do you know who operate in love and joy? Apart from children, that is!

Sadly, most of humanity is under the illusion and grip of the mind, which knows separation and duality, not Oneness. We can only create a New Earth with Heart Energy of unconditional love and joy. Our GAC only know love and joy, and nothing less than that. They were born embodying these qualities and it is essential that these qualities are nurtured so they can inspire humanity to do the same. They are here as ambassadors of Love, Joy, Peace and Oneness. They are our way-showers, our teachers.

To give a broad picture of the different streams that have arrived at specific times (although there are always advance parties and van guards!) here are some examples.


Indigo children who were the spiritual warriors that broke down old paradigms – e.g. hippies, anti-war etc…


Crystal children who came to heal emotional wounds by bringing empathetic qualities of healing through love.


Rainbow children who build on the qualities of Indigo and Crystal children and also have gifts of Creative Manifestation.


Great influx of rainbow children from 2010.


Violet Crystal Children who will heal/repair Earths Grids to accelerate healing for Humanity.


Diamond Children. The new world teachers known as Avatars will begin to incarnate.

How can I tell if my child is a Golden Age Child?

This is a big topic and please know that there is much more to be understood as the children reveal more and more about themselves, so this is far from conclusive. But at this time we can say that there are some qualities that have been observed thus far that may be indicators of a Golden Age Child. I should also mention that it’s not useful to go about labelling any child in any way, and that I merely use these names to assist understanding. It is important that our Golden Age Children feel included, accepted and not singled out with labels and expectations,

Very high levels of physical energy and stamina and are often labelled ADHD.

May not express/receive dense emotions (such as anger, fear,which are not experienced in advanced realms) and are often labelled autistic.

May not communicate verbally (but are communicating telepathically or on an energy level) -again seen as autistic.

Highly intuitive and many are telepathic

Extremely loving to all, and not just to family members- they practice Oneness ( one big family!)

Very sensitive to synthetic foods, fabrics, and toxins in environment- household cleaning products etc.

Often disturbed by nightmares and also at times require very little sleep.

Excel at all they try with seemingly little effort- or may fail dismally in the education system

May appear fussy eaters because they are acutely aware of what their physical body needs- often require little food

Adore animals and nature- they are attuned to them and appreciate their high vibrations of unconditional love.

There are many more……

What are the challenges for them?

They may feel isolated from being misunderstood and being marginalised because of their uniqueness. They are arriving in a world where only a minority of people explore the Spiritual pathway and yet they have come from highly advanced Spiritual Realms which only know Peace, Love and Oneness. Earth seems very loud, harsh and unloving to them.

Many experience difficulty with parenting and educational practices. They are used to being treated as equals and are also used to having experiences manifest instantly for them- many appear to be demanding because they are not used to time delay. They are able to access the Universal Mind and have unlimited knowledge and sound wisdom- but this may be ignored, ridiculed, or suppressed if the wise old owl is only three years old!

Many of these children function from the right side of the brain and therefore struggle with a left-sided school system. Not only that, they are at a loss to understand studying history when they ‘live in the moment!’ They become a mystery for teachers who recognise intelligence but don’t see the achievement they expect to see- many are labelled dyslexic, ADHD, autistic and so on.

Often these children have very high energy levels and need lots of physical activity to release this excess- trampolining is excellent for this. Strict, conventional  classroom routines can be a nightmare for them.

When the children are nurtured in a way that suits them they will recall the gifts and abilities they brought with them. But these are different from how the current educational system views ‘gifted children’ who are children that exceed at the top level of third dimensional performance. The GAC will bring abilities that we find hard to imagine and will perhaps at times find difficult to recognise. They will be expressed in a myriad of ways that goes beyond current measures of achievement.

Crystal children are highly empathetic and may soak up the emotional dross of all those around them- which makes them feel emotionally burdened or even physically unwell. Many are telepathic and can sense others thoughts, which can also burden and confuse them…think about the quality of the thoughts many people have going on in their untrained minds!

These are just a few aspects that these sensitive, highly intelligent children have to cope with. Of course, there are also Golden Age Children who seem to sail through life with absolute ease and grace too!

What are the challenges for parents and educators?

Equally, there are challenges for parents and educators and you will have realised some of them by what you have read so far! For adults who can open their hearts and minds wide enough to accommodate the uniqueness of these children, they will be blessed with inspiring, delightful children. Sadly, there will those who are unable to do this and life may well become an unhappy battle field for all concerned. The GAC are programmed for creating a New Earth and are not influenced by generational and cultural conditioning as their fore-bearers were. They will do what they came to Earth to do, – and if it means leaving their family, they will do this, while still holding you deeply in their unconditional love.

To parent and educate some of these children will require a quantum shift in beliefs about parenting and teaching roles. While the GAC still need to experience childhood, they don’t need to experience control. They need to be accepted and loved unconditionally, which may be a challenge at times. Often, current interaction with children is to engage cooperation through subtle bribery- or if that fails- absolute authority- neither will work with these enlightened souls!

The key for parents and educators is to raise your own awareness and consciousness so that you are more able to meet your children where they are at. The children will reflect your thoughts, emotions, behaviours back to you like a mirror that you won’t appreciate at times! Especially when you are unaware of your own thoughts, emotions and behaviours!

If you can learn to understand energy, vibrational frequencies then you will have a much greater chance of journeying alongside a highly evolved soul who will teach you that ultimately, “All You Need Is Love!”

Where can I find more information, support and understanding?

These suggestions are being added to

A wonderful source of information can be found at  the website of author Suzy Miller who wrote “Awesomism- an alternative diagnosis to Autism”

A small booklet called ‘Understanding The Energy of Your Child” by Jennifer Crews from


20 thoughts on “The Golden Age Children

    • Dearest Lisha, yes you are absolutely correct; we cannot put the limitations of age/time around this and the above time periods are just to give an idea of the continuous streams of frequencies coming to Earth. From the perspective of the human mind this can be helpful, but is not intended as definitive time frames. As said above “To give a broad picture of the different streams that have arrived at specific times (although there are always advance parties and van guards!)” The bigger picture around this topic is that actually we are ALL Golden Age Children because we incarnated at a time when the return of the Golden Age is eminent. Thank you for being on the planet at this exciting time! Annwyn.

  1. No, you can’t put a number or date on this. I’m a Diamond Child, in my late 20’s i gues – i don’t really keep count of numbers- maya (illusion). I am an Eternal Being

  2. Hi Ladies; I’m 45 & a Golden Child. Thankyou for sharing beautiful Souls x
    Wonderful to know I’m not alone in the older age group. Kinda felt alienated @ times throughout this life. I’m not really on Face book just logged in to a temporary dodgy account i created just so I could comment & connect. Would Love to learn more from my fellow peers which may also shed more light on understanding myself, our similarities & our role as Golden Children 🙂
    Most definately am looking forward to having a future Healing Session with you Annwyn & would like to get in touch with you via email re this if that be possible. Thankyou.
    Namaste & much Gratitude x

    • Dearest Coula, Thanks for your comments and connection. I have just spent a few days with a a delightful woman of 86 years who is definitely carrying the frequencies of the Golden Age! In the eyes of our God-Source/Creator, we are all children in Earth-School! It would be an honour to work with you in a skype session and I shall email you. Blessings to your beautiful heart, Annwyn.

  3. I am 42 & a golden child or some have called me as an empath. Is that possible? I found your article enlightening thank you for your insight.

    • Dear Tonia,
      Many thanks for your feedback. An empath is someone who deeply feels others’ emotional state and this is very common in the New Children /Golden Age Children who have highly-developed abilities to feel the emotional. mental and physical energy fields of other people, animals, environment.
      Although there have been waves of children arriving in different years according to their the gifts they have, and according to planetary alignments during their births, there is no limitation around age. it is just that certain potentials are realised during particular times on Earth, and births (and deaths) are carefully planned to take full advantage of the wider cosmic picture.
      Also, it is important the golden child awakens to their Service they have come to do. By keeping our vibrations as high as possible, our consciousness naturally expands, giving the insights and memories of what we came to Earth to do.

      Blessings on your journey,


  4. My daughter was labeled a golden child from a stranger that said she seen a very strong aura around her. The strongest she had ever seen.
    Tiffany was born in 2009 and her name means manifestation of god.
    I myself have never been drawn to crystals. Tiffany’s passion for crystals and animals have grown so intense we have always wondered where this has come from.
    Tiffany was diagnosed with dyslexia early last year because she struggled at school though her knowledge for crystal is outstanding. She can remember the names for all your owned crystals they can’t remember simple sight words.
    Where can I receive guidance to help Tiff in her journey?

    • Dearest Cherie,
      So sorry that I hadn’t noticed your comment here. Tiffany- the manifestation of God- how wonderful! For that is what we are here to do- to recall that we are All aspects of God, and that we are therefore also God and Goddess. The Crystals are an important tool for Humanity to raise their consciousness and vibrational frequencies to Divine Love, and more. They are like libraries of information that Tiffany seems to be able to tune into.Sight words are very boring by contrast! I feel sure she will pick up the sight words in time- meantime allow her affinity with the crystals to blossom. She may well be a Soul who had extensive Crystal knowledge and gifts during either or both of the Lemurian and Atlantean Golden Ages. I would be honoured to offer my professional services as a mentor for you and Tiffany if you are drawn to do so. Blessings to you both, Annwyn

  5. I’m a nineteen year old crystal golden child. i’ll leave my gender out of this as it shouldn’t matter. you talk about a coming of a new golden age….. i envision this future and have a plan, as crazy as it sounds its the truth. i believe that I’ve been tuning in and listening to the universe itself. i have made it my life mission to bring about what you stated above. peace and prosperity. i know it will work it covers all aspects of life. it won’t be limited to this earth because of technological advancements. but a golden age lasting for the foreseeable future is coming within the next 8 years. so be patient and continue to look inward. nameste

    • Dearest Noah,
      I loved hearing from you, thank you! You are among those beautiful souls who are now incarnating to bring the truth, peace and prosperity back to our planet, for everybody to enjoy. I agree, the Golden Age is already forming. Many Light Workers are holding this vision with you Noah,and I love it that you are communing with the Universe. Thank you for holding your vision and your Crystalline Energies. Blessings to you beautiful Heart, Annwyn.

  6. Hi and thank you for this wonderful article. I am myself a crystal born from two indigo parents, very forceful spiritual rebels and when i gave birth to my daughter in 2013 i had a vision of her as a diamond grid-spiral-portal, something, so i believe she is of diamond light. She is exactly as you described above, very demanding when she wants something, faaast and has a lot of energy. Since she was a baby she would not sit and cuddle on my lap, as i did when i was a child, only exploring. She is open to all, she guides me, shows me my bad, controlling, fearfuel actions, right in my face (which hurts, anyone who is a mom, knows how that feels to see oneself being caught in bad behaviour towards their child) I suffered from anxiety and had a psychological violent relationsship with her dad, which spiralled me into more anxiety and dependency, made me so weak, pressured under 3D consiousness (you have to be and do something, or else you are not valuable-ish-shit) I had an accident when 20, now 33, so both my ancles were crushed, as well as my spine broken 2 places, so im physically not the strongest, but the relationsship with her dad spiralled me into a much greater weakness i have ever experienced before, physically and psychologically. I understand to keep harmony and not project on him, that he is a narcisistic psychopath, but rather see it as unconsciousness, that veils his bright heart. I see him also as a mirror, felecting my own unconscious anger and psychopatism, and it all ends up in control. This is what the theme is. My daughter is 4 and she were showing fatigue symptoms, dark circles, nightmares and anger the past 3 months until a month ago where my energy shifted and i finally got the help and courage to get her dad out of my energy – we have been divorced 2 years already, but tried to be friends, eat together and so on, until he freaked out on me ( i didnt want to do as he said – long story) and was physically violent with me, I saw him shouting at my old self, almost gone, but i could not get him to see, that i was already shifting my energy. I guess, i am writing this, to tell the story, but also, to get some encouragement, especially for my daughter…she is such a light, an angel for sure. I am trying to be aligned with love and joy, doing healing affirmations everyday, healing myself, so as she also can be healed from disturbing mental patterns. Wow. Yes, what a deepening. I am immensely greatful, and i feel that i accomplished what i had to do. Only thing, i hope her dad will start to see soon, that his anger only damages. He is a kambo practitoner and is aware of all the teachings, but the shift is hard on us all. Love can only stay, by keeping love inside. I am trying not to be angry or fearful in this situation, since it is love i am harnessing now ❤ I hope for us all, that love will be steadfast in every circumstance. Blessing and light

    • Dearest Sascha,
      Goodness, such a journey you have been on- out of fear and into love- well done!Your insights into the lessons you have been learning are clear and detached; it is great that you have moved past the human story of what happened, and have chosen to focus on the bigger picture of who and what you are expanding into. Thank you for bringing through your daughter at this time, she sounds like a very high-vibrational Soul. She will be much happier now that you are clearing the energy in your home. To continue this clearing I suggest calling on the loving help of The Beings of Light who work on the Blue Ray, which includes protection as one of it’s attributes. Archangel Michael works on this Ray and is well -known for his abilities to clear and then protect those who ask for this. I would ask for ” A Blue-Ray force-field of protection around your self and your daughter, and around your home at all times”. Also for clearing I often call on St Germain and The Violet Flame of Transmutation to clear my home, or four lower bodies (physical/mental/emotional/spiritual). You can ask this for your daughter…and also for your ex-husband. These New Children only have known Divine Love and Oneness and if we as parents can remember and reclaim our own Divinity, then the children have done their jobs well, for this is what they have come to teach us.A great resource is “The Seven Sacred Flames” by Aurelia Louise Jones, to lift your spirits and encourage you on your journey. Much love to you, Annwyn

  7. Thank you so much Annwyn. Very interesting, I just had a regression done by my mom yesterday and I went into a healing portal, flourescent white light was showering over me, and i got a blueish pearl and put it into my third eye, and i saw myself as a mermaid…whoa! I asked for help with my daughter and an amazing sapphire blue light was protecting her from above, and my doubt cleared away, I even saw some greyish parasites being trown off her. I also looked at her dad and he was being guided by a yellow light and i could see he had to go on a journey. I am very happy that you told me about these rays, as i didnt know about them before… I have always been in the spiritual world, especially the tibetan buddhist tradition, but since my accident 13 years ago, i closed off for many things, tried to be normal and build a carreer and such (didnt work, thankfully!) but the past years i have opened more and more, and im soo greatful for all the blessings i feel surrounded by, and also connecting to you and other beautiful souls doing this work, I am really greatful ❤ Thank you again. I will read on the rays. Much love and blessings

  8. Thanks for sharing this information. I’m 13 years old and I am a diamond golden child. You mentioned the incoming golden age. I believe that it has already started with the first incarnations of Indigo Children, Starseeds and other light workers, and has been getting more obvious recently. I have also seen that the universe itself is sending the message of the new golden age. I believe that this golden age will last much longer than one would expect, as the influx of high vibrational energies that Earth and this dimension is receiving is enormous. The new golden age will also bring many miracles for only the better. I would also like to say that your descriptions above resonated with me immensely: almost everything was accurate. My mission in life is exactly what you stated it to be: teach and spread unconditional love and joy. I have always felt this to be my life long mission – no doubt. Your words have definitely helped me feel more understood here on Earth, along with reminding me that I am not truly alone and will never be.

    • Dearest Natali, I’m so happy my words have helped you! You are just 13 and so full of wisdom, which is exactly as you beautiful New Children are. Thank you so much for coming to Earth at this time dear heart. I’m in Egypt at the moment, to remember more of my own mission. Very limited internet so just a quick reply today. Please do keep in touch dear heart, much love from Annwyn

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